Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 4

Heavy Metal

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

At the offices of a plastic surgeon, Cromartie forces the doctor to do reconstructive surgery. Back at the safe house, Cameron tells Sarah and John she thinks Cromartie is still active and looking for them. Sarah is skeptical, but Cameron shows them a close-up of the news story about their arrival. They see Cromartie's head in the background. Cameron believes he needs repair and will attempt to hijack a shipment of Coltan (an important metal in their endoskeleton).

At the docks, a group of men loads the Coltan into a truck. Cameron and Sarah enter the warehouse to get a closer look. A man enters and spots Sarah. As he draws his weapon, Cameron sneaks up behind him and throws him across the room. The truck begins to leave and Sarah spots the actual dock workers tied up and gagged.

Sarah and Cameron follow the truck to another warehouse where the men transfer the Coltan to a different truck. Cameron identifies the leader as a Terminator, but it is not Cromartie.

Agent Ellison arrives at the plastic surgeon's office He finds the doctor dead and traces of the synthetic blood found at the other crime scenes in the sink. The video surveillance shows Cromartie leaving two days later with a new face. The secretary recognizes the face as that of George Lazlo.

At the warehouse, John wants to stop the truck. Sarah and Cameron believe it is too dangerous and not worth the risk. As Sarah and Cameron get in the Jeep, John sneaks back into the warehouse and into the truck. While they watch John from the window, one of the Terminator's human collaborators sees Sarah and Cameron. Sarah approaches the man and claims they are looking for their dog, then knocks him out. They go back to the window to check on John, but the truck has already left.

On the truck, John hides out of sight from the guard. Sarah and Cameron track John's phone, but it falls and breaks which severs the connection. The noise draws the guard to the back, forcing John to defend himself. He knocks out the guard with a piece of Coltan. John picks the lock on the door but is unable to reach the last.

Agent Ellison interrogates George Lazlo about the murders and asks for a blood sample. At the warehouse, Sarah and John are also interrogating one of the Terminator's men. Cameron convinces him to take them to the truck. Back at Lazlo's apartment, Ellison has gone. Lazlo answers a knock on his door. It is Cromartie, whose face now matches Lazlo's. Cromartie kills Lazlo and assumes his identity.

The truck arrives at its destination, a bunker at an abandoned Air Force Base, and the drivers open the door. They assume that the guard abandoned them, and go to tell the Terminator. Once the scene is clear, John leaves the truck and hides. At FBI headquarters, Ellison briefs his bosses on George Lazlo. They dismiss his conclusions when the blood sample is not a match.

John watches the Terminator kill his men and close the blast door to the bunker. He then goes into standby mode. Sarah and Cameron arrive at the bunker. Cameron recognizes it and says she was created here. The Terminator is stockpiling Coltan for after Judgment Day.

Inside, the guard who has regained consciousness discovers John. John tells him that his boss killed his friends. The guard approaches the Terminator, which reactivates it. The Terminator kills him and returns to standby mode. John discovers a phone and calls Sarah. Cameron says he has 15 seconds before the Terminator reboots after the door opens. John gets the key from around the Terminator's neck and opens the door. Cameron tosses the Terminator across the room. John and Sarah get into the truck and begin to leave, but the Terminator stops them. Sarah shoots him and he falls under the truck. Cameron locks the Terminator in the bunker and they depart.

Agent Ellison revisits George Lazlo, unaware he has been replaced by the Cromartie lookalike in the meantime. Ellison tells "Lazlo" that he believes someone is trying to steal his identity.

Cameron drives the truck off a cliff to dispose of the Coltan, but secretly keeps a large piece for herself.

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