Tenspeed and Brown Shoe

Season 1 Episode 13

Diamonds Aren't Forever

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 1980 on ABC



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    • Harriet Whitney: I can remember when I was growing up...
      Lionel: I'm not growing up, Mom. I'm 28.
      Harriet Whitney: Well, that's true, I was a good deal younger than that. But I can remember how firm I was in my decision to make something of my life. Something different, something exciting.
      Lionel: So what'd you do?
      Harriet Whitney: Well, I couldn't really decide on anything, so I married your father.

    • Lionel: I'll leave my name and address so the authorities know how to contact me.
      William Whitney: (to his wife) Scrupulous. Absolutely scrupulous. Where do you suppose he gets that, Harriet?

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