Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 22

Born to Run

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2009 on FOX

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  • OMG - so great!

    I just finished S2, and I really can't believe that they cancelled that show! What an incredible season final! And how great whould have been a season three? Bring it back, it's not too late!!!
  • Brilliant, sad, hopeful, amazing. those are only a few words I could think of.. breathtaking finale!

    The finale to season 2 was more than I could have ever imagined! It left my jaw on the floor. I cannot believe FOX would end this show! This show has been a breathe of fresh air for me and I can't think of anything better than it's imminent return!

    Please help see to it that the show returns. I recently found this website (about 2 or 3 days ago) http://www.savethescc.com. News updates state that SyFy (aka SciFi) and another channel are looking at buying it and continuing the series. Let's hope and do everything we can to help. Side note: Only one story has ever given me the same feeling that the finale gave me. Final Fantasy 7. That may sound weird to you but I remember the feeling...so many mixed together. The feeling of sadness and desperation, and then soothed with the sensation of hope and wonder. Very emotional, very intense. BRAVO!
  • I just got finished watching this series online - TSCC and I must say that it

    is one of the best series I have ever seen. Great show, great acting, good action, great story line, etc. And the ending to this final show - OMG What an ending! There was/is so much to build on here but what happens???? It was canceled a year ago while all these idiotic "reality" show flourish. I don't get it..... Is it true that Fox and the American audience would rather watch some stupid "reality" show, some vile cartoon, some NOT funny sit-com, etc rather than this great show. PLEASE PLEASE let there be a DVD movie to at least wrap up all of the story line.

    i didn't watch the show on TV cause i though how ridiculous it could be, i mean robots?!! and i waste all this time, but now i've finished the whole series and its magnificent.

    i still can't imagine that they've canceled a show that is so brilliant and so amazing like this?!! you know what, dont get you hopes high for Fringe either, i have a feeling they will cancel it too... i hate FOX.

    as for the season 2 finally it was so perfect. Sarah (Lena Headey) was brilliant, Cameron was unbelievably awesome.
    what i did understand from the episode is, remember the creature that was on the sub with Jesse, she said to her 'tell conner i say no' as John asked her to join them, for what? it appears a union between human race and these things to fight skynet. however i think that it wasn't John who asked her, it was Cameron and back then the creature refusing causing no good to both sides.
    the creature goes back in time as Weaver to built John Henry in order to fight skynet, so Weaver asked Cameron to join her, which she accepted i believe because she isn't that strong and deep inside she is made to kill human (as she said to John in the hotel). which means that what Cameron did was the best for humans = best for John. but i still didn't get why she wrote i'm sorry John.

    GREAT EPISODE though, you don't see much series that has good finally, he usually suck, and yet here they cancel it. i hope some other channels will pick it up, TNT or SYFY maybe... thank you for reading i know it came late but i didn't thought the show would be THAT good.
  • Best Series Finale, Ever!

    Well, I'm not happy the show had to end. But if it had to go, this was the way to do it. So many things we as viewers already knew, or guessed, but it's another thing indeed to see the reveals and how the characters deal with them. What drives Cameron and Weaver? They're both clearly much more than programmed machines? Where does the line get drawn between machine and human anyway? Which side of it is everyone on? What do John and Cameron feel for each other? Love? Something else? I guess we'll never know for sure. Here's hoping this story get's continued someday!
  • My hate affair with Fox continues

    After watching this episode, it's clear the writers were onto something after a mid season slump in which the quality was lacking. It's been a while where there has been a massive form revival in a TV series after sub-par episodes and this just proves what all fans will be missing if there was a third season.
    It is an understatement to claim this is the ending it deserved. A lot more action involved and I did like it when Cameron got shot up and we get to see her endoskeleton while the sexual tension between her and John grabs the attention. So many questions were left unanswered like what was going to happen to John in the future and Sarah and Ellison in the present, where is Cromartie/John Henry, what is really going on with Cameron, what is Weaver actually doing to help bring down SkyNet, Miles Dyson's son's disappearance. There is certainly no closure to be gained from this and by cancelling this show, I feel like an addict suffering from withdrawal. In summary, I feel that fans will be felt let down it's gone but savour what was there I say. In the event Hollywood makes another Terminator movie, this TV series will be the last thing that reminds viewers of the franchise's quality in the last decade. We can only hope the head of Fox has an epiphany and green lights a third season. The show's composer, Bear McCreary, asked Josh Friedman (the creator) to explain what would have happened after this episode and was quoted as saying "he told me enough that I know season 3 would have been our best." It's hard to disagree.
  • an avarage and plain episode to a show which had to do way more to avange it's unbelievably bad season.

