Tenchi Muyo!

Season 4 Episode 5

Operation Lovey-Dovey

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 22, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Misao paces around on the Chobimaru, complaining how Mashisu and the gang are late. He stares at the big screen, and is shocked at the realization that Mihoshi and Tenchi are together on the spaceship coming to him. Misao play-acts the possible situation, while the crew debates whether to intervene. Then an energy wave hits them; Ryoko has arrived!

Mashisu's gang sigh as they are captured in green balls at Tenchi's house. Each guy talks about how they were thoroughly defeated by Ryoko, Ayeka, and even Washu. Noike remarks how Washu beat Baguma with her ESP ability and then hand-to-hand combat with a rubber mallet. Washu blushes in modesty. One of them talks about how their leader has caught Sasami and they should give up, but the rest of the gang giggle at the concept. Then Sasami arrives with Mashisu captured. Mashisu wakes up and realizes what happened.

Flashback Mashisu tries to punch Sasami but she keeps dodging. She pulls out a whip and flicks it about, but Sasami dodges some more and runs away. Mashisu pulls out her gun and aims at Sasami, telling her she has to do this for Misao. Sasami has a flash of insight, Mashisu must be in love with Misao just like she loves Tenchi. Mashisu tells Sasami to surrender or Tenchi will die. Sasami ponders a bit that if she were captured, Tenchi would be sad, so she agrees to fight her. Sasami takes one of her hair clips off, and it transforms into a pole. Mashisu goes back to the whip and cracks it at Sasami but Sasami dodges and knocks the whip out of her hand. Mashisu casts a spell and beams of light shower Sasami, but she dodges that. Mashisu pulls out her gun one more time, but Sasami knocks that out of her hand.

Mashisu's minions wake her up from her daze. Mashisu and the others use telepathy to talk to each other about the failure of their mission, but what about how the rest of the plans, hoping that the rest will work itself out. At least the people they hoped to detain are still there. Noike, Set, and Washu greet them. Washu reveals their entire plan of luring Tenchi and Mihoshi over to the ship for a wedding ceremony, and not only that, but to have Tenchi accidentally killed. Sasami and Ayeka get worried and start to run outside to their ships, but Washu and Seto assure them there's nothing to worry since Mihoshi's ship is still on the ground. Not only that, Mihoshi returns and greets Mashisu with a hug. Tenchi also arrives. Mihoshi explains they were going to Misao but they got a call from Noike's friend, and Mihoshi chatted on the phone for a while.

Mashisu remarks at least she didn't have to worry about Misao carrying out a dangerous plan, and everyone picks up on her concern for Misao. Sasami says it must be love, while Mashisu sits embarrassed and denies it. Mashisu's minions pick up on her feelings too saying they discussed it with their wives before. Mihoshi declares she will support their love even though she has no clue it involves her brother.

Ryo-Ohki dodges all the blasts from the Chobimaru and then strikes a few holes into the sphere. Ryo-Ohki then dives straight into the sphere. Misao remarks what's going on, that the gels should have stopped her, but it hasn't.

On the Juraian ship, Mashisu's minions sit at a feasting table wondering about Tsunami. Seto hands them some drinks. Baguma and the others drink it sand says it's great. Seto says it's Shinju Sake. Washu explains to the audience how rare and valuable Shinju sake is. Mihoshi declares her new plan: Misao and Mashisu Operation Lovey-Dovey. They check up on Ryo-Ohki spacecraft and Ryoko who are fighting the Chobimaru. Ryo-Ohki is punching through the capture gel with ease. Mashisu begs Washu to make him stop. Washu remarks she can't control her because she's so drunk on sake. Mashisu sighs and teleports out. Washu hands kid-sizedRyo-Ohki a carrot to try to calm the ship down.

The Chobimaru is still taking a beating when Mashisu arrives and tells Misao that the Jurai royal family has come and he needs to evacuate. Misao refuses, but Mashisu says Mihoshi is already on the royal ship. Mashisu apologizes for failing his mission. Misao says there's nothing he can do, and Mashisu responds with a slap. Misao tells everyone to shut down the reactors and to evacuate the ship. Misao tells Mashisu to evacuate and that he will go down with the ship because of all his failures. Mashisu reaches and plants Misao a big kiss. Mashisu asks who he likes better but he says he can't answer that. Mashisu says that's ok, and that she'll always be at his side. Misao thanks Mashisu as the ship continues to break down as some rubble lands on them.

Misao wakes and realizes Mashisu is bleeding. Mashisu asks Misao if he remembers when they first met as kids where he was playing ball and accidentally hit her. Mashisu heard only part of the apology, but was really happy when she was invited to their family's gatherings. Mashisu confesses some more feelings and thanks him as she fades.

Washu's voice asks Misao if he wants to save her. Misao responds of course, but Washu replies even if it means not saving his sister. Misao thinks some more, wavering between his choices. Washu asks who will it be, and he responds he wanted to protect Mashisu because he loves her. He chooses Mashisu! They are teleported to the Juraian ship where they see Tenchi and the gang partying. Mashisu's wounds and blood are gone and she wakes up! Mihoshi greets them and says how her plan worked. Mashisu realizes that it's been a simulation ever since the debris falling and they've seen everything. Mashisu runs away in embarrassment. Everyone tells Misao to go chase her, and he goes on ahead.

One last thing, Ryoko is still out there messing around with Chobimaru.
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