Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 21

Adam Raised a Cain

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 03, 2009 on FOX

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  • Character deaths, Cain and Able and a haunting rendition of 'Donald where's yer troosers' make amongst other things, this one of the best episodes of the series

    I loved this and it's many memorable scenes. First is the death of Derek which comes without warning and is over quickly. At first your like 'Did they just kill Derek!' and yet his death is very subtly done. The main thing is the grieving by John and Sarah which gives the death meaning. So many shows would skip over this part or present it as an out of character moment, both deal with it in there usual hard man way refusing to cry, you can even see John sort of struggling and he even admits it. Other stand out moments involved Weaver and Ellison, when she told him off for saying she didn't care about Savannah as much as John-Henry, I literally felt a chill from her reaction. Also John-Henry and his story of whether he was Cain or Able, and the Internet messaging to Savannah at school and the teacher's reaction.

    One of the odd but extremely effective choices was at the end of the episode. When John-Henry and Savavannah sing 'Donald where's your troosers' and make it seem haunting I was truly amazed. I don't think I've ever heard the full song as well so that was kinda nice.

    Terminator has been a great series even though it drags, with cancellation possibly looming this penultimate episode makes me hope that a renewal may happen. This prepares me for the last episode nicely, which I hear is absolutely great.