    it was mostly boring! the only scene that got my attention was the cameron- john scene, which didnt lead to anything we've expected, which might give a fresh sense to "machines and feelings" concept but they just werent brave enough for that.

    the rest was, i dont wanna say bullsht or anything but it was just so ordinary, so unnecessary. cameron going into jail was a low budget re-do of terminator 1's police station scene. there was no epic battle or anything as the episode guide tells, (a plane crushing in from the window is epic? it would be if it attacked with some kind of weapon maybe, instead of acting like a blind bird, or low model cyborgs raiding the building, maybe? that would be an epic war. running down the stairs fast and surprised with a friendly t1000 is not epic.)

    time travel is apperently something that everyone can invent in no time, go back or forward, doesnt matter, it is easy as a piece of cake. naaa. i was expecting a kick ass finale that would avange the show for all those painfully boring episodes and make me beg for a third season but with this kind of, not talentless, but totally clueless writers, i hope fox makes the right decision and doesn't let them contaminate the name of the franchise anymore.
  • Sarah is arrested, Cameron and John break her out, everyone finds out about Weaver, and John travels into the future to find Derek, Kyle, and Allison!

    Can I just say OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! If the series doesn't come back after this episode, then there is no justice in this world. Not only was it an awesome cliffhanger, but we get to see his father and Allison (reminder - the person who Cameron was modeled after). OH MY GOD. This show finally has the possibilty to be truly amazing!! The possibilities that can surface now with John in the future are endless. I would love to see Allison, mainly because Summer Glau is brilliant, and John can hang out with his dad. The episode started kind of slow, but when it sped up, oh my God did it speed up. It blew me away and surpassed a lot of expectations that the show had a hard time getting past before. I really need Fox to let this show live, because they finally hit the ground running and I would be really disappointed to see it go after this episode.
  • Not just another TtSCC Episode!!! This episode was Emmy-worthy. The writing was perfect, the acting great, and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through! Completely pivotal and a must-see for Terminator fans!

    Seriously ... if FOX cancels this show, I'm going to stop watching ALL shows on FOX, stop buying FOX DVDs and Blu-Rays, stop paying to see FOX films in the theater ... I'll start illegally downloading everything because they still make good stuff, LIKE THIS SHOW!!

    In this episode, everything we think we know and everything we wanted to know are thrown upside down and turned backwards, answered in ways we didn't expect, and then a thousand new questions began forming. The term "pivotal" barely describes this episode and how important it is to the series. In my estimation, the first few seasons of a TV show are usually the time when a show needs to build up to it's best work. For most truly great shows, the first season is the worst of all, the second is an improvement, and in the third and fourth seasons, the show truly shines. Some shows mature faster, but I believe this show is right on track.

    Only now that we have become truly invested in the characters and the ongoing saga of the Connors is the show on shaky ground, yet this episode was superb and wonderful. Maybe if FOX treated the show like a property of true worth, and aired it on another night besides Fridays, the show would perform better. On the other hand, other great Sci-Fi shows have shown brightly on Friday nights, so if leaving it scheduled on Fridays is what it takes to keep the show on the air, I'm all for it. Heck, BSG aired for four years of Friday nights with high ratings, the same for Stargate: Atlantis, but five seasons. And the grand daddy of them all, Stargate: SG-1 aired for over eleven seasons with awards and nominations plus several movies and soon to be two successful spin-offs.
  • One of the most amazing hour of television that i have ever seen. Everything about this episode was amazing. Season 3 here we come

    this episode was packed full of action. First Cameron breaks Sarah out of prison in one of the best shootouts seen in this series. Then some random flying thing comes and blows up Zieracorp but Catherine Weaver protects the Connors and Ellison. John and Catherine travel to the future in a bid to find John Henry/ Cameron while Sarah stays behind in the past along with Ellison. The ending however did confuse me a bit with what just happened espically with the time travel stuff but its great to see Derek and Kyle both back and i am pumped for a season 3 which is mainly going to take place in the future.
  • The Connors and the Weaver's finally meet, and everything that we thought we knew about the Terminator series is thrown into question

    Wow... just wow... thats really all I can say about the episode. Okay well, I can say more and I will say more. It was a terrific season finale and really changes everything about the Terminator series.

