Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 4

Heavy Metal

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2008 on FOX

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  • This was ace.

    This episode was one of the best it was action packed dramatic and even funny. Yes funny when the guy was left in the room with Cameron HAHA Cameron seems to be one of the funny characters i love her nickname Tin Miss. IN the episode John really had some bravery and Sarah was devastated when her son was taken away while Cam played it cool like always. The show has really become one of my faves and I know except much more from the show in The UK 's we are on the 6th episode right now and it's just great i love this show.
  • Deciding to hunt down Cromartie rather than running, Sarah, John and Cameron inadvertently run into another terminator with his own directive from Skynet.

    Heavy Metal represented a solid but simple narrative that had a quicker pace than its immediate predecessors while actually slowing down the story arc as the quest to stop Skynet is actually put on hold and less is revealed about the central characters.

    Cromartie has fully acquired his human identity now, and his meeting with Ellison foretells of more climactic meetings in the future. The main story revolves around the three core characters, of course. Cameron, now catching undeserved scorn from Sarah and John alike, despite the fact that this episode will mark at least the fourth time she has saved their lives, explains in somewhat unconvincing fashion that Cromartie has indeed followed them through time and that he would logically, I guess, be after this coltan delivery. Even though Sarah had already agreed to stop running just 3 episodes ago, John has to convince her again. Having done so, they make their way to a warehouse where a crew is apparently commandeering the coltan. After Cameron spots one of the men as being another terminator, not Cromartie, it only makes sense that they back off, since Cromartie was their mission. Unfortunately, the future leader of mankind does not agree with that logic, and showing his rebellious nature but again, he makes a break for it once Sarah and Cameron have their backs conveniently turned. His somewhat logical mission is simply to put his cellphone in the cargo so that they can track its movements. Of course, he can't accomplish this without getting locked in with the cargo and ultimately a bunch of armed men and one terminator. The rest of the episode is a rescue mission, complicated by John apparently having the most fragile cellphone ever made. Ultimately, John, of course, is rescued through his own grit and Cameron, of course.

    Sarah and Cameron mostly have no growth here. Cameron reveals she knows a lot about future John while Sarah realizes to some extent she has to let John go, but these are things already suggested in prior episodes. We do get to see some growth in John, as he is more proactively taking control of his future and showing some of the courage he's going to need, but this is slow growth, for sure. By bringing in another time traveling terminator, the line between the present and the future continues to blur. Eventually, Skynet has to know that too many machines sent into the past could impact the future in ways even it can't calculate.

    Personally, I found this a solid and entertaining episode, mostly thanks to the actors, but I believe nothing was advanced enough here to warrant the departure from the ultimate mission- stopping Skynet. Frankly, only Cromartie's arc was advanced. Basically, what I am saying is that this is kind of a throw out episode for me and more harm than good might have been accomplished by introducing yet another terminator, even one we'll never see again. If Skynet can send so many machines into the past, then why is only ONE, Cromartie, after John? And if all of them killed as many people as just Cromartie has in the last 4 episodes, then who knows how the future would be impacted.
    I loved the scene where Sarah left the captured henchman with Cameron. I also loved Cameron's made for TV disposal of the truck. I didn't love John's attitude towards Cameron already in this episode. We see here what would be pretty much the norm throughout the series- John holding an illogical resentment of Cameron. If my toaster saved my life with as much regularity, I would treat it better. We all know the writers are just trying to mask John's feelings for his terminator protector, but it doesn't reflect well on John.
  • John Connor tries to be a man but ends up acting dumb again

    I just hope we get the real writers back, or get some writers with brains because they way the john connor character is written is just annoying me to no end. Really get rid of these lame writers because john connor is supposed to be the savior of the human race, he better start acting like it. How can this be our hero when he's written as such a dumbass? Oh please! Even sarah is starting to annoy me. If she is so tough and smart, when john starts back talking, why doesn't he get his ass smacked? This is survival isn't it? The part When he jumps in the truck and can't drive is just stupid. The part that he argue with sarah that they should stop running and climbs through the windows to face a terminator is just stupid. The part where the terminator is standing still and needs to reboot is stupid. No other terminator has ever had to do that. How the hell does this loser save us? Do these writer know what the heck they are writing about? They don't seem to have a clue on this subject matter. The drama is so fake it's making me ill. This show is starting to me me say wtf a lot. I don't know how much longer I can take. I loved the first and second terminator, but since then this franchise has just sucked! please don't ruin this franchise any longer and do this storyline the justice it deserves and start writing intteligently. who approves these stupid storylines anyway?
  • Excellent episode. Very much on the edge of your seat.

