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  • Season 4
    • Tenko Reunion
      Tenko Reunion
      Episode 1
      Five years after the end of the war, a chance encounter between Marion and Dorothy prompts Marion to try and organise a reunion at Raffles for them and their fellow ex-internees. In Singapore, they are reunited with the rest of their group - Bea, Kate, Christina, Maggie, Alice and the remarried Mrs Van Meyer, now Mrs Forster-Brown. They reminisce about the past and look forward to the future. Dominica invites them all to spend the weekend at her house, out of the city. Everyone has their own problems: Bea's eyesight is failing, Kate is failing at medical school, Alice is failing at getting on with people and Maggie is failing at accepting help. At the Forster-Brown's estate, communist soldiers hold everyone at gunpoint after hiding inside Sister Ulrica's van. Christina foils their attempt to shoot Bea, but Ulrica is injured. In the aftermath, when everyone has returned to Raffles, Christina is discovered by the other women to be behind the whole incident, the leader of the local Communist cell. She is arrested and sent to jail, where she rejects Marion's attempts to help her, revealing a harsh side to her not seen before. As the group prepare to go their separate ways again, decisions are made. Bea and Stephen take Marion up on her offer to go and live with her in England; Kate decides to drop out of medical school and take over the center, with Alice's help. Jake and Dorothy decide to try a relationship. Dominica and her new hubby, Teddy, also decide to return to England. Marion invites everyone to her home for Christmas, save Kate and Ulrica, who will still be in Singapore, and Christina. The Tenko saga draws to a close as the assembled company gather at Marion's at Christmas, and toast absent friends.moreless
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