Tenchi Muyo!

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)





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  • I want more Tenchi Muyo!!lol When I began watching this show, I fell inlove with it. Although it is interesting, there is quite the difference in the different shows for this title. I am hopeing that someone can clearify this 4 me. Y r there so different?

    I thought this show was a lot of fun!! lol Especially with the blonde space cop!! lol( No offence you blondies out there, my mother is blonde so I can crack em without getting into trouble!!) Poor poor Tenchi, with all those girls around all of a sudden, then to find out that he is a Prince from a world he has never even heard of!?!?! And then to have been put through all those nasty tests by one of the alien girls,who shows herself as a young child when she is actually a *Woman* and is Ryoko's *Mother* lol It is such a fun anime to watch. I believe I will be watching it again!!! lol lmao