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Terminator Salvation

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    azyber1 wrote:
    What do you guys think of the new movie? I thought it was great!

    Absolutely horrible, useless movie... a complete waste of film. What was the purpose of this film except for total destruction? What story was being told here? Who wrote this piece of garbage?

    There was no character-drivenplot to this film, not real theme, no real storyline to follow. None of it made any real sense at all.

    Just like T-3, it was just another cheapened cash-in on the Terminator franchise.

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    There's only two ways of looking at this film:

    1) It was a horrible, terrible, awful piece of crap that should have been aborted at conception. Why? Because it contained every BAD thing about "summer blockbusters" (action action action, no plot, nothing making sense, no character/plot/thematic development), there was no reason to care about any of the characters at any time, the movie proved itself inherently illogical many times (i.e. - we're shown how the "Terminator motorcycles" see everything in an "ultra slo-mo" point of view, thus allowing them to swerve, flatten, jump, reverse, anything it takes to avoid obstacles and reach its target. Then JC wants one, so he strings some wire across the damn road and THAT trips up the motorcycle? Not the shower of rubble or the falling vehicles, but a wire it could have "detected" a mile away and jumped over or flattened itself under or just gone around or whatever. And then JC turns a couple of screws and PRESTO! - a bike that isn't a bike but a type of terminator that would have NO REASON AT ALL to allow itself to be modified so that someone could ride it [not to mention it wouldn't have "controls" like start, stop, gas, brake because that would be like an Arnie Terminator having those same functions - it wouldn't need them so it wouldn't have them!!!] ), all in all the worst movie to have come out BY FAR in Summer 2009 (and it had A LOT of competition). I mean, how desperate do you have to be to be Warner Brothers and go, "OK guys, um, this whole T4 thing - nobody's watching it! We have to come up with a plan to save it NOW!" "Oh, sir, I have an idea - why don't we take the 1.9 seconds of Arnie footage that we morphed into the movie, turn that into a commercial, and maybe convince some idiots that Arnie is really in the movie!?!?" "Gdmn my boy, that's BRILLIANT! Let's get on that right now.

    (Of course, you DO have to love the irony that WB were going to make this the first "must buy on Blu-Ray if you want to see the Director's Cut" movie... and they chickened out at the total, absolute LAST SECOND!! New movies are usually shipped to sale and rental outlets 3-7 days before the sale date; T4: The Director's Cut on DVD was shipped to stores THE DAY that the movie came out for sale! Talk about chickening out at the last second!!)

    2) It was a horrible, terrible, awful piece of crap that should have been aborted at conception. Why? Because "McG and the writing posse" have obviously never come into ANYTHING even remotely "Terminator" related, except for a picture of a naked Arnie, and a picture of a "skinless" Terminator from the first film. Because other than that, NOTHING that occurs in this film relates back to the "rules/timelines/characters/etc." of previous Terminator films. But instead of going minute by minute and pointing out every single inconsistency in T4 (such as, "If nobody knows who started this war, as explained by Kyle Reese in T1, how was it possible that a gdmn UN Summit was scrambled together on a fully functional nuclear submarine if nobody knows who to trust??", or "If there is no record ANYWHERE IN EXISTENCE even before Judgment Day of Kyle Reese being John Connor's father, how did it suddenly become a set-in-cement fact amongst EVERY brand and model of Terminator not only WHO Kyle is, but WHY he's such an A-1 prime target?? Remember - they didn't even know who Sarah Connor was in T1 because "most of the records were destroyed in the war", and there WERE no records at ANY point in time saying Kyle Reese was JC's father, so how, exactly, did Skynet figure this out??"), I'm merely going to point out the mother of all inconsistencies in T4.

    Everybody knows that the one thing that you CANNOT survive is getting grabbed by a Terminator that wants to kill you. They're the toughest things on earth, they can punch through anything, all that good stuff. And yet what do we have (several) examples of in this film? HUMANS GETTING INTO F'IN FIST FIGHTSWITH TERMINATORS!!! Say WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!? Sure, why not have them grabbing STARS FROM OUTER SPACE AND USING THEM AS WEAPONS?!?!?! Jezzus, getting punched by a Terminator and getting up without so much as a bruise or a missing head - even if the rest of the film would have been the T4 equivalent of "Citizen Kane", this idiocy would have dug the film's grave.

    What a moronic movie. I don't care if they do an entire REBOOT for the next Terminator film, just please please please PLEEEEAZE don't let it have anything to do with this mess (or T3).

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