Tenspeed and Brown Shoe

ABC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Diamonds Aren't Forever
      E.L. helps Lionel impress his visiting parents by arranging for him to gain access to a luxurious office, belonging to diamond thieves, which Lionel can claim as his own.
    • The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street
      Lionel and E.L. set out to discover if a "random" killing by a mental patient was in fact the work of a hired killer.
    • Untitled
      Episode 11
      E.L. comes up with a get rich quick scheme when he learns that the Agency's cleaning lady is a descendant of the Russian royal family.
    • This One's Gonna Kill Ya
      Someone tries to kill Lionel and E.L. after Lionel decides to solve a forty-year-old murder case involving a celebrated beauty queen.
    • Loose Larry's List of Losers
      Lionel receives a hot birthday present from E.L., while E.L.'s probation officer is trying to find a way to get E.L. put back in prison.
    • It's Easier to Pass an Elephant Through the Eye of a Needle Than a Bad Check in Bel Air
      E.L.'s nephew's appearance is concurrent with that of thugs who are after a book which E.L. knows nothing about.
    • Savage Says, "The Most Dangerous Bird is the Jailbird"
      A mobster goes after Lionel and E.L. after they help his girlfriend dump him so she can run off with a lounge singer.
    • The Millionaire's Life
      When E.L. uses a con to collect the rent money, he picks the wrong mark and gets himself and Lionel involved with the mob.
    • The Sixteen Byte Data Chip and the Brown-eyed Fox
      Pressure is put on Lionel and E.L. to create a phony investigation for their client: a woman looking for her missing brother, a computer programmer.
    • Savage Says, "What Are Friends For?"
      Lionel and E.L. must deal with a motorcycle gang when a nervous stockbroker asks Lionel to check out two of his clients who threatened him when he asked them for needed tax information.
    • Savage Says "There's No Free Lunch"
      Lionel takes a fancy to a client who claims someone is trying to kill her and then leads Lionel and E.L. around in circles while putting killers on their trail.
    • The Robin Tucker's Roseland Roof and Ballroom Murder
      Lionel and E.L. form a detective agency and get their first case: an unidentified man who is willing to pay lots of money to find a woman.
    • Tenspeed and Brownshoe

      E.L. is running a scam on the Mob to get a million dollars from a safe deposit box. Unfortunately, he's unaware that the Mob got it from fencing Nazi diamonds. Meanwhile, stockbroker Lionel Whitney is in town to get married to his dominating fiancée. He quickly finds his plans gone awry when Tenspeed hides the stolen loot in Lionel's limousine. Both groups are now after both of them.