    I had my suspisions that there was more to Weaver then we were led to believe. As we saw in Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter, a terminator is not neccessarily bound to Skynet and even more surprising was that hey were able to tie that episode into this one. Actually, they really tied a lot of the events that we have seen in the series, some more appearent then others. The last episode ended with Sarah being captured and John and Cameron are left on there own. The cops are still interested in catching John, so naturally Sarah doesn't tell them anything. Instead she confides in the priest from "Samson and Delilah" who sends John a passport to get him out. John of course wants to rescue his mother, which Cameron of course won't let him do. These two have always had some great moments and they did in this episode as well, if not a somewhat creepy way that involved checking for robot breast cancer. Meanwhile, Weaver still wants Ellison to have John see her. John Henry, when not rolling twenties in Dungeons and Dragons, is very interested in meeting Cameron. She forces Ellison into finding him and to relay a message to him, a very similar message to the one said in "Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter". Cameron eventually goes in to the jail and with the help of John Henry leave the jail in ruins and successfully rescue Sarah. Sarah, John and a battered up Cameron then head to Zeira Corp for a showdown with Weaver.

    Here is where things get truely interesting and I warn that if you to watch the episode first before you read it if you don't want it spoiled.

    Weaver and the Connor's do finally meet, but they're meeting is interuptted by one of the drones attacking that were used in "Desert Cantos". Weaver actually is able to save John, Sarah and Ellison from the attack in a very, very cool way. I've never really been crazy about Weaver, but if piercing a Terminators skull with one hand and peircing an electric grid with the other to overload it is not completely awesome, I don't really know what is.

    As it turns out, Weaver has been planning to use John Henry as a counter force to Skynet. By the time they get to the basement, John Henry is gone with Cameron's chip, though it was never truely made clear. We do finally get some closer over those troublesome three dots though. Where did John Henry go? Not to a where, but to a when... But this time, Sarah stays behind and John goes without her.

    John and Weaver arrive in the future at some point after Judgement Day to find where John Henry has run off to. But Weaver appears to have gone somewhere else, leaving John alone. Fortunately, John runs into some resistance fighters, among which are a certain pair of Reese boys, and a young girl from Palmsdale. I got to say, even if this is truely the last hurrah, I am satisifed. I would truely love the series to continue, be it on FOX, Sci Fi, or some other more deadly form. Even if it is truely is the end, they gave us closure, which is far more then other series get. If it returns I will be waiting every week for new episodes. If it does not, well that is life. It gave us 31 episodes, most of which were amazing. When I first heard of a Terminator series, I thought how could they compact the awesomeness of Terminator into hour segments every week. They found a way and the show was ten times better then it had any right to be. If this is the last hurrah, then I'm glad I devoted my time into watching this series from beginning to end.
  • Yes. My response is Pivotal as well. But what I want to say is, Don't End This Way!!! Is this a finale.? C'mon networks... Don't leave us here!

    This episode kept me at the edge of my seat. I really wasn't expecting some of the turn of events. So much is put into perspective, and pieces finally fit in. I'm biting my tongue trying not to reveal all, but the biggest chunk here, is the biggest spoiler. Or is it?
    Will we be seeing a season 3? John finally got his answer to a question he asked, but doesn't even know it. All of our characters seem to be dying off as of last episode, but are they really.? Excellent cliff hanger for a season 3, but a major WTF if there is no season 3.
    Nerve wrecking could also fit for the politics around the series, but not the plot line.
    Gimmie, gimmie gimmie more!!
    I gave this a 10.
  • Wow that was Totally amazing. I cannot wait for season three. This show is one of my favourtie shows to watch. But what confused me was. When John and Catharine Weaver traveled to 2027 They did not know who John Connor was. So what really Happened.

    Yeah This Episode was dope. I can't wait to see Season three. Does anyone know when it is coming out. What I could not understand was why nobody knew who john Connor was in the future. Well I am Happy there is going to be a season 3 This is like one of the coolest shows on tv. I wonder though if something like this could really happen to us one day. That would be really scary. I wonder if I can lead people and become the real John Connor And Start a Resistance and reprogram machines to come back to the past and change things. Only time will tell.
  • BEST T:SCC EVER!!! Don't cancel the show!!!!

