Tenchi Muyo!

Season 2 Episode 6

No Need for Resident Officers

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 27, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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No Need for Resident Officers
Having been assigned as resident officers based on planet Earth, Kiyone and Mihoshi decide to move out of the Masaki house and into their own apartment. However, in addition to their Galaxy Police duties, the two officers find themselves having to take on multiple part time jobs just to be able to pay the bills! And whilst Kiyone puts her all into working hard and sparing the luxuries, Mihoshi is predictably quite the opposite. Can Kiyone still manage to stretch the budget, even with Mihoshi around?moreless

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  • Mihoshi and Kiyone are now living in a apartment.

    In this episode, Mihoshi and Kiyone are living in an apartment. But the big pickle is they have to pay rent for the apartment. So they had several jobs and every time they do part-time jobs, Mihoshi always mess everything up. There were a lot of things in this episode I think it was funny like Kiyone tries to get Mihoshi out of bed and when those two guys crashed in into each other and Mihoshi was trying to stop them from fighting. Mihoshi and Kiyone are my most favorite characters in this show.moreless
Matt K. Miller

Matt K. Miller

Tenchi Masaki

Masami Kikuchi

Masami Kikuchi

Tenchi Masaki (Japanese version)

Petrea Burchard

Petrea Burchard


Ai Orikasa

Ai Orikasa

Ryoko (Japanese version)

Jennifer Darling

Jennifer Darling


Yumi Takada

Yumi Takada

Ayeka (Japanese version)

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    • Customer: Excuse me.
      Kiyone: (her face becomes angry now happy) Uh, how may I help you?
      Customer: A teriyaki sandwich and a Coke please.
      Kiyone: A teriyaki sandwich and a Coke sir, we're having a teriyaki special today, if you order this combo with fries it would be a better deal.
      Customer: Make it a combo then.
      Kiyone: Right, thank you very much sir.
      Mihoshi: Oh yes! We're having a teriyaki special and if you take a combo, it will be free with fries and everything! Isn't it the greatest deal? How could you pass up a deal like that?
      Kiyone: Mihoshi...
      Manager: Hey, what's going on here?

    • Kiyone: Thank you for waiting, a combo with a large burger with a coke and one iced tea.
      Mihoshi: Whoa! (tripped and dropped all the food everywhere)
      Kiyone: Oh, I beg you, please don't let it be what I think it is. (spotted Mihoshi)
      Mihoshi: Ouch, that hurt.
      Kiyone: Oh, boy.
      Manager: Not you again! What's wrong with you guys anyway!?

    • Mihoshi: I'm sorry I caused so much trouble.
      Kiyone: Don't worry about it, let's hurry up and finish shopping or will be late for our next job, Mihoshi.
      Mihoshi: Okay!
      Kiyone: Could you get me a hot pad from over there, get that big one.
      Mihoshi: You sure are sensitive to the cold.
      Kiyone: Construction's a cold business.

    • Mihoshi: Hello, I'm here to serve you what can I get for you?
      Customer: Just a hamburger and coffee.
      Mihoshi: Okay, that's one hamburger and one coffee, would you care for some fries, apple pie, french toast, a sandwich, or maybe a vanilla shake with that? Why a hot chocolate would be good too, how about a porkchop burger, or a porkchop burgers-
      Kiyone: Stop already!
      Mihoshi: But you told me to give them some suggestions, Kiyone.
      Kiyone: And what's the customer's gonna do with all of that!?
      Mihoshi: They all taste really good though.
      Kiyone: THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!!!
      Mihoshi: What do you think of that, Mr. Customer you like porkchop burgers don't you?

    • Kiyone: (to the customer) So a bacon and egg sandwich and a small Coke, would you like some fries with that, sir?
      Customer: Yeah, sure, okay!
      Kiyone: That's an affirmative on the fries, very good, sir.

    • Kiyone: (looked at the clock) Ah! Oh my god! Mihoshi wake up! We're gonna be late for work!
      Mihoshi: (sleeping and having a dream) You are under arrest.
      Kiyone: Mihoshi, you got to wake up! (kicks Mihoshi) Get your butt out of bed! (gets frustrated and Mihoshi is still sleeping)

    • Mihoshi: Can I buy some snacks?
      Kiyone: (growls) Oh, okay, okay.
      Mihoshi: Wow! (humming and putted a lot of snacks in their basket and Kiyone notices)
      Kiyone: Hey! Just what do you think you're doing Mihoshi?!
      Mihoshi: You said it was okay.

    • Washu: So, this is Miho-Kiyo's place is it?
      Kiyone: Miho-Kiyo?
      Ryoko: That short for Mihoshi and Kiyone.
      Kiyone: Well, I don't like the sound of it!

    • Kiyone: Now all right, who made the first turn to the ring of Saturn?
      Taxi Driver: This guy!
      Tough Guy: Nuh-uh, it was you!
      Taxi Driver: What!? You are so full of crap! Liar!

    • Mihoshi: I've asked you nicely- and now I'm trying to ask you nicely again.

    • Mihoshi: So anyway, and then, then I was just about to arrest this vicious criminal-
      Kiyone: Enough about your dream- finish your breakfast.

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