Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 6

Dungeons and Dragons

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on FOX
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The stranger fights for his life, lapsing in and out of consciousness, during which he flashes back to his future life battling the machines in 2027. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to explain the past to Charley.

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  • Derek Reese remembers his past, which happens to be the future, and we find out a lot more about him, John, and Cameron.

    When this series was introduced, this episode is what die-hard Terminator fans had in mind. We had the T1 mix between future scenes and modern day. We saw the war being fought on both fronts, and it is great to see what Sarah and John are fighting to avoid in this series. This episode should more accurately be called "Dungeons and Liars." It is revealed that Derek did indeed lie to Sarah when he said he didn't kill Andy Goode. We see John and Sarah lie to Derek about his brother, John's father, and we see Cameron lie to Sarah in swearing to destroy every piece of the machines. Andy Goode's tie to Skynet and the reason for his murder is made clear.

    Absolutely awesome scene near the end between Charley and Cameron, who I think everyone will agree at this point is indeed one very scary robot. She is definitely the most interesting character in the show. The writers will continue to heap suspicion on her, all the way to the final episode, but relax, ulterior and questionable motives, yes, but if Cameron wanted the machines to win, its as easy as strolling over and killing John anytime she wants. Since she hasn't done that, obviously, she IS one of the good guys. Of course, the writers also combat that logic by showing that sometimes the reprogrammed terminators go bad. But going "bad" would involve starting to terminate people, not lying and hiding chips. So obviously Cameron's present actions are still either in answer to future John's agenda, or her own, but either way, they are in John's best interest.

    So altogether I would say this was a great episode with many intriguing parts and seeds sown for the future. On the other hand, I do have some issues. My opinion of this episode is much higher after seeing it a second time. On just one viewing, this is a very difficult episode to follow. There is simply too much info being thrown at you and too much mystery involved. Why were the humans allowed to live? Aren't the machines trying to terminate all the humans? Then they just let a bunch go? And Derek, who was just prisoner of the machines, is allowed to walk right into John's presence mere days afterwards? Isn't that dangerous?

    Also, nothing was ever shown to explain why Derek hates Cameron, other than the obvious fact she is a machine. On the contrary, she is actually shown saving Derek's life, once again. Lastly, a minor point, I never cared for the actor they picked to be Kyle Reese. Looks too young and babyish to me. THAT guy took out Arnold in T1? Get real.moreless
  • This episode has an incoherent narrative, and turns the message of the original films into a joke.

    First off, I have to say that I laughed my throat raw when they introduced the photo of Sarah in the flashback-to-the-future. They keep trying to have throwbacks to the films, as fanservice I guess (or possibly because they're fans themselves), but they're doing it ALL WRONG. In this episode alone, they not only made a joke of the photo of Sarah that Reese carried, they completely ruined the resonance of the "no fate but what we make" line by having Sarah flat-out deny it, as well as turning Reese's intense "it absolutely will not stop" speech into a ho-hum voiceover (also by Sarah).

    Moreover, the episode was a complete mess from a narrative standpoint. They mish-mashed stuff together in no particular order, and the flashbacks-to-the-future didn't have a coherent storyline at all. It would have been much simpler, and a lot more comprehensible, just to have given Derek Reese a little exposition scene about what had happened to him. I also found the flash-future scenes to be tedious & draggy, especially near the beginning, when they had little dialogue.

    Actually, I found the WHOLE episode to be tedious & draggy. The touchy-feely scenes ("You got 'sploded, & I cried into my pillow for weeks!") fell so flat, and just... were awkward. And Sarah congratulating her son for taking a chance that "worked out" (by bringing Charlie to care for Derek) is sort of counting their chickens. I mean, there're a million ways that could still get screwed up. At least Lena Headey is getting better with her American accent. I wasn't jolted out of the show by any obviously British pronunciations this episode.

    The only scene I actually liked was Cameron & Charlie Dixon talking in the garage, even if Charlie is a Larry Stu. I find it interesting that robot is the most layered & emotionally complex character. I mean, she is essentially helping them commit a genocide of her kind.

