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  • The funniest anime of all time, maybe even funnier than Excel Saga. Anyone who doesn't like Tenchi Muyo has no sense of humor at all.

    You'll instantly fall in love with Tenchi Muyo from the first 3 minutes. Water nearly comes out of my eyes everytime I watch an episode or OAV from this anime. It's so funny. However it does have its emotional moments which is good once in a while.

    As you can see, the characters in it aren't human and they're both unique. It's tough to find a personal favorite, I don't care what anyone says. If I did have a favorite, Sasami would be it.

    So ailen girls, hilarious moments and some action added to the mix make this an unforgettable show.
  • One lucky, unfortunate boy named Tenchi stumbles across a diverse group of "foreign" beautiful girls. Little does he know what he's getting into when he only begins to befriend them.

    Tenchi Muyo is one of the first animes I ever really got into. It was full of colorful characters that constrasted each other so well, the show was always interesting. From seducing demons to decieving princesses, the show never got old. It had it's share of sentimental moments, a ton of action scenes, and plenty of laughs. Even though this show is aimed mainly towards boys because of the occasional nudity, even girls enjoy it too. This show also has two other animes that base off it called Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo, but Tenchi Muyo is by far the best. This anime is one I definetly would recommend for viewers who grew up with anime in the 90's.
  • without a doubt, THE BEST ANIME I HAVE EVER WATCHED (Tenchi Muyo!) i will be giveing seperate reviews for the 4 shows, please try to keep up :).

    ok lets start off with the original Tenchi Muyo! the OVA.
    now this is a 13 long series that did so well, its like impossible considering the circumstances. now for anime tv shows, they usually have a manga come first then a tv show, now for tenchi and i mean all of them, the tv shows came first. muyo, universe, tenchi in tokyo, and ryo-ohki came with nothing to guide it. holy crap right???? anyways so as far as the characters were, you immediately have a liking for tenchi the protagonist. Ryoko is a sexy space pirate who likes tenchi, Ayeka a Juraian princess who takes a little bit longer to bond with him. Sasami likes tenchi immediately. Washu the #1 genius scientist in the universe who thinks of him as a guinea pig. and mihoshi a clutzy galaxy police officer. they were all standing out in the story and this show had 2 plots for thw whole 13 eps. the rest of it was deep character development which really taught us why the characters did certain things. overall, i have to say that i couldnt find anything wrong with this anime at all!!! the humor is great and ive seen all the eps like 100 times and the jokes still hit. motivation for the girls loving tenchi is played out very well. everything was perfect.

    now the same characters are introduced but note this is an alteration to muyo.the characters like muyo u fall in love with and as far as how the plot goes, it doesnt start until the 14th episode. so as far as this show went there were a little bit of flaws, the story lagged a bit with unnecessary episodes. (like no need for a ghost.) the tenchi humor is there as always and it hits a lot of touvching moments on this series. (like no need for Ryoko the best episode of the series.) other than the lagging story its great. the girls motivation is still very well done. the 2nd best anime ive ever seen.

    Tenchi in tokyo
    now this takes a big turn from the original plot in which tenchi is juraian. he has no link to jurai at all in this. all the girls meet up with tenchi at the same time in a big space fight. the plot of this one is tenchi becoming a priest in tokyo and how the girls react to him living away from him. the women love him as always, and tenchi goes out on a date with someone for once, all those people who want TenchixRyoko watch this series. like universe before it, it touches on a dramatic, sensitive feel for the show. the plot played out well with a steady story telling, the nsame amount of info happening in each episode. no lagging happened in this one, but the drawings were, how to say this.... kind of done in a lazy way its pretty wierd.... but like always tenchi never officially picks someone but it looks like its Ryoko again.XD

    now this is just a continuation of muyo and im glad because its tenchi the way we all like im. its pretty fresh and goes to bring a few questions, while answering the ones in muyo. i wont give a seperate description of this because ive grouped it with muyo. a 6 episode series though while very short makes its points as it was intended for. although the last episode leaves you wanting more.

    the sad part is that not many people have heard about these shows.
  • Take 6 girls that are all in love with the same guy and then put them under the same roof. What do you get? A huge mess with Tenchi in the middle!

    This is my absolute favorite comedy anime ever! This anime really good! It basically takes a space pirate(Ryoko), 2 princesses(Ayeka and Sasami), 2 galaxy patrol officers(Kyonie and Mahoshi) and a mad scientist(Washu) and dumps them on the lap of our hapless hero, Tenchi! The only problem with the equation is that Tenchi is too shy! Also having this girls brings on their own set of problems ranging from love triangles to galatic issues such as a ranging from throne plots to mad demons. This is all in day's work for Tenchi. This show does have it serious episodes to offset the sheer hilarity of Tenchi's love problems. The sci-fi feel and action all make it a great show to watch, love, and laugh like a maniac!
  • I want more Tenchi Muyo!!lol When I began watching this show, I fell inlove with it. Although it is interesting, there is quite the difference in the different shows for this title. I am hopeing that someone can clearify this 4 me. Y r there so different?

