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Season 2 full episodes available online in Canada?

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    [1]Dec 1, 2008
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    It's probably be asked, but since CTV dropped the show, it no longer carries full episodes online.

    If someone could pm me any legitimate site where I can find these episodes, I would appreciate it.

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    [2]Jan 26, 2009
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    Terminator has been picked up but some new crappy Canadian station called A channel. they have a half-assed website with little to no info on the show, and no video at all. No idea how this fly-by-night channel got this show, they must have spent all the money they had and done some nasty favors to get it. anyway, there is currently no way to watch it in Canada online from a legitimate site. Probably end up with a virus or malware if u try the other sites so be warned.

    No big surprise here, American networks don't care about the Canadian markets and will sell a show to anyone who has the $$ even if they cant support the community that has been built up online. Send mail to FOX and complain about this, since I've been sending mail to A channel and they don't seem to care.


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