    What also bugged me like crazy was that they tried to ominously imply that Cameron was about to smother Derek with a pillow. WITH A PILLOW. She's a frickin' Terminator! Her BARE HANDS would be more efficient! And what really goads me is that they would never, ever put a pillow into the hands of a buff, male Terminator as any kind of implied threat. You better show some respect to your characters, if you want the audience to.moreless
  • About future and past

    I think this episode really answered many questions but also opened so many not known secrets what we want to know now.

    First the flash forwards.. what for that man was his past.. and how he recalls how life was then.. on the future, where robots have taken over.. and yes, Andy was behind it all.

    I did like the way that future storyline showed us all those freedom figthers.. what they are fighting for.. giving so much more depth to the story.

    And now.. Charlie and Sarah.. and the whole explain what is going on thing.. to take it all and realize that it has all been set before and they are just pieces trying to fight against their place in bigger plan.. to save the world. Stunning. And the way Cameron manages to be weird and scary.. that still surprised me.moreless
  • Good episode

    Not as good as the previous episodes from this brand new series in my honest opinion.

    Personally, for myself, I thought that it was hard to follow, well for me anyway. I dont know if that was down to me not concentrating and watching the episode under full attention or whether it was badly written.

    But dont let me get you wrong, this episode definately wasnt bad, it was great in my opinion, but I hope they dont continue to confuse people like me too much more in future episodes.

    Episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me, was definately another great episode.moreless
  • Flashbacks show Derek's life before coming back and John must decide whether to tell him the truth about Kyle.

    For the first time in the series, through Derek's eyes, we see the 'history of the future': Two years before Kyle came back, Derek and Kyle in the tunnels, Kyle carrying Sarah's picture. Kyle never questions why John gave him her photo and even Derek comments on it.

    During his delirium, Derek starts ranting at John about where he sent Kyle, Derek didn't know about the time machine then or Kyle's mission which is how he doesn't know that Sarah knew him. And to top it off, he's met Cameron before. She saved his life when one of the reprogrammed Terminators went 'bad', kind of alarming to know that can happen. Especially when Cameron didn't destroy the chip.

    We now know the suspicions about Andy were well founded, Derek knew him in the future and Andy admitted building Skynet. Problem is there were 10 scientists involved, Andy was only one of them. The rest are still out there.

    Still having the Terminator's body, it's easy to show Charlie the truth, but it'll be a while before he can accept it. Great scene with Cameron as she destroys the Terminator, he doesn't have a clue what he's involved in. He's never stopped loving her and all she can do is destroy him, which is why she left in the first place.

    We finally see the infamous time machine and Derek prepares his team to go back. When one asks how they'll 'fix' it, Derek nods coldly at Andy. He knew then – stop the scientists, stop Skynet. Great scene.

    John puts Derek's mind to rest about Kyle's fate but doesn't tell him they're family. Derek lied – he did kill Andy. But doesn't change the fact that someone took the Turk.

    Great scenes of the future, filling in the gaps in the future and the grand plan.moreless
Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson

Kyle Reese

Guest Star

Brendan Hines

Brendan Hines

Andy Goode

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Edoardo Ballerini

Edoardo Ballerini


Guest Star

Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green

Derek Reese

Recurring Role

Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Charley Dixon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The picture mentioned in the last episode is shown, as is the aftermath of the attack (depicted in the first Terminator movie) that damaged it. The picture itself differs from its cinematic counterpart in that it includes a mountain range in the background whereas the original depicted a gas station.

    • The Terminator in the future-house has rubber-skin. This is a reference to the original Terminator movie in which Kyle Reese mentions that the "old" 600-series were easy to spot due to rubber skin.

    • Cameron states that if any piece of the fallen Terminator's endo-skeleton were found it could change the course of history. It was this very thing that led to the death of Myles Dyson in Terminator 2 when his company began research on the remnant arm and processor of the first enemy Terminator, an event that was believed to have led to Skynet's creation and the original Judgment Day.

