Is it time to say goodbye?

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    So i know it's been cancled but lots of fans stood up! Is there any chance at all that Terminator might be save? Or is there no hope? I need to know so if anyone knows for sure... LET ME KNOW!

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    Nobody of us can know for sure, but I think a continuation of the TSCC universe is very unlikely.
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    I know that a lot of people are saying that the finale was fitting and that it allows the series to act as a prelude for the third film ( which I have not seen) and so on and so forth, but my question is : does it really have to be just that? I mean come on people this is movies and tv shows we're talking about which means that ANYTHING can happen. As far as I am concerned they could have let the show continue and they could even have gone in a completely different direction with it than what happens in the 3rd film. This is exactely why people watch tv shows and movies - the series and films can feature the same characters but surely different things can happen. If someone is a huge fan of the films and they just want the series to fill the cap between II and III then that's great. BUT there are people out there, at least I don't think I'm the only one, who are not that crazy about the films but who are completely nuts about the series.

    From where I'm sitting they could continue the series and, if they keep the quality the same, I would buy every season. Seasons 1 and 2 can form part of the film trilogy but they CAN continue the series seperately as well - I do not care how 'unrealistic' and idea this is because that is the beauty of the entertainment industry: IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REALISTIC. I would buy only the series dvds and the story would make perfect sense, someone else would buy the films and only the first 2 seasons of the series and that story would make perfect sense, and I am positive that there would even be people out there who would be able to buy everyting and distinguish between the two plot lines without getting confused at all (sorry for the sarcasm here but it couldn't be avoided)

    I'm just plain sick and tired of great shows being cancelled.

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