Tenchi Muyo!

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 27, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In the dead of night, something mysterious appears as Tenchi is sleeping. Ironically, Noike is in the room as well, but only time will tell what is really going on. Meanwhile, as Tenchi prepares to go to work in the fields, Ayeka and Ryoko continue to question him as to why he's acting so cool with the idea of a forced political marriage. At the same time, Sasami and Washu wonder as well, but choose not to argue. Sasami is even more confused as to why Washu is not involved in the fight, but she simply says that its not her style. As the arguing continues, Noike notices Tenchi not budging an inch, and asks if he is feeling okay. Suddenly, everyone is silenced when Tenchi collapses in front of them.

After scanning Tenchi of his vital signs, Washu concludes that his accident was due to the major commotion going on, on top of over-working and intense heat-in short, a heat-stroke. All the girls feel guilty of hurting Tenchi, and offer to help, but Washu demands that they leave Tenchi alone to rest and recover. However, Washu suggests that Noike take care of him, on account of her past nursing experience. Unfortunately, Ryoko and Ayeka bud in suggesting that they take care of him, but they are driven out of Tenchi's room in a flash, and forced to help out with the chores around the house.

After long waiting, Tenchi finally comes to, and Noike offers him his pajamas, and she even offers to change him, but Tenchi feels he can manage. After changing, Tenchi returns to bed, and Noike tucks him in. As a precaution, Noike feels Tenchi's head to see if he is running a fever. He doesn't have one, so she prescribes that he just rest for a few days, and leave the chores to the girls to do. Later, Noike notices Ryo-Ohki and Sasami by the door and both show their fear of Tenchi's health, but Noike reassures them that everything will be alright.

While working outside, the girls ask Noike how Tenchi is feeling, and she tells them that he is fine, but can't be disturbed. Deciding to go out into the fields with Ryo-Ohki, Noike tells Washu to watch the house, but at the same time, Washu advises that she see her sometime for a physical, especially after Tenchi told her about the nightmare she had the day before. Later, Noike gets together with Kasuhito and tells about Tenchi's recovery. Kasuhito thanks her for her tireless efforts, and also reveals Noike's real reason for being present. She has been sent by Lady Seto Kamiki-Jurai to keep a close watch on the girls. Even so, he states that he doesn't mind if she plays the role of fiancee.

As the days pass, work continues to get done while Tenchi's recovering. Once the day's work is done, Ryoko and Ayeka get together and drink some sake while they reflect on all that has happened. They also argue about why they are a better choice for a fiancee than Noike. Eaves-dropping, Noike hears their conversation, and reveals to them that her being Tenchi's fiancee is just a cover-up, and that she has been sent to keep a close watch on them. Shocked, Ryoko and Ayeka begin to feel that letting Noike into the house was a bad idea.

Finally, after three days of rest, Tenchi awakens feeling refreshed and cured. Noticing some weird behavior by Noike while she is sleeping, Tenchi tries to wake her up, but before she comes to, she says the word, "brother." Asking if she is alright, she asks him if she said anything weird while sleeping. He points out what she said, and she feels embarassed. She then asks him how he's feeling, and he says he's okay, but is more worried about her. After checking him one last time, she invites him to have some lunch with her so she can introduce him to someone.

Upon arrival on Noike's ship, Kyoko, Tenchi is stunned to see the amazing construction of the ship. Noike also tells him that Kyoko is a closely guarded state secret, in addition to him as well. While eating lunch, Tenchi asks Noike about the dream she had, but she simply tells him that its a dream where she gets rescued by an unknown person just in time. Interrupting the party, a green blob appears bouncing around Tenchi. Noike explains that the blob is Kyoko in her terminal form, similar to that of Ryo-Ohki. Then, she suggests that she and Tenchi take a bath. Shocked, Tenchi sheepishly agrees. As the two talk together in Noike's private bathing facility, Kyoko launches Tenchi across the water because he wasn't giving her any attention. Noike tells Tenchi that her ship is a 3rd generation test ship, and that it possesses the same power as the Juraian Emperor's 2nd generation ship Kurito, and that that is why it is a closely guarded secret. Just as the two are about to leave, Noike tells Tenchi that the man who rescues her in her dream reminds her of him.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, a truck is being driven in the forest near Tenchi's home. Tenchi wonders why there is a truck in his yard, only to find out later that Noike purchased it. In addition, he and the girls notice that Noike cut her hair back to the way it looked when she lived on Jurai. Hesitant, Tenchi tells her that he likes her new look. Ryoko then asks why she bought a truck, and Noike simply says it will help them work a lot easier. Trying to outshine each other, Ryoko and Ayeka say they can help out more, but Noike offers the idea of teaching them how to drive the truck, so they can be equally efficient in their work.

Meanwhile, outside planet Earth, a mysterious looking orb is passing through. The size of it is about that of a planet. Oddly enough, this orb is actually the dreaded war ship, the Chobimaru, belonging to the Kurimitsu family, Mihoshi's family. Noticing something is wrong, Grand Marshall Minami's advisor argues with him over his careless plan to rescue Mihoshi and destroy planet Earth, killing Tenchi and the girls. Ironically, his advisor also tells him that Lady Seto has already agreed to purchase one of Minami's gardening planets in exhchange for the money that will, "rebuild" the Chobimaru. Confused, Minami thinks that his advisor is crazy to think that his plan can't work. Finally, on-board the Chobimaru, Mihoshi's brother Misao reflects on a previous incident that almost ruined Mihoshi's life. As he thinks, he makes a solemn vow that he will kill Tenchi.