Tennesse Tuxedo & His Tales

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Tennesse Tuxedo & His Tales

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Tennessee Tuxedo & His Tales was created by Total Television and animated in Mexico by the Gamma studios. It was created in response to FCC chairman Newton R. Minow's charge that television was a "vast wasteland," so inserted into the cartoon frivolity was a bit of education. Tennessee, a penguin, and his walrus pal Chumley, always sought ways to better themselves by trying to do things man could do, but it would usually if not always backfire, much to the chagrin of Megapolis Zoo keeper Stanley Livingstone. Faced with a dilemma, Tennesse and Chumley would break out of the zoo and visit Phineas J. Whoopee, an inventor who with his three-dimensional blackboard would draw out and explain a variety of different things, such as the invention of the light bulb and the telephone, how cars operate, how TV cameras work, or how suits of armor were first used. Don Adams, TV's Maxwell Smart (and later Inspector Gadget) gave voice to Tennessee. Larry Storch (F Troop) was Mr. Whoopee, and Bradley Bolke as Chumley. Also included in the show were repeats from Tooter Turtle and The King & Odie. After its run on CBS, Tennessee Tuxedo & His Tales moved to ABC where it aired Sunday afternoons starting in 1966. In 1967, it was paired with The Beagles, which aired on CBS the year before.moreless
Bradley Bolke

Bradley Bolke

Chumley / Jerboa Jump

Kenny Delmar

Kenny Delmar

Narrator / Baldy Eagle / Flunky / Yakkety Yak / Tiger Tornado / Mayor / Police Sergeant

Don Adams

Don Adams

Tennessee Tuxedo

Larry Storch

Larry Storch

Phineas J. Whoopee

Mort Marshall

Mort Marshall

Stanley Livingston

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  • I'm with stoopid!

    Tennessee Tuxedo and his pal Chumley can never stay out of trouble. They always get in trouble with stanley in each and every episode. I don't usually feel sorry for them, they always looking for trouble and most of the time, they got it. I like the show, it came from the [people who gave us "Underdog." The two seek help from a very smart genius who tells them everything about the world and they use it to get right with Stanley. In most cases, everything backfires and they end up doing something they don't like. the show's fun to watch. I wish I see it again.moreless
  • This one is about a penguin named Tennessee Tuxedo and a walrus named Chumly who get into all sort of trouble.

    Wow is this show old! I have fond memories of watching this on days when I had to stay home from school when I sick. Havent seen this in 30 years at least, but it just popped into my head just now. Why? Thats like asking why Andrew Dice Clay got his own reality TV series, there just aint no point in wondering why.

    I remember the opening theme where Tennessee kicks a football toward a long line of duplicate Chumleys. I still remember their voices like it was yesterday! Tennessee was a smart aleck Penguin who reminds me of Al Gore and his Penguin Army. Chumley was this clueless walrus, Tennessees best friend, who just went around getting into trouble. He would say things like "Dohhhhh Tennessee, what should we do now? Doh................" I think he may have been the template for Homer Simpson. I cant even remember the plots of any episode but for some reason this one has stuck with me all these years.moreless
  • This show is funny.

    I have seen this show since I was a little kid. It was funny when Tennesse and Chumley got yelled at by Stanley Livingston. When they needed help they went to their friend Mr. Whoopee. I used to chant Chumley and my family did not like that at all. I first did it in my dad's car and he told me to stop chanting. I chanted it at my grandmother's house too. I was chanting Chumley at my old friend's condo on her tape recorder which had a microphone and my sister got on my case. I thought that Chumley was a seal, but I realized that he is a walrus.moreless
  • A penguin and his walrus best friend try to get out of their zoo into the real world, getting into a lot of trouble along the way.

    The main point of this 60's cartoon was to be "educational", as seen by the many explanations of various scientific points by Professor Whoopee. Overall a very enjoyable show, and I love penguins, so you can't beat it. But most of the show dealt with Tennessee and his pal Chumley trying to get out of the zoo and have adventures.

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