    (SPOILERS)ZOMG! BEST TSCC EVER!!! How could they possibly think to cancel this show? A prison break. The romantic connection between Cameron and John. John meets his father. John separated from his mother. The return of Dereck. This episode has to keep the show alive, it was incredible!!!! T-1000 on John's side?!?!? Hell yeah! We need more. With the release of the movie this May and the great season finale, there should definitely be more interest in this show. I've never received a Neilsen rating call in my life! How do they know who's really watching this show? I really really hope we can get at least one more season!
  • A great ending to another spectacular season... Truely hoping it comes back for another season!!

    This episode was excellent. The entire time i was sitting on the edge of my seat, engrossed in every minute. There were many ways the writers could have taken this show but, i think this might have been perfect. As of yet we have not really seen to much of the future past judgement day... i am looking forward to more seasons(Hopefully Fox will take their heads out of their collective asses and see what a truely remarkable show they have!) I am looking forward to seeing what happends next... what will become of "Cameron" and John's relationship and how will Allison be envolved? What is Weaver truely up to? What happened or happens to Sarah Connor and Agent Ellison? I am especially looking forward to the way they will shape John's relationship with Kyle Reese.

    Fox, and really all television networks for that matter, need to start paying attention to how viewers have changed the way they watch TV. Myself for example, i am an advid TV fanatic, however, i don't watch a lot of live TV anymore. I watch most of my favorite shows online or by download onto my computer. I think the fact that many viewers are just like me, need to be taken into account... some of my favorite shows have been cancelled or are in danger of being cancelled because of low viewer ratings but they have a very strong fan base trying to kepp them going(i.e. dollhouse, pushing daisies, chuck, moonlight, jericho...) and yet they still keep reality tv crap on the air and each new season shove more down our throats in mass... An excellent episode to a great season, looking forward to more!

  • Perfect

    Oh my god it was....amazing hope it returns sooner.no way anybody would want to cancel this show after the last episodes and the movie that is coming in summertime.it has all the likes of a super super third series.now that new actors are coming for the rescue of john connor.only issue...dad connor didnt look like a guy that figths cyborgs. seeing connor for a few seconds being human looked cool. also i think she is hooked up with daddy and john wont like that. i hope they dont make a melo out of this. Hoping for the new series to come soon. from all the series i watch; terminator is equal to heroes 24 and smallville. all series like heroes 3rd season 24 this season and smallville 4-5 season had its downs. TERMINATOR can easily go for another 2 seasons
  • This was a great epiosde and season finale. However if this is the series finale, then it was really bad. A lot of new questions where asked. It would be great for a season 3 but as for series final it would be really bad.

    Well this was a great epiosde and season finale. However if this is the series finale, then it was really bad. A lot of new questions where asked and the story line totally changed. It would be great for a season 3 but as for series final it would be really bad. And since there is very little chance of theis great show to come back i think it was bad. Nothing wrong with the episode, that was great but as an ending i am just not very happy at all. I fell like i have seen a movie with no ending.
  • exactly why i love the series.

    oh my god!
    what an episode. First the tension between cameron and john made me nearly crazy... than the ending just blew my mind, and made me scream.

    I cannot remeber the last time a series excited me that much.
    I am so looking forward for season 3.

    They have laid new ground now, so that a third season could work very well. I have to say everything makes so much sense now already.
    Although there are some new questions, I would say that many old questions appear to have more solid ground now, after seeing the last few episodes and especially this finale of season 2.

    I love TSCC!
  • One word - Perfect!

    I would have never in 1000 years guessed that Weaver was on our side. YES, feels good to have T-1000 on the team. Word is going around that Weaver is the bot from the sub which John asked will you join us? So this is the code word for machines to cross to help humans. Looks like that is what happen also between Cameron and John Henry. So Weaver is developing a human sensitive AI, which would make machines help us on their own. Now I understand why Allison was teaching John Henry the Bible and why people's life is secret. Now I understand why Weaver was destroying Skynet, before I thought it was the cover-up. I love Weaver's fighting methods in the parking lot. Amazing episode all around, and now it ends with Weaver and John teleporting into the future, he meets his father and Derek, and human version of Cameron. I cannot wait for the next season. This show will stay strong, as it will gain more audience after the Terminator movie. Guys I'm so glad I watched this series, truly a gem on TV. Transmission ends....
  • Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I don't even know what to say, who the hell was I to doubt Mr Friedman.

