Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 21

Adam Raised a Cain

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 03, 2009 on FOX

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  • Character deaths, Cain and Able and a haunting rendition of 'Donald where's yer troosers' make amongst other things, this one of the best episodes of the series

    I loved this and it's many memorable scenes. First is the death of Derek which comes without warning and is over quickly. At first your like 'Did they just kill Derek!' and yet his death is very subtly done. The main thing is the grieving by John and Sarah which gives the death meaning. So many shows would skip over this part or present it as an out of character moment, both deal with it in there usual hard man way refusing to cry, you can even see John sort of struggling and he even admits it. Other stand out moments involved Weaver and Ellison, when she told him off for saying she didn't care about Savannah as much as John-Henry, I literally felt a chill from her reaction. Also John-Henry and his story of whether he was Cain or Able, and the Internet messaging to Savannah at school and the teacher's reaction.

    One of the odd but extremely effective choices was at the end of the episode. When John-Henry and Savavannah sing 'Donald where's your troosers' and make it seem haunting I was truly amazed. I don't think I've ever heard the full song as well so that was kinda nice.

    Terminator has been a great series even though it drags, with cancellation possibly looming this penultimate episode makes me hope that a renewal may happen. This prepares me for the last episode nicely, which I hear is absolutely great.
  • The stakes are raised. (Spoilers!)

    Lordy lordy wow. It's been a while since I've seen a show dispose of a major character in such a sudden and brutal fashion and as soon as Derek turned that corner and took the bullet to the head, my jaw hit the ground in complete shock and disbelief. As soon as that terrible event happened, it was completely clear that the stakes have been raised and all bets are off.

    This is a marvelous "set up" episode gearing up for next weeks season finale -- sadly, probably the series finale as well. Personally, all expectations I've had so far is out the window and, as far as I'm concerned, anything can happen, anyone can die, and the future is unwritten.

    Too bad this show has spent the last two months in a coma. It's only getting good again at the end.
  • Not a bad episode. Interesting developments.

    It was a well done "shock value" of a main character's death. It's not how it typically happens on tv but more than likely happens that way in real life. I also like Cameron's one-liners. Her logic is simplistic in how she views dealing with a threat, i.e. Ellison. Speaking of, his cluelessness is getting on my nerves. He can't seem to "see" the Weaver's odd behavior even though he has numerous experiences with machines acting human. I'm also surprised that Sarah walked into that the trap at the end. It almost seemed obvious. I don't think the setup for that was as well done as it could have been. I'd like to see the show get another season because I think it may be starting to find its identity.
  • It is sad, how Derek was retired so meaninglessly. Too many things happen too quickly. I hope that last episode will deliver.

    I think Derek death was poorly written. He died like he was not even there. Did Sarah and John hated him that much? It was interesting how the other Terminator, John and the gang found themselves at Savanna's house at the same time. What is this other Terminator about? What I like that is happening is the development of John Henry. He seems to develop human emotions and attachment to religion. I have a feeling that he could turn out to be an ally to humans, preventing Skynet from becoming our demise. Sarah gets arrested again, been there done that. I'm surprised how Weever did not get alarmed by Sarah Connor. Looks like her only objective is ensuring the progress of the AI. One question that I hope will get answered is this, in the last episode: who are those man, that lurke in the background attack Sarah, and know so much about the robotics, and Weever is after them. What is their story. I want this to go on forever, I love this show.
  • Strong opening act.

    The almost casual way in which Derek's death transpired was one of the reasons I like this series. It ignores the accepted storytelling conventions and, in doing so, produces some very powerful episodes. The fact that Reese dies in such an offhand manner with no fanfare, none of the usual foreshadowing, melodramatic soliloquies, or mournful accompanying soundtrack made it resonate much more powerfully than it would have had it been done in the clichéd manner most TV series would have used. It's a shame that the rest of the episode didn't live up to the potential of the opening act. The interplay between John Henry and Ellison was fascinating, as always. I always enjoy how the director is able to imbue John Henry's innocence with a sense of foreboding. Too bad the scenes with Savannah were so weak. As a side note, did anyone else notice that Ms. Manson is looking more and more haggard and sick with each episode?
  • Powerful, roller-coaster ride of a story! Classic Terminator genre. Must watch!

