Official Discussion Thread - To the Lighthouse (possible spoilers)

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    rayray_25 wrote:
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    m00nshadow wrote:
    Here are a few new observations I had about the latest episode: At the beginning, John can't get any reception on the car radio. Obviously, in hindsight, this is because the transmitter in Sarah's breast is interfering. A second one was Mr. Merch's statement, "You don't fool John Henry twice." This foreshadows Cameron's fake short circuit. You don't fool Cameron twice, either. Is John Henry Cameron's precursor? Third was Cameron's "You're welcome" to Derek. She was, in fact, continuing the conversation they were having when their car tire was shot out. Derek had just told her she did the right thing by telling him about Jesse's miscarriage, and then said, "Thank you." Then the tire goes, and it isn't until Cameron takes off the blindfold that she's free to continue.

    Good call on the radio reception detail.

    Regarding "You don't fool John Henry twice", if we follow the obvious plot device that John Henry becomes SkyNet, then I guess technically he is Cameron's precursor AND progenitor.

    With respect to Cameron's "You're welcome," it's indeed a continuation of the conversation in the van, but also a little joke about the fact that Cameron just saved Derek's life and he didn't say thank you.

    One detail that bothers me a little is that Sarah felt the lump in her breast but otherwise had no clue whatsoever it had been implanted. If Ed Winston had indeed implanted the transmitter, did he have the (Star Trek) technology that allowed him to insert it without any visible incision or the SUDDEN lump she discovered (which would have been painful to the touch if it had been surgically inserted)??? I really don't think she was in that van long enough for the transmitter to be implanted and the incision to heal without any visible outer scar.

    Well, maybe the transmitter was very, very small. I seem to remember that when Sarah realized it was a transmitter there was a brief flashback and it involved a needle. Maybe the bad guys have a transmitter tiny enough that it can be injected anywhere and does not necesitate surgery.

    The wire showed up on an ultrasound. That means it was not microscopic.

    A needle insertion would leave a surface mark, wouldn't it? Shove even a thin piano wire into your body and see if it doesn't hurt.

    I would think that Sarah has been injured and patched up enough to be suspicious about a lump she just happens to feel in the same spot she has a needle mark??

    I guess you could say that she was busy..
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    I really liked this episode. I went back and rewatched the first 2 terminators.

    I think Weaver is so mysterious. I dont know what ther angle is. I dont think John Henry is Skynet. I kinda think weaver is the t-1000 found in the submarine. I think there is another faction of machines that dont want to exterminate the humans. Weaver is there to make sure her "good" skynet is born. I think Skynet tried to access john Henry.

    I hope they dont cancel this show, but its not looking good.

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