Tenshi ni Narumon

TV Tokyo (ended 1999)


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Tenshi ni Narumon

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Yusuke's life is going great. His parents have gone out of the country for business and he has the whole house to himself. Celebrating his first day of freedom he decides to take a short cut through the park on the way to school, unfortunately his bike is going too fast and he crashes. Next thing he knows there's a naked girl with a halo is calling him her husband and when he gets away from her and arrives at school she's a new student. Well at least he can look forward to his quiet house, but what's this? The girl and her entire family of demons have moved into his house which now resembles a funhouse made out of gingerbread. Noelle (the naked girl) commits herself to Yusuke entirely, and decides she will become his angle. Some people back in the demon world aren't too happy about Noelle trying to become an angle. Not to mention no one seems to know what will happen if she achieves her goal, except for an odd boy at school with blue hair. Can Noelle make Yusuke love her by becoming an angel? Will Yusuke be driven to madness with crazy people living in his house? And why is a vampire allergic to catgirls?moreless
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  • Not nearly as Complicated as you might think

    While many have argued that Tenshi Ni Narumon is a complicated anime, it is not nearly as complicated as others. Indeed when compared to FLCL it seems very simple. Tenshi Ni Naurmon is a charming story about love, and growing up. As Yusuke learns that you don\'t always get what you want, and sometimes you don\'t realize what you have until it\'s gone. Noelle is committed to Yusuke completely and starts trying to become an angle because of a love letter he sent to another girl. There are some good life lessons and laughs along the way. I give it two thumbs up.moreless