    Too bad this show was all about Sarah's dreams and issues for so long, because this episode, and a couple before this, show what the Terminator genre is all about! I hope the writers keep this up for the season's finale, and that it means that the show will live on (but you gotta admit, they only have themselves to blame if it doesn't - it was REAL HARD to watch for several episodes, dealing with Sarah's feelings and nightmares, stories that ultimately took the story absolutely nowhere, and were so out of character it was laughable).

    Derek's death, coming so unexpectedly, is about as real-life as it gets, and the shock value was well exploited. This is how it happens in real-life combat, folks. A life snuffed out. Period. And while I find Ellison's cluelessness a little annoying (he is supposed to be a good investigator), the story is now taking us into classic Terminator action and intrigue. I can't wait to see where the story takes us next.
  • Another One bites the dust...

    I really am starting to think that next week may be the end of the series, though I would most certainly love to be proven wrong. However, cast members have been dropping like flies, so even if there is a third season, who will be left?

    This week it's Derek's turn to die, which is really unfortuante because he was such a great character. At the same time, it's nice to see a Terminator battle after so long without one. It kind of seemed like Derek died too easy, didn't really try to move for cover, but maybe I'm overlooking it a little bit. It did fit into place with Sarah showing Derek where Kyle was buried, and where Derek would be buried. We see a lot more of John Henry and Savannah in this episode then the Connors though and I did like a lot of the scenes the two of them had together, particually the headset stuff, right before a Terminator came in. Though the fact that a Terminator came to kill Savanaah is really interesting. We have yet to truely establish a motive for Weaver, other then the fact that she is a machine. Through the season, she's given the impression that she actually wants to save the world and as we saw in the future a T-1000 told John Connor that she would not help him. Does it mean that the liquid terminator's can operate seperate from Skynet? If so, can it be assumes that the Bionicle loving John Henry is on the side of humanity? We can only hope those questions are answered next week.

    I have to say either way, John figuring out that Cromartie's body is in the basement of Weaver's building was great. Also great was the fact that Elision may or may not have betrayed Sarah. Not that it will be a surprise if Cameron busts her out, actually I anticpiate that before half of the episode is over, but if Elision didn't call the cops, who did? Weaver was all prepared to meet with Sarah, for whatever reason. Definetely a suspenseful Terminator episode, the likes of which this second half of the season has had so few of. I only hope there will be another season, still if not, all good things...
  • I loved this episode, but we can feel that the writers tried to give an end to the show...

    A lot of action, some new questions, and answers. I think this show has a very great potential and the writers should have begin the actual storyline earlier and develop it a lot more. Derek's dead was to fast, and it is very sad. One of the best character of the show (after Cameron hahaha).

    Henry may become the head of the "new skynet" because all concepts that Ellison taught him are destroyed little by little (religion vs lies etc...).
    Religion can be a dangerous thing if someone try to use it at his advantage.

    I am really really sad the show is at his end. I'd really loved see a lot more terminator action and learn more about the Henry's brother (I suppose we won't get a correct explanation in 45min). It is a very great show and I hope FOX will reconsider its cancellation and give us a 3rd season.
  • finally back on truck but why so late? (spoilers,ofcourse)

    after weeeeks of soul searching and emotion feeling, connors finally had some action / story development. i think it is so far away from saving the show. generally, the only times it shines are the times it references to the movies. but this one was cleverly written and fun to watch. john henry's storyline has became the highlight of the story for a time now, since all that others do is talk and walk around in the house. killing derek was a bold move that gave a little seriousness to what's happening. and i'm so glad it's not in the girly cheesy emotionsucking way charlie died. but i wish it was just alittle more meaningful than this, wish it served something other than leaving john and cameron alone,which was basicly the purpose of this episode.

    so t1000 is from the future, doesnt want to work with john and the rebellion but doesnt want skynet so it came back to make a rival artificial intelligence and savannah plays a major role in it because this new ai is supposed to care about humans. great plot. i wish this was the episode 4 or 5 of the season. i really really wish it was : ( and one note. the fanboy people who are giving 10 to every single episode they see really piss me of. its not like i care too much but it kills the tv.com'S creditibility.
  • A shocking near-conclusion as a team member goes down. Savannah is at the center of an AI attack - John Henry learns the Connors' identities. Sarah is captured.

