Tenchi Muyo!

Season 2 Episode 20

No Need for Swimsuits

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 16, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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No Need for Swimsuits
Whilst Yagami is in dock for repairs, Tenchi and the gang try to make some money selling snacks at a beach resort. Unfortunately, profits prove to be slim, and the girls are delighted to hear about another way they can make money- by entering the resort's swimsuit competition, which offers a grand prize of one million Jurai! Not to mention the fact that this competition will provide the ideal opportunity to prove once and for all which one of the girls has the most perfect body…moreless

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  • Yagami is under repairs.So everyone is working at a beach to get some money.They hear about a swimsuit contest and the winner gets 1 million Jurai.So Kiyone, Mihoshi,Ayeka, and Ryoko all sign up hoping to win. Alsomoreless

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Universe.

    The Tenchi party is all athe beach trying to get some

    money they hear about a swimsuit contest Winner gets

    1 million Jurai.They all try out except for Sasami

    shes too young.Nagi at the last minute enters to hope to

    beat Ryoko.And guess what she wins.But Ryoko goes and

    steals the money saying she should have won.Nagi calls

    her a coward for not facing her and fight.Thats pretty

    much it.Aslo the Ryo-Oh-Ki and Ken-Oh-Ki moments are

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

    This is a very funny good episode.One of my favoritesmoreless

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • (At the swimsuit competition)
      Competition M.C.: Your resemblance to Ryoko is striking.
      Ryoko: Oh, I'm very flattered that you think I look like such a beautiful lady.
      Competition M.C.: Entry number one was a Princess Ayeka look-alike, and now you. How did ya get the idea to impersonate such a villainous duo?
      Ryoko: Well, you know, I have to disagree. I don't think Ryoko is such a bad person.
      Competition M.C.: Really? What do you mean?
      Ryoko: Princess Ayeka is the evil one. And that poor, helpless Ryoko is just being forced to go along with her.

    • (As Ryoko notices Nagi present at the stand)
      Ryoko: You sure are persistent!
      Nagi: Well, using a snack shop as your hideout was clever.
      Ryoko: I'm glad you think so.
      Nagi: But getting yourself involved with the problems of planet Jurai was not so clever.
      Ryoko: Hey, listen, that wasn't my choice.

    • (In the snack hut)
      Ryoko: Wow! It's hot out, huh everybody?
      (After getting a brain-freeze from eating shaved ice)
      Ryoko: Yeah, hits the spot!

    • MC: Hey, you look exactly like Princess Ayeka- I'm really impressed.
      Ayeka: Well, a lot of people agree with you.
      MC: The only difference I can see is that the princess is just a little more graceful.

    • Ryoko: I think we need a siesta.
      Ayeka: How about doing something other than figuring out ways to sit around and do nothing?
      Sasami: And you weren't just kicking back and relaxing too?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original Japanese airdate: August 13, 1995

    • Video Release History
      Tenchi Universe Vol. 7: Tenchi Muyo In Space III
      Episodes: 20-22
      US VHS release: November 18, 1997
      US DVD release: February 27, 2001
      US DVD Geneon Signature Series: January 4, 2005

    • Toonami edits: In the edited version, digital paint is used to make Nagi and Ryoko's swimsuits less revealing. A close up of Nagi in her swimsuit is cut, and the shot of the contestants standing in their boxes is also shortened to remove her.


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