question about "allison from palmdale" (spoilers!)

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    there's something i didn't quite get and maybe it's a stupid question ... . why did cameron remember allison's pain and fear and what happened to her before they first met from allison's point of view? was there part of allison's memory fed into cameron's system?
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    This is for sure one interesting question. As well as why her chip was suddendly able to let her completely act like a real human being with the whole range of emotions and feelings for that time. So it seems, that under some circumstances, this machine can at least seem to be completely human. Emotionally, Cameron is much more emotionally limited than Allison. Maybe the personality of Allison slowly becomes a part of Cameron making her more and more human-like?
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    It appears that Cameron was programmed to observe and mimic human emotion. This may be part of her particular model or an extension of learning function. This is so they can blend in and complete their mission. The units study the actual person and using the mannerisms they observe as well as the information on basic human emotion they can mimic that emotion.

    Cameron remembered the real Allison's fear from her time interrogating her and when her chip malfunctioned her programming tapped into that ability to mimic and she came to believe that she was human.

    It actually brings philosophical question into the manner. Cameron is wires and circuits but when she did not remember that she was a robot, she displayed fear and joy and those feelings were real to her at the time. But just because she was really a robot does that automatically mean that those emotions were not real or valid. If we as people found that what we knew was false or wrong, does that automatically mean that what we felt at all times before is no longer real. The feelings were real to us even if we no longer see it that way. Cameron felt those emotions even if it was really her processor interpreting things.

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