    This is a nearly flawless episode - all characters have good screen time, the stress level is high, the story climactic. But I'm still in denial about the loss of Brian Green from the cast - a crushing blow. When the T shot him down, we yelled, "Oh, no!" I still hope for another time trip with another edition of Derek coming through, or something to keep this character going. When everyone, producers and fans alike, invest this much in a popular character, it's tough to give it up. This makes the series look like it's winding down to a big finale, and I don't want a finale. I want a couple more seasons, at least.

    Garrett Dillahunt continues to play an outstanding role as John Henry, with a personality evident behind his otherwise flat monotone. Just a little anger and disappointment and doubt creeps into his dialog, giving me the creeps. The use of logic still keeps JH under control, but he shows a dangerous initiative by suggesting he might expose Weaver as "not anyone's mother." And Weaver continues with her own agenda, somewhere between the JH/AI and the Cyberdyne AI, but still committed to the safety of JH. We have about 44 minutes left to learn all about her strategy.

    One small production flaw - the use of hand-held moving video cuts from Weaver's residence, shown on the lab monitors, ostensibly from the home security system. Those are all fixed cameras.

    Little Savannah has a big part here, making me wonder if she is not the key to some future development. Otherwise, why would Weaver make such an effort to save her, and why would the Cyberdyne AI send a T to kill her? Mackenzie Smith is not as precocious as Shirley Temple or Dakota Fanning, but she's becoming more effective and sympathetic in every episode.

    Richard T. Jones continues his too-unemotional portrayal of Ellison, even when he begins to see the consequences of his failure to take proper precautions in the meeting with Sarah to return Savannah. He's overdue on understanding the danger he and the others are in, and taking some strong actions to redeem himself by saving the Connors. The unexplained police ambush at the theatre I surmised was simply because he was tailed there.

    Loved the scene with John questioning Savannah about Dr. Sherman, and his sudden realization of the danger of ZeiraCorp and Ellison's secrets. With Derek gone, and Sarah fading from the leadership role a bit, John is coming on strong as the family leader, and working his partnership with Cameron more effectively. I'd always like to see more of Cameron, but she got some good fight scenes and enough dialog to make her part interesting.

    The final scenes of Sarah's capture, and the song duet between an innocent child and a developing AI, were superb. Many show-enders employ a simple song over a foreboding or dramatic scene, without dialog, but this one tops them all. TSCC often uses ideas from the cast, it seems - Mr. Jones contributing his devout faith through dialog for one character or another, and I believe that Ms. Manson was the source of the charming Scottish song sung by John Henry and Savannah. This was as gripping and emotional as the use of "The Wizard of Oz" dialog at the end of "Goodbye to All That."

    The finale will feature an extended trailer for "Terminator Salvation," and if the Halcyon Corp. gets a big bump from that in a few weeks - and it should be a mid-range blockbuster - we can hope that they will at least shop the tv series on other networks. The franchise has lots of good stories left. Wherever it goes, I will follow. Re-run rating A-.
  • Oh man, this was amazing episode. I cannot believe the amount of surprises, subliminal messages, philosophical questions, and shocking storyline development all in one episode.

    This episode was simply spectacular. Even io9 wrote about it and loved it, can you believe that?


    I think TSCC has taken its rightful throne as the best Sci-Fi series ever. I cannot see how anyone can disagree and claim there is a better series than this. I believe there will be a season 3. Because I don't think Fox got to where it is today, by making mistakes and canceling good shows. The only mistake was Firefly, but that was a fluke, a sociological anomaly. I also think the reason they waited so long to tell us if it is canceled or not (May 19) is because they wanna announce renewal right before Terminator 4 is released.
  • Good Episode

    This epsiode was a step in the right direction, I can't not think that the way they killed Derek was because they realized they don't have a 3rd season so they just found a simple way to end his story. It was kind of too easy that he was shot like that by a Terminator. After fighting them for so long you'll expect he won't just wander into a terminator line of fire. Other then that the episode was good and I think this is more of what we want to see in this TV series. Right amount of action and story development. Too bad it happend so close to the end of the show. But it's better that this show will go with a taste for more then some crazy plotlines that can damage the upcoming movie.
  • Yow! Talk about a show that just jumped into light speed with changes. Derek is gone. Not just humans but Terminators after them. The show's got you rooting for John Henry now. And Sarah's caught. Not a run of the mill episode to say the least.