    I thought this show was a lot of fun!! lol Especially with the blonde space cop!! lol( No offence you blondies out there, my mother is blonde so I can crack em without getting into trouble!!) Poor poor Tenchi, with all those girls around all of a sudden, then to find out that he is a Prince from a world he has never even heard of!?!?! And then to have been put through all those nasty tests by one of the alien girls,who shows herself as a young child when she is actually a *Woman* and is Ryoko's *Mother* lol It is such a fun anime to watch. I believe I will be watching it again!!! lol lmao
  • A series of a High School Boy with 'Girlfriends' from Outer Space, originated in Japan.

    Tenchi's first Adventures were in Meeting Ryoko, the Space Pirate, Ayeka, Ryoko's Rival for Tenchi's love, Sasami, Ayeka's Sister, and the Space Police. His Next 26 Adventures were of Going into outer Space and defeating many Tyrants who are destroying the galaxy. then Finally, Tenchi's Adventures regale in Tokyo, Japan. where She meets Sakuya, Who doesn't know the risks of being Tenchi's Girlfriend, but came as a shock as she is really Yugi's Shadow. in the End Yugi, of Her own free will slept in Her dimension until she becomes Sakuya and everything is going normal or normal as it gets. can it be on Toon Disney?
  • Take 2 Alien princesses, 1 female space pirate, 2 galaxy police detectives (one of whom is a bumbling idiot), 1 galaxy renowned mad scientist, and one simple county-raised guy. And put all of them living in the same house, and you get "hijinx galore".

    I really like this anime series. It may take someone new to it, a bit to get used to the characters. But there is a clear dicodemy to how everyone related to one another, and some of those relations are fuel for the fire for love triangles and mischief. My friends at tenchiintoyo dot org have been watching this show for several years now, and there are still loads of things to talk about. If I missed an episode, there is always someone else there who can fill me in on what I missed, and to help bring me up to speed on how events in that missed episode reverberates in later episodal plots. Watch it, and you'll agree. I give it two thumbs up!

  • A really off-ball but cool show.

    I really liked Tenchi Muyo. Tenchi Universe was okay, but for the Tenchi in Tokyo fans, I'm sorry, but I really couldn't stand that one. My favorite character was Ryoko. For a few years I even had aquired the nickname Ryoko, which was kinda ironic being that the character Ryoko and I have nothing at all in common. I was a humerous action show, and Ayeka and Ryoko's quarrels never stop amusing me. This is a show I really miss.
  • I watched the show and I own the OVA dvds, great for people who are introduced to anime.

    Tenchi Muyo is a comical, outrageous, and awesome show that takes on all the genres and mashes them in a tasty and sweet drink that will make you love the show forever. The characters are all colorful, different, and have the love for a young man who has broughtened them all together. The plot follows along through the story with creativity and humor. The plot may twist at times but it makes up for it in the humor and action in the show. All in all, a wonderful show that may be the greatest anime ever.
  • Tenchi Muyo was my favorite show on TV. Then they cancelled it and now I'm mad! I mean it was the greatest show on Toonami and the next thing you know, it's off the air. Now Toonami isn't cool anymore because they ruined it for me and everyone else.......

    This was the coolest show on Toonami because I was tired on shows like Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing. At least this show was funny, real funny like Excel Saga funny! I remember Ryoko she was the key to making Tenchi Muyo a great show but Ayeka was annoying. There should be an episode where Ayeka gets fatter and fatter and Ryoko gets prettier and prettier; now that would be funny. Then Sasami turns into a ramageing T-Rex and devours the city of Toyko. Then the whole show ends when the universe imploded and everyone died. THE END! TM T
  • Man...this show is too funny!

    What guy wouldn't want to have not just one buy SIX women drapped around him? And insanity preveils as the six women drive him nuts. They not only are constantly trying to woo him, but they are also fighting amoung themselves. Six women in one house....that equals MAJOR PMS!!! It's also a high action comedy with swordfights, alien worlds, princesses and what not. If you don't find this entertaining then you need some help. Because there is something in this show for all viewers. Even for women. I happen to be a women and I find this show irrestable. And the characters are natural and convincing, definiely not any Mary-Sues. Because even a girl you might think to be a Mary-Sue has a hidden identity...
  • Please bring this show back form Crappy shows like Duel Masters 2.0

    I\'m sick of these network people ruining good cartoon shows for crap shows like Duel Masters. Please bring this show back!!!

    This (and Sailor Moon, I admit) was the only good shows I usually watch. Now, they got bullS*** shows like Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H out!!! please bring this show back!!!
  • Wow, how good is this.