    I am so blown away by this episode I barely know what to say. It was stunning absolute perfection.
    If this is to be the series finale it doesn't even matter anymore because that was simply beautiful to watch it was a mind blowing conclusion.

    My mouth was hanging open, literally for the whole of this episode, I don't know I suppose I couldn't foresee a conclusion. A conclusion that would be satisfying on all levels.

    This episode managed to tie everything together that took place over two seasons, fit into the Terminator universe perfectly and even tied into the upcoming Terminator: Salvation movie.

    Have much Jameron can you handle? Because the sexual tension between John and Cameron reached fever pitch in this episode yet there was a significantly optimistic open ended conclusion to that story line too. Who was that at the end? Cameron or Alison Young? It could have been either: an emotive Cameron stroking a dog and smiling or a real girl, it doesn't even matter. The best stories are on ones that let you use your imagination and either way John will have a great relationship with Cameron/Alison in whatever capacity that may be.

    Cameron's jail break could not have been better, as good any Terminator movie. She got completely mangled half of her face was exposed and she was riddled with bullets. She disabled rather than kill the prison officers in true T2 fashion; she may have been designed solely to terminate humans as she said but she didn't do it. I didn't miss the poetry in that. It was her swan song.

    She later confronted John Henry in her final act of courage and appears to have put her chip into him. She lives on somewhere.

    The Weaver situation came to a head, and again in my mind to perfection. The Connors went to meet her and I was thinking this is it, what is she going to do? Is she going to kill them? John said I love you to his mother before they went up to see Weaver. This was significant as it turns out to be their last real moment together.

    Whilst the Connors and Weaver were talking with Ellison acting as escort something becomes visible in the background through the glass window of Weaver's office. It's the Hunter-Killer. The same thing that plagued Sarah when she was in the desert in the fall finale "Earthlings Welcome Here" the same thing that turns out not to be an apparition.
    And it's coming to kill them.
    Weaver tells them to get down and she does something I didn't think she would do she turns into her true liquid metal self and extends herself into a mighty shield to protect the Connors. She is benevolent after all.

    After this the party rush downstairs to the basement. The Connors don't seem surprised to find out Weaver is metal. Ellison is kind of surprised and not surprised. On the way down Weaver tells Sarah that she hopes Cameron has not destroyed John Henry as the future depends on both of their Johns. John Henry and John Connor. Funny before that point I never really thought about them having the same first name.

    Upon arriving in the basement, there was a shock for the party and for me. John Henry's body is gone and Cameron's body remains lifeless.

    The three dots thing was finally solved much to my relief, Sarah notices that the super computer the Turk/John Henry has three flashing red lights on it.

    Some tell tale lightning begins to flash up and I wondered what was going on, it's the time travel device firing up of course. John realises what is going on and begs his mother to come. She declines. Does she have the cancer that will eventually kill her? We don't know but she seems to realise that she has achieved her goal in raising John to be to saviour of the human race at that point. This fully justifies the series title "Sarah Connor Chronicles" I think. Her story and purpose is complete.
    Before John can do anything he, Weaver and Cameron's body are transported to the future.

    This is nearly at the end how now can it possibly conclude? Well it turns out that Cameron's body can't travel though with them. A man with a gun the approaches, John realises he's in the future of course and declares himself to be human. Weaver seems to have disappeared and out of the shadows approaches Derek. OMFG! He doesn't even know who John is he say he's never heard of a John Connor but he's about to be famous because he's wearing his brother's jacket. WTF? John had arrived naked of course and grabbed the first thing he found there and put it on. He turns around and sees Kyle Reece Derek's brother, his father.
    It's the same actor who appeared in Sarah's hallucinations in "The Good Doctor". Good call.

    And Cameron is there.

    John's sudden arrival and no one knowing who he is I believe is a clear nod to the soon to be released Terminator: Salvation movie. From the trailers it looks like the exact same thing happens to Christian Bale's John Connor too.

    Who the hell was I to doubt Friedman? This season/series finale finished to total perfection and like I said I don't even care whether or not the series continues because I am completely satisfied with the ending. It's both open ended yet there is enough there to continued to another season if that were possible.

    I hope word of mouth gets out on this finale and boasts DVD sales during the T4 promotion.

