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Tenjou Tenge

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Tenjou Tenge contains extreme graphic violence and lots of ecchi(sexual suggestion), and is therefore not suitable for younger viewers. Nagi Souichirou and Bob Makihara enters Juudou High, an ordinary school filled with extraordinary fighters, their main purpose was to dominate it. However, their purpose shattered when they encounter a number of students that are superior, especially the Juuken Martial Arts Club. Juuken is composed by Maya Natsume, Aya Natsume and Masataka Takayanagi. But, another tremendous power seeks out the duo and they find themselves joining the Juuken in order to grow stronger. (-summary submitted by annaloreli) [Alternative title: Heaven and Earth] [Opening Theme: Bomb A Head! by mcAT] [Ending Theme: Aishitene Motto by Aiko Kayo] [Total Episode: 24]
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  • A story with somewhat backwards character roles, or seems to be, about a struggling club that faces constant issues related to a martial art school and gang related power and the two new guys, Bob(lol) and Souichiro who jump right in the middle of it all.moreless

    Okay, I will admit, at first it seemed like a good anime. It kicked off nicely, everything was set up, you got to see someone get creamed right after the initial episode, you get a love crazy girl stalking one of the main characters(hero??) and things are looking up. All of a sudden the elite disciplinary team aka the "Enforcers"(swat kats?) start to come to the forefront and stir up a lot of beef with the Juken Club. Lots of fighting, lots of blood, lots of hilarity ensues, and the anime looks like it can go on forever... or we could only hope.

    Well, here is where the spoiler starts, it doesn't. Yes, that is correct, remember the most annoying part of character driven plots? Yea, how far back can the background of 3 people go? try 20 episodes. That is 400 minutes of flashbacks. What do you do when your writers run out of good ideas or not think plots though thoroughly, fill it up with background. So from start to finish, the actual plot is about 5 episodes and 2 OVAs.... then it stops, why? Because lets be honest, it is hard enough to sit through flashbacks when it is 2 minutes per episode, but an entire episode? Back to back? For over half the series? As much as I love having the concept of having a uncontrolled power that overtakes the body DRILLED into my head over countless episodes and how the law seems to not care that countless slaughters are taking place at the hands of a most obscenely well known deranged kid, I will pass.

    It makes you wonder what came first, Naruto or this, because the siblings seem the same way, except the brothers did things differently, oh and the younger sibling is a different sex, take that as you will, I am not implying anything :D.

    Really, all in all, not... too terribly bad... It has LOADS of potential, just as american pie has demonstrated, you CAN go WAY beyond where you started, you just have to use your head and think about it. Granted the way it is set up makes you wonder where it was suppose to go.

    Lets think about it. The Juken club was started by the person who wants to shut it down. The leader of the enforcers is going to die. The chief of the club is being expelled. The two freshmen are going to be by themselves largely. The other member is kind of... there... for some... unexplained reason. And the younger sister Aya hasn't a clue about ANYTHING but is able to use this mysterious clairvoyant power which causes it to rain and makes her into the exact opposite of what she is normally......................................





    Where is this going? In order to keep the series going they would have to revamp everything they started with.

    Thinking about the people who made this anime and the direction it was going makes my head hurt in ways it shouldn't. Good Idea, Semi-solid characters(maybe TOO solid), teeeerrible follow through... Unless you can stomach a lot of emotional scenes for the action scenes, or even if you are looking for a emotional sort of anime, this would be it, as for those who like lots of action, for me there was more big broad concepts than action, and not worth the time because I could watch 3 episodes of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi and get more satisfaction out of it than the entire series. I would also suggest watching Nana if you like animes that make you ponder about life's big philosophical topics. Maybe this would be kind of a clash of both... Meh, I guess I'm just a critic.moreless
  • What could have been

    Tenjou tenge is the prime example of what happens when there are to many flashbacks in a anime.

    When I first started watching this show I remember thinking I really like it.I mean you got action,violence, and the most attractive women I have ever seen in anime.What could go wrong how about a never ending flashback that lasted most of the anime a boring story that did not help either.The best part of Tenjou Tenge was that it ended because if you read the manga you know that a even larger flashback was on the way.

    Tenjou Tenge was not as horrible as my review may make it sound it was just too many flashback episodes.

    If you like action and attractive women in anime check it out you might be surprised.moreless
  • Tenjou Tenge is like another anime with amazingly large breasted female high school students. Ahahah!

    Mainly the Juuken Martial Arts Club struggles with being destroyed by the Enforcement Group, you might call them the law enforcers of the school. Although their methods of enforcing therules ain't pretty. The story tends to focus around many characters and gives you the sence that there isn't just one or two main character. Each character has its own problems to deal with. Even though Tenjou Tenge is based around fighting, there are some comedic moments. Sometimes I laugh at the love triangle between Natsume Aya, Naji Souichirou and Takayanagi Masataka, but don't expect anything big in the comedy department.

    The animation is decent as expected for an anime but it's not fantastic. The background music is good, especially when they are about to show some serious action. I enjoyed watching and listening to the opening and ending theme, it definitely sets the mood for the anime. I usually just skip all that stuff but Tenjou Tenge offers a amusing beginning theme. So far Tenjou Tenge is really enjoyable, it's definitely a top priority on my to watch list.moreless
  • The show is just very average, and the ending doesnt help it.

    The start: Its okay, has it moments but nothing expectacular.

    In-anime: from ep 6-22 the anime becomes kinda weird but better at the same time, something to add is that the main character changes, leaving the guy from before as almost nobody. With good history twist, this may be the best of the anime.

    The ending: you expect better, and it doesnt delivers it. The main character returns to do some pitiful show and an unfulfilling last battle that doesnt show too much.

    The OVAs, ultimate fighter: You need to watch these OVAs, that are a direct continuation for the anime (it doesnt really need the calification of OVA), in order to get a better ending (for the anime). Yet it adds more weird stuff, from last minute that just leaves a mixed reaction, and you notice that the anime wasnt all about the boobs.

    In the overall is okay, but if yet, you want more, you have to read the manga, the anime just took less than the 50% of the manga, so this anime might drawn you into something bigger.moreless
  • souichiro and his friend bob have to move to a new school which they try to take over with their martial arts skills but find this school if full of martial artists.moreless

    It is a good show, has some fabulous comedy, sexual and violent themes in it to compliment the characters personalities. Though i have not finished the series yet, i am excited to get ot the end to find out what happens. I give tenjou tenge a 9 out of 10, gotta watch those eyes aya.
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