    • When Charley talks to Cameron and asks her what she is, she answers "Cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton." This is a direct reference to all three motion-pictures. Arnold Schwarzenegger's character is described as "living tissue over metal endoskeleton" in Terminator (by Kyle Reese) and in Terminator 2 (by the T-800 Model 101). In Terminator 3 a very upset John Connor swears "You ****ing robot!", to which the T-850 answers "Cybernetic organism." The term is usually contracted to "Cyborg", and refers not only to robotic creations like the Terminators but also to humans with highly advanced prosthetics, e.g. "The Bionic Woman", due to the advanced computers controlling the prosthetics.

    • Sarah's closing narration, outlining how a terminator can not be deterred from its mission, was indeed said by Kyle to Sarah in the first Terminator movie. Kyle did say, "the terminator is out there," rather than, "the machine is out there," but after all those years, Sarah can surely be forgiven for not getting it verbatim.

    • Goof: If Sarah's blood-type is O-negative, then it is impossible for her to have a son that is AB-negative. Assuming that Kyle was AB-negative like Derek, then John could only be A- or B-negative; not even O-negative. Also, either John or Sarah should have been able to give Derek her blood, as she is a near universal donor, Derek is a near universal acceptor and they all have the same Rh factor.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Sarah: (voice-over) On the night we first met, John's father, Kyle Reese, told me words I remember to this day. He meant them as a warning. I think of them as words to live by. He told me of an apocalypse yet to come. Like a Pandora's Box, he unpacked every horror, every evil, every dark thing that haunts our future. He also left me an unborn son, to whom he bequeathed what remained in the box after the nightmares fled: hope.

    • Wisher: Did he escape? Was he a hero?
      Derek Reese: I heard he led John Connor through a slaughterhouse without taking a pinprick.
      Wisher: Oh, no no no. I heard it was two slaughterhouses, and that he, uh, carried Connor.
      Kyle Reese: It was one slaughter house ... many Connors.

    • (In the future, underground during a Centaur patrol aboveground, Kyle pulls out a picture of Sarah.)
      Kyle: What?
      Derek: I hate that thing.
      Kyle: It's just a picture
      Derek: It's Connor's mother. I don't get why he'd give you that.
      Kyle: She's my lucky charm.
      Derek: That's what makes me nervous.

    • Charley: (to Sarah) Eight years, that's how long I've been in LA. Eight years since my fiancée ran out on me. Eight years since the FBI informed me that she was a homicidal, paranoid schizophrenic, with an acute dislike for anything mechanical. For what it's worth, I didn't believe them. Then you blew yourself up.

    • John: And what information do you have about Kyle Reese?
      Cameron: Imprisoned at Century Sector work camp with John Connor, 2015. Escaped with John Connor, 2021. He was officially declared MIA in 2027 after being assigned to protect Sarah Conner from a Skynet attack.
      John: Is that all?
      Cameron: Seems like a lot.
      John: It is.

    • Sarah: I didn't want to leave you. I didn't have a choice.
      Charley: A gun to your head?
      Sarah: More like in my head. It's, um .... it's complicated.

    • Charley: (seeing the remains of a terminator) So ... Skynet. Robots. From the future. (looks at Cameron) And you're a ...
      : Yes, I'm a ...
      Sarah: You need a ...
      Charley: A minute?
      Sarah: I was gonna say a drink.
      : Oh, yeah, that too.

    • John: Are you mad at me for, gettin' ya mixed up in all this?
      : Uh ... no. I, I just, I get, I ... I guess I wish, I would have known back then. I wish you coulda trusted me.
      : I did.

    • John: (about Kyle and Derek) Did they look alike?
      Sarah: A little bit, yeah. Same build, same complexion. Not the eyes, though. Even when your father was screaming about the machines ... he had such kind eyes.

    • Charley: Hey. You could have told me.
      Sarah: Would you have believed me?
      (Charley doesn't answer.)