    Fantastic job to everyone involved in this series that was TV greatness.
  • Amazing. Full of feeling and tension and wonder for the future.

    The last two episodes of this season were amazing. Things happened so quickly, so realistically (keeping in mind that this is a world where terminators exist). The acting was superb, the characters showed emotion and fragility in such natural subtlety that you really believed it. I loved the development in the series and the massive changes that happened in these two, maybe even three episodes. It's like the world fell out from beneath them and they managed to survive. Both John and Sarah are characters that keep their emotions pretty tight-locked, and it's nice to see that they are able to break a little and still be completely in-character. Finally, the end of this episode was fantastic. I cant wait to see the next season.
  • Excellent season finale!

    This is a very good series finale, I can't shake the feeling that this is the finale the writers were aiming for and it explains a lot of epsidoes that just dragged because the writers wanted to get to this point. I loved the epsiode although I have a fewissues with it: 1. First, it's obvious that the whole "we don't know who John connor is..." thing is because he jumped to the future, hence he never became the leader he was ment to be. The problem with this is that it"s too much Star Trek type of Alternate Realty which is not the Terminator thing...
    In the movies it looked like going back is very hard and I even think they said that you can't go to the future, there is no going back or something like that. so the TV series is causing here some damage to the frenchise. 2. In the second movie it took the T1000 a lot of effort to try and kill Arni and here it takes 2 seconds...It's just too easy in this TV series to kill terminators. 3. The whole thing with the machins was that they helped when programmed to do so by humans, a living thinking machine like Wheaver is more of a Matrix type machine then it is a Terminaotr one. All we are missing here is a frenchman (from the Matrix...) type machine and that's it, John Connor will be the one...

    4. The TV series takes something out of the whole dark atmosphere of the movies...it's too light. Other then that it was a really good epsiode and of course Summer Galu is the best looking machine on TV after number six in BSG...

    I'm not sure about the whole terminator storyline...don't like because of the above points but I love the actors and the charecters they play so I hope there will be a 3rd season. At the end it's just an enjoyable TV for all of us Sci-FI geeks...
  • FOX. PLEASE DON'T DROP THIS SHOW. Epic, simply epic.

    Words cannot really express how good this episode was. It really started out as being somewhat mediocre, honestly, and for the first 20 mins I was wondering how good of a season finale we were going to get. And OH, did they prove me wrong. Fantastic. Absolutely, superbly fantastic.

    Btw, this review is spoiler filled. Just a heads up.

    So, the first 20 minutes, not so good. Sarah's in prison, has a few unimportant conversations, John has a few unimportant conversations, the priest from this season's first episode comes back for no good reason, and the creepo quiet girl returns as well. Nothing too good. Well. Then Cameron and John get a little...well...close for comfort. I was wowed by that scene. From the moment the writers first started nudging John in Cam's direction, many of us fans have been thinking how in the world John Connor, the John Connor, can be in love with a machine? How, for that matter, is that even appropriate? Thematically, what does that mean? And, oh man, this scene. If you haven't watched it, go now. Because wow. Intense.

    Then Cameron goes and kicks butt to save Sarah from prison. And John Henry releases a bunch of inmates to help(?) her. Well they break free, run down yonder to Weaver's crib, and send Cam to take out John Henry. Well, Weaver reveals herself as shiny and liquidy to the crew to save them from DESTRUCTION by a flying space ship. Ooooh twisty plot device. John Henry goes to the future with Cam's chip. Weird. AND THEN. OH MAN. Weaver claims to by anti-Skynet. AND THEN. Even more oh man. John and Weaver go to the future. Sarah and Ellison stay behind. Obviously, though John doesn't realize that going to the future= no older John in the future....
    And OH MAN. Derek is there. And Kyle is there. John gets emotional, as this is the first time he's seen daddy. And then Cameron is there too. And John looks at her soooo lovingly. It is confirmed. The boy is more than just sexually attracted to the metal. Logically, though, this is probably Allison, and not Cam. On that note, the writers have revealed their ace: John can't be with Cam, as she's metal, but he CAN be with Allison. Hoorah.

    So we have one hell of a cliffie. I can only pray that Fox doesn't cut this show, because it is GOLD. This episode was fantastic. Beyond fantastic. Oh man. WATCH IT.
  • Very intersting episode

    This was a top episode and all the comments regarding continuity of the series with the movies has been quite helpful at getting the whole deal sorted out in my head but there is something that hasnt been spoken about at all that I think needs some theories or explanations...