    The Good:
    -- The mystery. Just what is Weaver up to? Could she be a "good" (at least non-genocidal...or would it be pancidal) artificial intelligence trying to build a better future?
    -- Mystery 2: Where are all these Cyberdine (bad guy) terminators and humans launching from?
    -- Mystery 3: Despite Weaver's misguided notion....John Henry seems to be Abel and Cyberdine's AI Cain. But will Abel survive?

    The Bad:
    -- Only sorry to see Derek go. But realistic in the storyline that the good guys take losses.

    Sidenote: Interesting reformat of tv.com. Like that they put TSCC as a frontline article of shows in trouble. Hope it will generate more viewers. Also, like the idea that the movie might save this worthwhile franchise.
  • Amazing!!! How can people even be thinking about canceling this show?

    Once again, the writers at Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles shows their creative minds by producing another amazing episode with a lot of throwbacks to the terminator films. Derek Resses death was very sudden and a lot of people i talked to didnt believe it when they first saw it. I experience the same thing, when the water man took the shot, i just thought in my head that derek couldnt have died but he did. A loved all the development with catherine weaver and john henry and how she cares more about john henry then she does savana. Can't wait for the season finale and i know it will blow me away as well
  • This episode completely blew me away - from the shock in the first 5 minutes to the end, possibly the best episode of any show this year. Fox need to do everything they can to keep this show on air.

    This episode completely blew me away - from the shock in the first 5 minutes to the end, possibly the best episode of any show this year. Fox need to do everything they can to keep this show on air.

    Dereks death, where did that come from?! Very out of the blue and a stunning way to start an episode, a definite feel that they're just trying to wrap things up now with one episode of the series (and possibly the show) to go.

    The episode brought together many of the strings that the series has been (slowly) tying creating in this season, ending on an emotionally creepy music montage. How many other shows can send chills like that through me?

    I've been relucantly slating this as my favorite show on TV at the moment, but this episode cements that without doubt. If the final episode is as good as this then TSCC will go down as one of the best shows ever made, whether or not we get a much deserved renewal.
  • My Goodness, Dereck got killed and it didn't even look that serious at all...

    Wow, I wasn't expecting Dereck to get it in this episodes, it all happen so sudden and so quick. I mean usually when an important cast member will get killed, there are lots of things to lead up to it. But for Dereck it was just BOOM! and like that he was out of the show. On a serious note though, this show is starting to rise the charts. I can't believe I'm excited to see what will happen each week. The plot keeps getting thicker and I hope it lives up to the hype straight down to the last episode. This episodes was, words can't explain. And I don't want to give off anymore spoilers for who did not watch it.
  • Completely unexpected, but very good!

    What happened here? This was so unexpected! I just hope Derek's death wasn't meaningless, otherwise I don't understand why they killed him! He may have kept many secrets, but they were to serve the greater good. I just can't get over the fact they killed Derek. Anybody have some ideas on his death?

    I gotta say I really like John Henry's development. He's like a little kid learning new things every day, well, in his case, every second. By the way, what I don't understand is, if it's Skynet that's after the Connors and the Weaver child, why does it send human beings and machines? In the previous episode it was humans after them and now it was a machine. Or did I miss something?
  • I have to admit I was totally Like wow, did that actually happen??

    When I saw last weeks episode and saw who they killed off. I was like wow. Then this week I am so dumbfounded that they killed off Derrek. Wow now I am so anticipating the next installment. When Sarah got arrested I am again what next. The season finale will be such a drag cause I will have to wait till next year for more. I guess the movie will be good to see. This is so like this series to leave you hanging and haning and hanging and well you get the picture. We are so going to be like OMG when the nest one comes out. I am truly gobsmacked!!!
  • The Connors save Savannah from a deadly Terminator, but it results in devastating consequences for everyone.

