Eileen's "I'm a waitress" comment

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    As Sarah is infiltrating the barn towards the end of "Earthlings Welcome Here", she is listening to the recording in which Eileen says they don't know her secret and that she is actually a waitress. Is it implying he/she was never an MIT grad or any of the things Allen Park was supposed to be? I also noticed that part was playng after Sarah exited her truck so are we to assume she didn't hear that part?

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    My take is Alan was always a trangendered person who was never brave enough to just live as a woman until he had his great job and so on taken away from him and needed a change of personna. It follows up on the conversation outside the trailer (which is posted on the episode quotes). Not everyone agrees! See my forum on Alan/Eileen for contrary views.
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    What I took from the comment '*laughing* I'm a waitress' was that it was an homage to Sarah. I'll dosclose this by saying that I am probably not as avid a fan as some on here, and haven't closely studied the episode, this is just what I took from it. Just before that final scene when Sarah was speaking with Eileen she mentiones that she used to be a waitress, and that they killed her too. In previous episodes I'm sure at times Sarah has defaulted, when asked her profession to saying she is a waitress. obviously there is the basics that it's not like many people believe her warrior story/laying low etc. but I think what is being gotten at is that and even if they did, how would you define what Sarah has had to become... underneath all the action and circumstance, that's all she really is, her identity before all of the Terminator history. I'm sure this has also come up at least once while attempting to muster up 'civilian' types as soldiers, fans would obviously know what i'm talking about. It seemed to me that it is becoming a strong metaphor for the simple woman still hidden inside Sarah (when you write it out like that it sounds really sappy... but it's not like I wrote the script, and undoubtedly there is storyline openning up around Sarah's struggle with keeping her game face/strength to fight) and yet despite this humble beginning she is now pretty much a super hero with all that she has done so far. Back to Eileen, well lets talk about a character with identity crisis. What seemed to be very clear from the dialogue is that while undoubtedly Eileen/Alan is not a person afraid to take action, they are someone who cannot define or express their identity very well. After connecting with Sarah and seeing her for the strong, yet identity challanged person that she is, Eileen took on Sarah's 'secret identity' as homage and metaphor, for all that is too much to explain. she is everything and nothing, if you will (I'm sure there is a famous quote structured around that idea). On top of all of this is of course the fact that even if Eileen wanted to, there is only so much she can divulge to the hypnotherapist. There's Doctor-Patient confidentiality, and then there is Skynet/(I've forgotten the name of Alan's company.... blank...) interrigation.... also making it a good code word. (for those of you who may have had a hunch, I'm a rather bored psych/journalism 3rd year, so for the drawn out response I apologize hopefully it'll make some sense...
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