    Doesn't the idea of John Connor being in the future from now on totally blow the whole plot of T3 out of the water?? Unless of course he time travels back to the past after a few years in the future.... lol

    What do you all think?? A gold star for the best explanation!! ;-)
  • Awesome!! TSCC has to continue!!

    Great season finale. Yeah

    This episode was outstanding, you have to wath it. All of the questions of season were answered, and a lot of new ones appeared. We get everything for a good season finale, great plot, great Terminator action for Cameron, really good scene between John and Cameron. The finale scene was perfect, we can see almost everyone again, it's really touching. Great acting of all the cast members, Thomas Decker, Summer Glau, Lena Heady, Richard T. Jones, Shirley Manson. There has to be a 3rd season, please Fox! This is an amazing show and it deserves to go on!!
  • Wow. Just wow. The last half of this series has been insane, bold, and utterly brilliant.

    I never thought they would take this in such a daring direction, but they did and it was awesome! I really hope there is more because this show is amazing. This episode definitely blew my mind by the end. I sincerely hope they will be renewed for another season. These last few episodes have been a rollercoaster ride, and I mean that in a positive way. The end of the finale although tying up several loose ends definitely opened up a whole new series of questions that has an amazing amount of potential to follow up on. I truly hope FOX gives this show another go, because it is some of the best TV on right now and I want more. Correction. Need more! You can't leave us like this! It's inhumane!
  • WOWW!!! It was just AWESOME. (spoiler)

    I don't where I can begin, Born to Run gave us so much unexpected answers and questions.
    I never thought the "futur" John Connor, head of the rebellion, will just come from the past... It was so great and explain so much about the story line.
    The writters did an awesome work here.

    Also Summer Glau was just perfect. I was about to cry when we understood that she gave her chip to Henri and even more when her body didn't time-travel, but I was so happy when we saw the "original" Cameron in the futur.

    This show also gave us a few more questions, where is Henri?
    Does the T1000 accept to join John Connor?
    How John Connor will become the head of the rebellion?

    This show must go on, there is so much potential. I beg you FOX, please give us a 3rd season!!!
  • Waiting for the Next season

    This episode was a truly massacre to me. I know this was the last one for this season what make me feel real bad. But I hope that this episode wasn't the last one of this amazing show. I'm from Portugal and I don't know if is real the rumors that I Have read in the internet or is just more publicity for the networks to have more share for the latest episode of this season. I hope that son we read something saying that the next ear the show come back to the little screen, such has Summer Glau.
  • Could this episode have been any better? Everything I could've hoped for in a finale from the best show on TV. If it ends here, it'll be the biggest loss since Firefly.

    Could this episode have been any better? Everything I could've hoped for in a finale from the best show on TV. If it ends here, it'll be the biggest loss since Firefly.

    Given that the show ends with characters spread out through time, its hard to imagine how the third season would bring it all back together. How about a spin off show following John with Derek and Cameron (or Allison?) in the future. After Salvation, this is sure to be a success for Fox as well as a hit with the fans.

    If the worst happens and we don't get a future to this show, then surely Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau will go on to big things - both are two of the best actors on TV. I hope it doesn't come to this though as the show deserves a second chance after showing just how good it can be.
  • I agree with everybody. WOW. Niceee cliffhanger, great episode. Hopefully we will get a 3rd season!!

    First of all I loved the episode, it tied some lose ends and gave us new a surprising information and left us with a cliffhanger that will make a lot of us comment in the forum about there future of the show or what it meant for the Terminator Universe.

    Also I would like to say since they are messing with time travel and paradoxes, I prefer this story than the T3 one. Seems even some of the Lost time rules apply here "What happened happened" and "Destiny readjusts accordingly". On T2 they destroyed what coulda been skynet but on T3 the original judgment day had already passed but skynet was built anyway by someone else so JD happened again just years later. Here they seem to apply the same principle and tell us the story of Sarah Connor and their adventures. Who knows what the future holds now that they are separated in time and seems history is not the same anymore or how the movies are gonna turn out to be but I personally enjoyed this season finale.

    Its cool to see many people liked it and comment about it, hopefully we can save a show that gives us good scifi entertainment.
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