    I don't like to give out 10's very often. I rarely do. I only give out 10's for episodes that blow me away in every sense of the word. No flaws. This is that episode. Best episode of "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" ever and one of the best episodes of the 2008/2009 season, and that's saying a lot! The death of Derek was extremely unexpected, but perfect! This is war, and it's reality. In war, people die. In war, people don't get epic deaths. People just die. And Derek dying just like that....man, people shouldn't complain. That is the most realistic TV death I've ever seen. The first ten minutes were so exciting, and extremely well done! The rest was a string of emotions and plots coming to a head. The end, with that creepy song, was just....woah. Brilliant. I can't wait for the -- sniff -- series finale.

    A 10/10 episode. Probably the only 10 I'll ever give a Terminator episode, even though I love the series dearly. Absolutely wonderful; an A+ episode! This is what all television should be like!
  • Despite an overwhelming failure in the character closure department and an epic loss in plot potential, this episode is memorable solely for its momentous plot twists...

    So first off, I need to state my extreme disappointment in SPOILER! the loss of Derek. I have absolutely no idea why the writers would kill him off. It doesn't make sense as far as pacing (Dixon died last week...). It didn't play out epically or dramatically, but was quick and to the point. Neither John nor Sarah reacted very emotionally (John can sob for Riley, but not the only living relative of his father?). It also is a loss as far as plot development. Derek brought a nice tension to the group. There was a romantic potential between Sarah and him, as well as a subsequent dramatic potential via the fact that he's Kyle's brother. To just kill him off, and then barely give it justice....bad show writers, bad show. I'm disappointed that they resort to major character deaths for drama, when they've shown before that they're capable of creating drama solely be character development. Sigh.

    That being said, there were redeeming qualities to this episode that garners my 7.5 rating. Weaver was just as much in ice be-yotch mode as ever, coldly manipulating the humans around her. John Henry continues to be an intriguing enigma, and his relationship with Savannah is brought to even more interesting levels than before. Nothing's creepier and more ominous than a child and a cyborg singing folk songs together...ick.

    Honestly, most of the good stuff came in the last five minutes. John and Cam are unexpectedly separated from Sarah, as the leading lady is arrested. This should bring fairly interesting results in the John/Cam (sexual?) tension plotline. Is it sexual? Does anyone know? WTC?????? Hopefully, the season finale will yield answers.

    Gotta say as a final comment, why did the writers choose to kill off Derek rather than Ellison? I feel like while Ellison brings a level of thematic value via his moralistic codes, he's wearing out his welcome. America can only take so much philosophy before their interest wanes and the show's ratings bomb. I mean, come on, what's Terminator without the action? I've always liked that this show deepens the franchise questions about the themes of humanity, but at some point it might get bogged down by the very thing that makes it compelling.
  • Toni Graphia is my favorite writer for the series who has wrote Allison from Palmdale, Demon Hand, Self Made Man, and Ourselves Alone. This episode is another brilliant work of her; and it is pivotal.

    We learn more about what Weaver is up to, and what revealed is much more complex and intriguing than what I've had thought would be. Connor family's life changes sharply with Sarah Connor is arrested and Derek Reese is dead. We get to see a new terminator.. This time with a sharp aim no less :) John Henry begins to show feelings and true consciousness..and many more revealings...

    I am anxious for the season finale. I hope we get to see a Season 3; because this show has just begin to tap its potential and it will be a great ride...
  • Casualties of war

    This penultimate episode of the season (and perhaps, series) continues the process of wiping out John Connor's support system, while bringing him ever closer to a confrontation with Catherine Weaver and whatever she has up her sleeve. As usual, even when the action is mounting, the emphasis remains on character.

    I still believe that Weaver will turn out to be the leader of a faction among the machines that opposed the genocidal plans of SkyNet. Weaver wanted the Turk, I imagine, to co-opt the basis of SkyNet and create, in John Henry, an equally powerful AI with human ethics. Why this would translate into SkyNet (either the future version or the "current" version) sending a terminator to take out Savannah is not quite so clear.

    It could be a matter of SkyNet waging a kind of war with John Henry, trying to take something that John Henry values. If SkyNet wants to weaken and subsume a potential threat, perhaps gaining something in the process, then stripping away John Henry's support system is a logical part of the equation. Taking out John Henry also means eliminating competition for resources.

