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I think the next show will be called "Terminator : The resistance chronicle

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    I think this issue depends on who made Cameron. Most people say Skynet, but why would a Skynet terminator (in the pilot) but unable to identify her model? Maybe she is a new prototype, and programmed from a real person. That would explain why the glitches made her believe and behave like Allison. Maybe that was happening in that scene where Derek and other resistance members were captured and kept in that weird mansion. Maybe they were being used to program cyborgs. Maybe I'm nuts?
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    Those are some good points, but programming explains all of them.

    1. Cameron "cried." So what? she has tear ducts, doesn't she? She was damaged in her chip, so her electric impulses went nuts and she reverted to doing what she does best; imitate human behavior.

    2. Cameron didn't kill the guards. If I recall, john had taught her to do her best to help others, and both he and sarah had taught her that they were openly against unneccesary killing. She's being a good little robot and listening to her boss, just like Arnie did in T2.

    3. Cameron "didn't know what to do(with Rielly)." Well, every machine can hit a brick wall when faced with an impossible situation; on the one hand, John didn't want Rielly dead, and on the other, Rielly was a threat. So does she obey John(as her mission says), or try to protect John(as her mission says)? It's not neccesarilly active consideration, it's just a dead end situation where the only answer is do nothing.

    you can program a machine to imitate emotion. You can program a machine to imitate free-will. But's it not really free-will, because the machine is just doing what it was programmed to.
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