    This was one of the first anime/manga shows i saw. But still its a cult classic. not many people have heard of Tenchi Muyo in Australia, but im trying to get people interested. And so far its worked. And this is because its just such a good show. But i've heard that there actually is nudity in the uncut episodes. But if your so lonely to actually need to see that and not just enjoy the show. The people who enjoy shows just for the animation, they should watch this show, and as i said and the start, its a cult classic.
  • must download all episodes and watch over and over again. too funny. even from a girl's standpoint.

    it was funny watching mostly the princess and the space bandit fight over the teenage boy. the others are a smaller degree of fighting over him. at moments they do but, mostly those did the really fighting.

    the three different spin-offs for lack of a better word changes the ways thing happen quite a bit.

    tenchi muyo
    tenchi universe
    tenchi in tokyo

    all three have a same story. they come down, find tenchi, fight over him (mostly princess and space bandit.) but, different enemies and adventures each time. and different backgrounds or reason why that come to earth. never a real ending though. let's you use your imagation or write a fanfiction for it. (or read one.) great show. i love all the fighting and slight love fighting they have.
  • My favorite anime show of all time!

    This was the first anime show I ever watched, it was great! Best old show I used to watch from Cartoon Network. It was pretty cool when they did 3 different verison of show. First, Tenchi accidently releases the Space Pirate, Ryoko from a tomb, second verison he meets Ryoko escaping a space police officer, Mihoshi, and finally meets everyone when Ryoko and Washu are running from police. Best show ever!
  • Ok so here's a guy getting chased around by a bunch of women. Some will admit to liking him while the others will keep it a secret. What more could a man ask for?

    The first moment I stepped foot in my high school, I knew what tenchi must have gone through. Gosh, I loved this show. Imagine a cartoon character living my life but with a little twist of fiction. I guarantee that any anime watcher of my generation has watched or heard of this show. And if watched is the case, I'm genuinely sure they enjoyed this brilliant show. If they bring it back, I'll definitely watch it again.
  • a bunch of girls in love with one guy. Adventure ans mysteryies are also there.

    This show is awesome. It goes from action, adventure, and intense plotlines to just a funny story about a bunch of girls in love with one guy. Amazing show!!!! the bunny /cat ship is also just to cute to resist. All the girls have different personalities, so at one point u want tenchi to get with one girl and the next episode has you wanting him to get with another.
  • Tenchi is about 5 girls who arrive at the earth that changes Tenchi's life forever. It then comes to a conclusion that he has alien powers to because he is also related to a royal family on a planet.

    Firstly I would say that anyone who is at least under 15 should not watch this program because there are certain scenes that may be unsuitable for younger viewers.
    I would like to say the humour is top class. This is not like any other anime I've seen because there is no aim. I mean 45 mins and there was no aim at all just some females trying to flirt with Tenchi.
  • A beautiful show with beautiful music.

    The music in Tenchi Muyo is a kind that can not compare with any other anime.It's sad and depressing,one of the ways I like my music.And now,a word from our sponsers:

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  • A great funny anime show.

    Tenchi Muyo is my favorite anime show. This show blends the right comedy, with alot of action. This show has a really funny, and weird cast of characters.
    Tenchi- a "normal" teenage boy

    Ryoko- a space pirate who loves tenchi

    ayecha(sp?)- a jurai princess who loves tenchi

    sasami- a jurai princess who loves tenchi

    washu- a space pirate who loves working on tenchis... umm.... "body"

    miahoshi- a clutz who is a galexy poliece officer

    kione(universe only)- a strict galexy poliece officer who is partners with miahoshi.

    overall a great show
  • Tenchi muyo! one of the best new old school anime's out there.

    Tenchi muyo! one of the best new old school anime's out there. I have to say, this is the show that got me into anime at first! Good action, good story line, its all cool. they had good series, the first is the best to me though. I never got why they always had them meet in different ways each series, should have just stuck with the first story line to me, but what ever its the show to see, so if you havent seen, buy it out on DvD now! go go go!

    "Its a must see!"
    (says zeroX007)
  • The producers of this show need to bring it back because it had some high ratings!

    I like the high ratings of the show especially most of the first season! The current producers of Tenchi Muyo!: Warner Bros. need to bring this show back to life! i still don't understand why it was taken off air in 2000 only after airing for 3 months because Tenchi was probaly a high point in Japanimation and Anime! what makes Tenchi Muyo! so entertaining is the storyline, its so different from many other shows which makes it very unique!
  • Best of the Tenchi series.

    I think Tenchi Muyo! is the best of the many Tenchi series out there. The fact that it's an OVA, (original video animation), has probably left many people sour, as OVAs never have an ending to them.

    This show is basically about a highschool boy that lives in the mountains of Japan at his grandfather's shrine. His life is radically changed one fateful day, when he decides to disobey rules and go explore a forbidden cave, which ultimately leads to the awakening of Ryoko, a destructive demon girl. Throughout the series, more girls come to live with his family, (they're mostly from outerspace, though they all look human), and some fall in love with Tenchi.

    It's a pretty funny and interesting show. It gets annoying at times when Ayeka and Ryoko constantly fight over Tenchi, but overall, it's worth the watch.

    Watching this anime leaves only two questions: Which girl will Tenchi pick, or is Tenchi gay?