    Pretty much the same thing has been happening for John, and losing Derek was just the most recent and most crushing example. Derek was John's touchstone to his father, and while he made a mistake with Jesse, he was still John's loyal soldier. He's dispatched so quickly and methodically in the middle of the operation to save Savannah that it's a lot more shocking than it would have been otherwise.

    John's reaction is one reason why Riley had to go first, however. John's entire season arc has been about holding on to his innocence, even as he feels it slipping away with every passing moment. Looking at John now, one can see how hardened he has become. Considering where the character started, this is proof positive that they had a plan for his evolution.

    The writers also pulled quite the coup by killing Derek in the first act, thus effectively masking the notion that anything else of huge importance would happen before the end of the episode. Sarah's arrest comes as a complete shock, and it definitely appears that Weaver set her up to eliminate a potential obstacle to her own plans. After all, Sarah doesn't know that John Henry isn't the same as SkyNet (assuming that supposition is true), so Weaver must assume that Sarah will do everything possible to derail her plans.

    It all comes together in the next episode, which may turn out to be the series finale. The producers promised that the season arc would be resolved, even if the episode sets the stage for a third season. It seems foolish, with the new film only a couple of months away, to take this show off the air and fail to capitalize on renewed interest in the franchise. But FOX has been more patient than I thought they would be, given the ratings, and if this is the end, I'm thankful for the excellence that we did receive.
  • Wow, most exciting episode so far.

    This episode really had me sitting on edge. There was so much unveiled about the Weaver and John Henry. Reese was a great character, but it's so cheesy and expected when there is a huge death scene. The way it was so fast and cold made it feel so real. I had to drag back on hulu and watch it again just to make sure I saw it right. I hated seeing Sarah being dragged down by the cops, but it was definitely a twist. Anything but bland. The finally better be a double episode. It all makes me wish the show would go on and on. It's so sad they're canceling it. Bastards. All the network channels are going to need to get used to lower volumes. They don't count anything online, and that venue is constantly growing. Just because Nielsen is low, doesn't mean viewing is low. Until they realize, lots of good shows are going to be canceled because they think they have low viewership. Sigh.
  • Incredibly good episode. How is that FOX want to cancel this show.

    WOW. Wath an episode, is so far one of the best episodes of all the entire TSCC. Finally Weaver and Cameron will meet.
    Please, please FOX dont cancel this show, now with battlestar gone, this is the best sci-fi, fantasi show with out a doubt. Far more better than Lost and Heroes together. Amazing episode from beginnig to end. But I have to say i will mis the hot hunk of Brian Austin Green ak Derek Reese, i mean he is so hot. Even so i think this will bring back all the original relationship witch i love of Sarah, Jhon and Cameron.
    I love this show.
    Thank god you kill the blond girl
  • !! Briliant !! Finally a wonderful episode in this sometimes flailing series. Great performances again and this time with a bit of story development that catches the interest.

    !! Briliant !! Finally a wonderful episode in this sometimes flailing series. Great performances again and this time with a bit of story development that really continually grabs the interest.

    If every episode was as attention grabbing as this one then we'd be in line for 3 more series...let alone the planned one more episode.

    I guess the writers opened up some new avenues for the story to proceed and closed down others (cynically as the actors ask for more money). There's lots of debate on this site about where it is all leading but let's face it if there is no funding they can kill off JC or bloy up ZeiraCorp - although the reality will of course lie somewhere in between to maximise potential future profits.

    This episode introduces a new terminator which looks to be a bad one. He could have had a crack at Sarah at the end tho if that was his mission but of course he's targetting either JC or the potentially good terminator Catherine. Cameron is interestingly positted as potentially John-Henry's 'brother' creating a whole maelstrom of interesting possibilities.

    Let's have a cut down and focussed series 3. This current series has been excellent in places and poor in others. I await the series finale as always with baited breath - this time tho I am expecting a good episode rather than just hoping for one.
  • I want to finally see a romance develop between John Connor and Cameron. Maybe this will be their oppurtunity as she is the only woman in his life at the moment.

