Terminal City

Monday 7:30 PM on The Movie Network Premiered Oct 17, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • This show dares to go to those places we all do in our minds. It is forgiving and impolite in every moment. And Brendan Baum, let\'s face it, is the person we\'ve all dreamed of being in relation to lesser mortals. What a fantastic character. McIlroy nail

    I tuned in to Terminal City with some trepidation. What on earth could Canadian TV offer up about a woman with cancer that hasn\'t been done better already? Well, I\'ll tell you. What this show manages to do is relate to those private impulses we all have, and dares, unlike those of us watching, to be impolite. Life is a dream. It\'s my show in your show. And who among us does not believe that somewhere there\'s a dark bastard running it all? Beyond the unsettling humour around Katie\'s live diagnosis of serious breast cancer and how it was \"great TV\", and beyond the \"oh, my God that really happened\" shock of her son\'s kiss with an older woman on the bus, there\'s the truly satisfying relief that, finally, someone sees \"me\". That\'s why you can\'t stop watching. Nor should you.

    Pay particular attention to McIlroy as Brendan Baum. He\'s shaken the Canadian fear of being impolite totally convincingly. The others are good, too. But Baum is the character at the evil heart of all of us. And McIlroy gets it.
  • Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!

    Terminal City is that one show we've been waiting for! I tuned in expecting a cry-fest over cancer, but was pleasantly surprised with the humour it puts into it all, as morbid as that sounds! Maria Del Mar does an amazing job as the cancer-sufferer, wife, and mother, and Gil Bellows does an equally stunning job as the supportive husband and father. There is a strong youth cast including Katie Boland, Nico McEown, Adam Butcher, and Ross Birchall...all under seventeen! Breathtaking cinematography takes you that much further into the story; rich colours and nature combine into a modern setting. Episode One was directed by Canadian director Rachel Talalay, and shot in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Ground Breaking Television

    Terminal City may be some of the best written television currently on the air. It is smart, sophisticated and issue oriented without being pious. The cast is talented and well informed of the genre without sensationalizing plot. This 10 part mini series is worth sitting down for, it's provocative and will make you walk away with things to consider.
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