Season 2 Episode 7

Season 2, Episode 7

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 1982 on BBC

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  • This is my favourtie episode of Series 2, again including my two favourite characters, Rose and Blanche. But because of the actions in this episode, the next two episodes are even more heart wrenching.

    This episode is based around Rose Miller (Stephanie Beacham), making contact with her husband, Bernard, and then later having a secret rendezvouz. On April 29th, the Japanese soldiers are more interested in the Emperor's birthday, so it's the perfect chance to meet Bernard, while they party. Blanche mends her broken friendship with Rose, and Rose gives Blanche her ring. Blanche then escorts Rose to the secret meeting place, halfway between the two camps. But ose and Bernard's secret meeting is interrupted, when the Japanese guards find them.