    With Derek killed and John's mother now held captive by the police, there is only two characters left together with anything possible to be written in the script and I hope it's romance to be the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Future John obviously has no other contact except with Cameron and how appropriate would it be that he develops a bonding with her character beyond just being his protector, but as a confidant and intimate partner.

    What if this is the work of Cameron to get Derek killed and his mother out of the picture so Cameron now has ultimate authority as John is still learning how to be future John. Let us see a romance develop between this hot terminatress and John. That would be an excellent Finale for this season leaving all of us to wonder what will come of them two in the season opener this Fall. Whatever happens, I can't see FOX cancelling this show. This is the best Sci-Fi series on any channel to date.
  • Noooooooooooooooo!

    I'm still a little speechless, writing this so forgive my review if it seems a bit disjointed. Only minutes after the show opens, Derek is abruptly killed. No slo-mo, no build up, no time to think. And true to the nature of this series, No time to grieve. I am shocked and disappointed, as Derek was truly the saving grace of this show. But at the same time, I'm giving a standing ovation to this series for having the balls to do something I've never seen done on another TV show. This main character kill trumps any shocker I've seen on Lost or even Buffy. Devastatingly realistic. These terminators are definitely no joke.

    Of course, that wasn't the only business of this episode, and "Adam Raised a Cain" still gets perfect marks for some fantastic philosophy/theology from John Henry, a suspenseful new detective element, a kidnapping, and a surprise arrest. Ellison is definitely in over his head, and the welfare of Weaver's child is handled excellently. Only a couple of episodes left, and it seems the show won't reach a 3rd season. But the writers obviously want to finish this series with a bang.

  • one of the best yet!

    Adam Raised a Cain is one of the best episodes of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and will be for a long time. everything about this episode was expertly done: the acting, writing, and plot. I was riveted to my couch. John taking charge, Derek's shocking but realistic death, John Henry's concern for his friend Savanna and his discomfort a at keeping secrets, Sarah being arrested, and John and Cameron alone together at the end. Can't wait for Born to Run!!!!
  • Well i was shocked by the death of one of their own. It was not overdramatized, just quick and heartless! I was glued to my chair while things were being revealed.

    Well i was shocked by the death of one of their own. It was not overdramatized, just quick and heartless! I was glued to my chair while things were being revealed to John Connor about John Henry! The look on his face when he figured out that his little friend was in danger as well as his observation of the whole attack was intense. His character is starting to become even more likeable and i find myself wanting to see and hear more from him. The lies and logic being fed to him by his boss and mentor make it more interesting because he is left to figure out right from wrong as part of his learning and sense of individuality.

    Sarah took out a few guys on her way to a beat down! She is one bad mamma! What more could you ask for from a TV budget? From that perspective this episode was fantastic!!!
  • Christ in a hand basket, things actually happened this week.

    Christ in a hand basket, things actually happened this week. And a lot of things, come to that. In fact, 'Adam Raised A Cain' packs so much story development into its 45 minutes that it's almost too much and you begin to wonder why the bloody production crew couldn't just have spread things out a little more so that they might actually have acquired a viewing audience. Still, no matter. This is the best episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles since the top notch season premiere, from the interweaving (hah, see what I did there) of the John Henry story with the Connors', to the highly dramatic and well-executed sequences involving Savannah (never thought I'd say that) to the completely shocking and brilliantly executed death of poor, poor Derek. For once, an American television series kills a likeable main character in a completely off-hand, utterly callous way, making it the most realistic murder I've seen in years. In most shows, Derek would've been given a hero's send-off, dying as he's pumping bullet after bullet into an army of bad guys and saving everyone in the process. Not so here. He's a casual victim of events and as such, it's frighteningly believable. Never thought I'd say it, but The Sarah Connor Chronicles just gave us one of the best moments of the televisual year. Wonders never cease. Unfortunately, they counterpoint it fifteen minutes later with one of the absolute WORST moments of the televisual year in the excruciating 'Donald, Where's Your Trousers?' montage that's so bad, and so desperately clawing for 'artsy significance', that I'm taking two whole points off the final score for the episode because of it. Really, Google it if you don't watch the show. It has to be seen to be believed.
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