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  • without a doubt, THE BEST ANIME I HAVE EVER WATCHED (Tenchi Muyo!) i will be giveing seperate reviews for the 4 shows, please try to keep up :).

    ok lets start off with the original Tenchi Muyo! the OVA.
    now this is a 13 long series that did so well, its like impossible considering the circumstances. now for anime tv shows, they usually have a manga come first then a tv show, now for tenchi and i mean all of them, the tv shows came first. muyo, universe, tenchi in tokyo, and ryo-ohki came with nothing to guide it. holy crap right???? anyways so as far as the characters were, you immediately have a liking for tenchi the protagonist. Ryoko is a sexy space pirate who likes tenchi, Ayeka a Juraian princess who takes a little bit longer to bond with him. Sasami likes tenchi immediately. Washu the #1 genius scientist in the universe who thinks of him as a guinea pig. and mihoshi a clutzy galaxy police officer. they were all standing out in the story and this show had 2 plots for thw whole 13 eps. the rest of it was deep character development which really taught us why the characters did certain things. overall, i have to say that i couldnt find anything wrong with this anime at all!!! the humor is great and ive seen all the eps like 100 times and the jokes still hit. motivation for the girls loving tenchi is played out very well. everything was perfect.

    now the same characters are introduced but note this is an alteration to muyo.the characters like muyo u fall in love with and as far as how the plot goes, it doesnt start until the 14th episode. so as far as this show went there were a little bit of flaws, the story lagged a bit with unnecessary episodes. (like no need for a ghost.) the tenchi humor is there as always and it hits a lot of touvching moments on this series. (like no need for Ryoko the best episode of the series.) other than the lagging story its great. the girls motivation is still very well done. the 2nd best anime ive ever seen.

    Tenchi in tokyo
    now this takes a big turn from the original plot in which tenchi is juraian. he has no link to jurai at all in this. all the girls meet up with tenchi at the same time in a big space fight. the plot of this one is tenchi becoming a priest in tokyo and how the girls react to him living away from him. the women love him as always, and tenchi goes out on a date with someone for once, all those people who want TenchixRyoko watch this series. like universe before it, it touches on a dramatic, sensitive feel for the show. the plot played out well with a steady story telling, the nsame amount of info happening in each episode. no lagging happened in this one, but the drawings were, how to say this.... kind of done in a lazy way its pretty wierd.... but like always tenchi never officially picks someone but it looks like its Ryoko again.XD

    now this is just a continuation of muyo and im glad because its tenchi the way we all like im. its pretty fresh and goes to bring a few questions, while answering the ones in muyo. i wont give a seperate description of this because ive grouped it with muyo. a 6 episode series though while very short makes its points as it was intended for. although the last episode leaves you wanting more.

    the sad part is that not many people have heard about these shows.
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