Tenspeed and Brown Shoe

Season 1 Episode 2

The Robin Tucker's Roseland Roof and Ballroom Murder

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1980 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Robin Tucker's Roseland Roof and Ballroom Murder
Lionel and E.L. form a detective agency and get their first case: an unidentified man who is willing to pay lots of money to find a woman.

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    Jeff Goldblum

    Jeff Goldblum

    Lionel "Brownshoe" Whitney

    Ben Vereen

    Ben Vereen

    E.L. "Tenspeed" Turner

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      • Lionel: (reading a Matt Savage novel) "My senses were quivering like ten pounds of lime jello on a cracked porcelain plate."

      • Lionel: Stop treating me like I don't know what I'm doing. I know what I'm doing. This guy's in trouble. We sell a service, he's paying for that service. Okay, he's a little eccentric.
        E.L.: Yeah, Jack the Ripper was a little eccentric, my friend.

      • Lionel: What do you mean a loser? You look at a picture and you say she's a loser? She has sweet eyes. She's sort of trying to smile like things haven't been going quite right.
        E.L.: Yeah. Loser.

      • E.L.: You see, what I'm talking about is a basic philosophical difference. A compendium of evidence seems to support the theory that guns have an inverse rather than direct relationship to life. And a corollary axiom suggests that when one observes a gun in the hands of an unfriendly, one should split to the trenches, hunker down, and be very, very, very quiet.

      • E.L.: All right. I'm chicken. But I'm a pragmatic chicken, and those are the best kind, you see. Because they never end up swimming with the potatoes and gravy.

      • Lionel: Bugsy Siegel was tangentially involved.
        E.L.: Is he the one with pointy ears and little bushy tail?
        Lionel: That's the one.

      • Susan Lardner: You see, I figure, once the baby is born, well, I'll be okay because, well, I'm studying to be a dental assistant at night school. Well, you can really rake it in with teeth. It's a very lucrative field.

      • Joe: I mean, I got this kind of thing about broads, you know? I mean, okay, I know I look like the back of a truck. But underneath, I got feelings, well. See, I've been watching what's going on in America, and I'm for this ERW thing.
        Lionel: ERA.
        Joe: Yeah, that's the one. I mean, I think broads oughta have their rights, you know? I mean, I wouldn't want one flying no aeroplane or nothing, but when it comes to, like, being clerks and stuff, hell's bells, lets get liberal.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • E.L.: I still think this is a job for Sky King.
        Referencing the radio and subsequent TV hero, Sky King, aka Schuyler King. Modern-day cowboy Schuyler flew the great outdoors of Arizona in his plane, Songbird, battling spies and crooks, and rescuing people in danger.

      • Lionel: You're Foxy Loxy.
        Referencing the Aesop's Fable of The Sky is Falling, with Chicken Little. E.L. then notes he's Turkey Lurkey. In the original, Chicken Little is hit in the head by a falling acorn, thinks the sky is falling, and goes to warn the king, gathering his friends along the way. It has since been told in many different variations in books, movies, and TV.