    • Charley: Hey, i-is that really necessary? It's dead, right? Or powered off, whatever?
      Cameron: Every component must be destroyed beyond repair or recovery. Even a single unaccounted for piece of the endoskeleton could alter the course of technological evolution. And hasten the arrival of Judgment Day.
      Charley: You know, little girl? You freak me the hell out. On the outside, you're just as pretty as a picture. But on the inside, you're a—
      Cameron: Hyper-alloy combat chassis.
      Charley: Is that a complicated way of saying 'robot'?
      Cameron: Cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.
      Charley: Okay. Scary robot. And here you are, carving up this guy into chum.
      Cameron: He's not a guy. He's a scary robot.
      Charley: Okay, he's a scary robot? You? You're a very scary robot.

    • Sarah: (to Cameron) I know what you're thinking. I may not know how you think, but I know what you're thinking about. And what you're thinking about right now is exactly what you should not think about. I didn't leave Charley because he was a threat to me or John. We're a threat to him.

    • Charley: What was that thing that you always said? There is no fate but what we make. Remember?
      : The more I think about it, the more I realize my fate was made before we met. When John was born.

    • Derek: We can save Kyle. We can save everybody. We can fix all the mistakes.

    • John: Kyle Reese, your brother, he came across time to protect me. He died fighting the machines. He was a soldier, and he was… (sighs) He was a hero. He was a hero.

    • Sarah Connor: (voice-over) Listen, Kyle said. Listen and understand. The machine is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever. Until you are dead.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Star Richard T. Jones (Agent James Ellison) and recurring guest star Dean Winters  (Charley Dixon) were given "And" billing for their appearances, or nonappearance in the case of Jones. Recurring guest star Brian Austin Green (Derek Reese) was given "With" billing for his appearance.

    • Although credited, Richard T. Jones (Agent Ellison) did not appear in the episode. This is not only the first time Jones does not appear, it is also the first time any of the regular cast does not appear.

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Josh Friedman (Developed for Television by), Jill Danton (Produced by), James Cameron (Based on Characters Created by), Gale Anne Hurd (Based on Characters Created by), Zane/Pillsbury (Casting by), Robert Hall (Special Make-Up Effects Created by), Almost Human Inc. (Special Make-Up Effects Created by), Fotokem (Film Processing by), Zoic Studios (Visual Effects by), Jim Lima (Visual Consultant), Panavision (Cameras by)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: March 25th, 2008 on Channel 9
      United Kingdom: March 27th, 2008 on Virgin 1
      Russia: April 11th, 2008 on Ren-TV
      India: April 15th, 2008 on Zee Cafe
      Sweden: June 2nd, 2008 on TV3
      Denmark: June 13th, 2008 on TV3
      Czech Republic: August 7th, 2008 on Prima
      Norway: September 29th, 2008 on TVNorge
      Poland: December 4th, 2008 on TVP1
      Finland: December 15th, 2008 on Sub
      Slovakia: July 22nd, 2010 on Markiza


    • Title:
      Dungeons & Dragons is the name of a "pencil & paper" role-playing game invented in 1974. Created by Gary Gygax, it is estimated more than 20 million people worldwide have play D&D, or its successor, Advanced D&D. The game could generally be credited with instituting the modern structure of role-playing games. Gygax passed away March 4, 2008.

    • Billy Wisher: Andy Goode's alias in 2027 - (William) "Billy" Wisher - is an allusion to William Wisher, co-writer of Terminator 2: Judgement Day as well as a contributor to the script for The Terminator.

    • Charley: What was that thing that you always said? There is no fate but what we make.
      This line is found in all Terminator movies. Kyle Reese memorized it before he was sent to protect Sarah in the first movie. In the second movie, Sarah carves "NO FATE" into a picnic table after dreaming about Judgment Day. In the third movie, it's carved into Sarah's grave site in a mausoleum. In this episode, she tells Charley that she lives by that phrase.

    • Charley: There's a storm coming.
      In the final scene of the first Terminator movie, a little boy tells Sarah that there's a storm coming. The boy (and Charley) refer to the weather, but in the movie Sarah answers "I know," in reference to the impending Judgment Day.