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    If you didn't already know, Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles is not justifying it's budget. There are rumors that there will not be a third season.
    The problem, as you may know, is that it is on Friday night, and that means fewer live watchers, and more DVRs, Tivos, and other recordings of the show, which unfortunately do not count for advertisement revenue statistics.
    According to, about 3.6 million viewers are watching the show live on average(numbers which once exceeded 7 million on Monday nights), but there are still some 7-10 million people watching when you include the recordings, which is really good, especially for a Friday show.

    So, there are three ways I can see to save this show:

    1- Everyone watch the show live. Forget your DVRs and recording devices, and just endure the commercial breaks. Do it for the sake of the show. Unfortunately, this option is a grassroots type operation that is unrealistic and hard to coordinate. But if we all do our part it may help.

    2- Switch to a different network, which would be pretty happy to have 3-4 million live viewers on a Friday evening. FOX is just too big and powerful to have such low viewer numbers. But, if we all wrote to FOX and tried to get them to negotiate the tradeoff, the series might have a chance. (This option is also a long-shot and honestly unlikely, but it would be better than cancellation.)

    3- Cut the budget! So it's averaging some 3.65 million viewers a week isn't justifying some guns, liquid metal effects and occasional future-flashes? Then just cut back, Fox! Sure we will all lose some of what we all love about the show(i.e-the mindless violence), but a good writer can insert more drama and emotion into the blank spaces.

    I want to point out to people that "HOUSE" is only averaging just over 4 million viewers a week. But is anyone talking about closing IT'S future? No- they aren't, because it is too iconic of a show to get rid of right now. Dollhouse averages about the same as T:SCC, but WE get the shaft. It doesn't have to be that way. We can still try to fight for this.

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