Tenjho Tenge

G4 (ended 2007)


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Tenjho Tenge

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Soichiro and Bob want to rule their new school, but just as they begin cracking heads, their plan is shot to hell. First, there's the Natsume sisters and their Juken Club. If the older sister, Maya, isn't kicking their asses, then the younger sister, Aya, is trying to force-feed Souichiro and make him her husband. Then, there's the Student Executive Council that sends executioners to "educate" anyone who questions the council's authority! Their education is just beginning!


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  • about stop it with going on with more season when getting go

    i love that tv show they show have season 2 i witch that the did. i don't like the way they left it do season 2,3,4,5 and more to it
  • New channel?

    The summary on the site says it airs on G4 at 8:3OPM. I'm not sure if it ever did air on G4, or if it is going to, but it premiered on FUSE, and still airs on FUSE at 12:3OAM on Friday nights/Saturday mornings after Ergo Proxy. All in all it is a pretty good anime. The first episode will definitly get you hooked on the series, and the following episodes will keep you hooked. I love seeing the relationship between Aya and Souichirou, with her chasing him all over the place, and him trying his best to resist. Definitly worth watching, and most likely a worthy buy( the entire series has already been released in full ).moreless
  • Well...

    This show is all about two kids, bob and Souichiro Nagi, who come to a new school and want to beat the crap out of everyone. This school is different from the last, as nearly everyone is a martial artist.

    They quickly learn that there are stronger people there, so they join a club led by a semingly innocent little girl that turns into a "big" girl, her name is Maya. Her sister and a boy named Takayanagi help them get stronger.

    Souchiro soon falls in love with maya and her sister, aya falls in love with him. Better yet, the schools enfourcment group leader, Mitsuomi, takayanagi's brother, is in love with Maya but she doesn't love him. To add insult to injury, he killed her brother along time ago and the schools dark past comes into focus.

    Now don't think its all mushy, its got a TON of martial arts action, and many many characters. I find it funny though that all these characters interact and have a dark past with each other, except for the the two new students, they just come in and beat everyone up from seemingly no where! There is also alot of intentional comedy, usually sexual jokes, as well us alot of up skirt shots and lots of blood, as well as extreme cloths ripping on the women. Overall, the show is for guys and girls, as long as they can stomach it. I give this martial arts mystery a 9.9/10!moreless
  • This anime is like Bleach but I like it

    This is a cool anime I love it so much I couldn't beieve it on the same network as Ergo Proxy

    The 6th episode was the first one I saw it has some good charaters, story-lines, Diolog, Voice-Acting you name it I hope none of these get cancelled ever

    because there awsome.
  • Oh wow, when will this be on TV or anything...?

    This show is one of my aboslute favorites it\'s about the Natsume sisters and the Juken Club going against other fighting clubs that attempt to take them down, but mainly...The Council. This show has been out on DVD for a while and hasn\'t been on TV yet, what the hell is that? Well I have used my Tenjho Tenge videos and ripped them off in English like was supposed to be seen for our Country. Here is the link to my Youtube account so that everyone can watch such shows as Trigun or Tenjho Tenge. http://www.youtube.com/ScorpioProductions That is my link, enjoy.moreless