O/T - "The Tozzernator" Terminator/BTTF parody

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    Hey folks! Just thought I'd pop by and spread the word about the Tozzer web comic, which I co-create. We poke our satirical fingers at pretty much every target in Hollywood, and right now we've got a very Terminator-style story going on.

    The current storyline starts here: http://www.drunkduck.com/Tozzer/index.php?p=496480

    A deadly robot known as "The Tozzernator" has been sent back to the eighties, to assassinate the movie star Ben Affleck, before he can launch his movie career. Our young heroes, Tozzer, Rod and Hornie, must travel back in time, locate the Tozzernator, and make sure it succeeds. Or at least, that's how their mission begins...

    I hope you folks enjoy the comic. Updated every Sunday.



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