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  • Season 1
    • Season 1, Episode 1
      SINGAPORE, 5 DECEMBER 1941: Due to lack of information from the Army and the media, most of the inhabitants of Singapore remain blissfully unaware of any danger in their lives. Then the Japanese land 400 miles north of the city and head south. Most of the women who will end up imprisoned are introduced: Marion Jefferson, Sister Ulrica, Christina Campbell, Nurses Kate Norris and Nellie Keene, Rose Millar, and Dr Beatrice Mason.moreless
    • Season 1, Episode 2
      SINGAPORE, 10 DECEMBER 1941: The aftermath of the Japanese bombing of Singapore causes the evacuation of many of the British civilians in Singapore. Marion, Christina, Kate, Nellie, Rose, Tom (Kate's boyfriend) and Bernard (Rose's boyfriend) are evacuated, but the ship is torpedoed. Surviving the wreck, the group is taken prisoner by the Japanese.moreless
    • Season 1, Episode 3
      KAMPONG GETAH, FEBRUARY 1942: Joined by others, including Beatrice, the women are taken to their internment camp, where a contingent of Dutch internees join them, including Sister Ulrica. Everyone makes adjustments to their new way of life, and Marion is made leader of the British internees.
    • Season 1, Episode 4
      Ulrica is made leader of the Dutch internees. The older women worry when the younger women are unexpectly removed from the camp, but it turns out they're being used for labor crews. Dorothy smuggles milk into the camp for her baby, but is caught, and everyone is punished
    • Season 1, Episode 5
      Some time having passed, social structure in the camp is breaking down, and more women are becoming sick. Some groups refuse to help other groups. Malaria makes its first appearance, and requests for quinine are denied. Marion organizes education and entertainment committees, and arranges for the women to rebuild one of the huts into a sickbay. Morale improves, at least until two Japanese secret policemen arrive at the camp.moreless
    • Season 1, Episode 6
      Marion is questioned about British organization in Singapore prior to the fall of the city. The new sickbay is completed. Blanche and Dorothy become friendly with the guards in exchange for cigarettes and tea. Blanche, Dorothy and Rose are cornered by three guards; when all six are caught, the Japanese commander accuses the women of lying about the almost-rape. Dorothy agrees with the him, causing Blanche and Rose to be punished, until their story is corroborated by other sources.moreless
    • Season 1, Episode 7
      Sally, pregnant before her capture, is coming into her seventh month of pregnancy, and one of the nurses, Nellie, becomes very supportive of her. When the baby is stillborn, their friendship becomes closer, until they hear unwarranted rumors that their friendship is `unnatural'. Judith Bowen has another attack of malaria, making Blanche wonder about all of their eventual fates.moreless
    • Season 1, Episode 8
      Just before Judith Bowen dies, Marion promises her that she'll take care of Debbie. Blanche becomes determined to escape from the camp. Debbie discovers Blanche's escape plans and barges her way into the escape attempt. Rose covers the escape until she realises that Debbie is also leaving; she tells Marion, who tells the commandant in hopes that he will be lenient with Debbie. Blanche and Debbie are re- captured.moreless
    • Season 1, Episode 9
      Punishment details are imposed on the camp in general and the escapees in particular. The commandant yields to Marion's plea for mercy for Debbie, and agrees to be release Blanche if the internees will make 500 work hats in the next seven days. The Dutch, angry that they are again being punished for British misbehaviour, insist that both groups should now be treated seperately, until they discover that making hats will release Blanche. The commandant releases the internees from punishment details on the last day, allowing the women to meet the deadline.moreless
    • Season 1, Episode 10
      Christmas is approaching. The work party reports seeing a group of men in the distance. When Marion asks the commandant for names of the men, the list causes both joy and disappointment. The women are told they will be going to another camp. The commandant reveals his long-time knowledge and support of the women's subterfuge's to steal paper from his office. The women leave the camp, uncertain of their futuremoreless
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