    I thought this was the 2nd best episode of the series after the pilot. It keeps building since series started. This had many on the edge of your seat moments that you were not sure what was going to happen. The climax of being stuck on the truck, then facing the T Bot guarding the door.... had to take a chance on getting his key to open door was closest he came to facing T's. The sub plot of the Feds trying to track man with stolen identity and murders also came face to face with main T-bot. Nice Job
  • What an exciting episode

    That one was exciting - first the whole thing between mother and son - they just cannot talk and that's the way it is in real life too. So something nowadays feeling in very futuristic show. And the mission - the whole thing with heavy metal and the risk John decides to take and when his phone is broken.. the despair the mother feels and how Cameron in her version thinks she knows. The words she says.. can there be words to describe mother's pain and fear of losing her child? So i think many of those thinking moments but action too.. and what kind of action..
  • Wow! Best episode yet...

    This was episode is Terminator at it's best. It's what all fans like about the franchise. The scene where John Connor has to open the door and take the keys off Carter's neck was so exciting I was on e the edge of my seat. The episode was full of action and suspence. It was the best episode of the series so far it was very, very exciting. Cameron does some funny things and has some funny lines she is great. I can't wait to see the next episode the show is so addictive. Heavy Metal gets a well deserved 9.5 out of 10.
  • Cromartie is on the move...

    Coltan is being taken by a different Terminator. John wants to stop him. He does the stupid thing and disobeys his mother which leads him into being in the Coltan truck with an armed man. Sarah and Cameron follow John using the tracking device on his phone and they get to him on time. John has to take on numerous tasks which involve him being brave like getting a key off the other Terminator to free himself. An exciting fight between the terminator and Cameron happens and then all is well. Cromartie on the other hand is killing people one by one to get to his " desired look ". Awesome episode. Things are really starting to accelerate. Favorite character from this episode : Cameron !!! You have to admit that she rocks :)
  • John has the opportunity to prove he is truly the hero he's made out to be.

    The Terminator has the new skin but not the face and seeks out a plastic surgeon to correct it. Cromartie kills the actor he resembles and takes his place, very clever since the guy has been cleared and the cops have no reason to talk to him again.

    John, just like Sarah, is educating himself in science and again displays a marked increase in intelligence over Sarah, understanding topics that she doesn't. He still blames Cameron for Jordon's death and is openly hostile to her. She picks up a news story and announces that the Terminator – Cromartie - is here and is probably rebuilding itself as we speak. Sarah wants to run and Cameron agrees but John wants to stay and fight. Sarah – always vulnerable to John's will – agrees to try to destroy the Terminator. But someone steals the shipment of coltan and they discover a second Terminator – one who hires humans and is clearly not on a search-and-destroy mission. John, who is becoming increasingly impatient for the coming war, wants to attack the mystery Terminator without finding out what it's up to.

    John may be a great military leader – in the future – but here he's still a teenage boy, who must bow to his formidable mother's will. "If you die, they win." John makes an excellent point – stealing the coltan can be for one reason: to build more machines. They don't have the technology to build actual Terminators now, but there's still endless options of what they *can* build. Not surprisingly, John rebels. His rash actions lead to him being trapped inside the truck and his idea about using the phone to track the truck fails miserably as it is damaged when it falls from its improvised perch. John, in an impressive display of quick thinking, uses the moment as a diversion, taking out the guard inside the truck with him.

    Sarah blames herself for 'losing' John but Cameron makes an excellent point: John's future starts in four years, if Sarah doesn't give him some space, she's stunting his growth into the man he needs to become. Finding the warehouse, Cameron suddenly informs Sarah that this warehouse will be used to build Terminators (where she herself was made), couldn't she have mentioned this before? That John was right and that was why the coltan was taken? To be stockpiled until after Judgement Day. The Terminator – Carter – hid the coltan then shuts down, mission complete. John unfortunately is stuck with the guy from the truck who is severely lacking in intelligence or survival instincts and manages to reactivate Carter. Once the door is open and John is reunited with his mother and Cameron, they are able to steal the coltan back and trap Carter inside the bunker.

    Driving the coltan truck off a cliff, plunging it into the sea, she has removed the very coltan used in her own creation, thus she will never be. Gotta love those time-paradoxes. As John pointed out, that coltan would be used to create 'enemy soldiers', by Cameron's calculation, 530 of them, who just got removed from the coming war. A definite win. Despite the terrifying moments for Sarah, faced with the loss of her only, incredibly important, child, he did well and proved himself. Sarah must face what all parents must – that sooner or later, the child must grow up. Sarah is alarmed by John's actions but Cameron states that they are normal from her point of view, proving that Sarah – no matter how she loves him – doesn't truly know what he will become. For John, what he did today must be the first real proof that he is capable of being the hero everyone tells him he will one day be. The shaking hands are a natural reaction, but despite the physical reaction, he knows he did the right thing, even if it meant defying his extremely overprotective mother. It can't be easy for John to – temporarily – be in the shadow of these two powerful women, he wants to prove himself.

    A fascinating look at the mechanics of the future and John's personal growth, every day making him more of the man he will one day be.
  • Possibly the worst episode of the series. John's drunk with delusions of grandeur and sets off to be all heroic. All he does is get into trouble. It does set the stage for better action later in the series, but this one's nothing special.

    There are things I liked, Cameron saving a piece of Coltan for herself, the monologue by Sarah at the very end of the episode about creators and creations, and the awful joke about Cameron being dense.

    The episode is riddled with impossibilities that we are suppose to ignore. A more realistic episode would have help. And less of John being EMO about that girl's death would have been nice.

    When Sarah gets locked in the warehouse and immediately struggles with the door, the guards didn't notice? Then when Cameron opens the door, the guards are gone? It happened that quickly?

    When Carter goes to his destination, he has to pass through a military checkpoint to get to the depot. Sarah and Cameron are suppose to get around that? What happened to the guys that went missing? You'd think someone would come looking for them.

    Ellison's case doesn't make sense on all sorts of level. Even with hyperbaeric oxygen chamber, the healing still wouldn't happen in 2 days. Human skin doesn't heal that quickly.

    After Cameron runs into the fallout shelter and hits Carter, he later has to rip through a chain linked fence. How did Carter get over there? Did he get tossed that far and sail that high? Then Carter in his military boots pushes the truck that John is driving backwards. No boots in the world could accomplish something like that.
  • great episode

    John, Sarah and Cameron hunt down a terminator to a secret warehouse. They find a terminator, but not the one they were looking for. They find out that this terminator hired a crew of humans to work for him. It turns out that they are building an army of terminators that will be activated on judgment day. It's a really cool episode, the writers came up with another cool storyline to tell the story. I really enjoyed watching this one. I'm so excited with the next one. Introducing new terminator characters really help with the plot, it makes the show much more exciting to watch.
  • best episode so far

    the gang find out cromartie (i found out the robots name! yay!) is still alive. also, after cromartie got the skin, he got plastic surgery (cos he looked a little like the elephant man). John goes to place a mobile on the trucvk woith cargo for skynet(or something) and he gets seperated from cameron and sarah. sarah and cameron kidnap a worker and leave him on a minefield. lol! jo0hn calls sarah as cromartie is just standing there. john opens the door, gets in the truck, and with sarah and camerons help, he runs over cromartie and locks him in the fallout shelter.
  • John Connor in the making...

    Another exciting episode with Terminator combat, heroes, and government involvement. The FBI is beginning to realize that maybe Connor's mania is not mania at all but rather the most frightening truth possible. John shows the fortitude and wisdom that he'll need to have later. He may a bit reckless but at least he doesn't lack courage. Sarah and Cameron continue to prove that women have as much oomph in their punches as the next one. Sidenote: It was a bit confusing but, as a viewer, I'll just push the confusion away. Skynet originally sent someone back to kill Connor. I guess they saw that it didn't work and instead began to now send Terminator's back to also stockpile metal. Wait, does this mean that the human resistance is not only gaining on them but perhaps overtaking them and they need the extra stockpile to fight or was this all part of the original timeline anyway? I just push it aside. It won't ever be clear. Time travel never is.
  • Review

    While searching for some stolen cargo, John becomes separated from Sarah and Cameron. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison's murder investigation leads him to a surprising suspect. I liked this epsiode the best so far because they didn't try to do too much with it. One of the weaknesses of episode 2 was the fact that they just threw way too much at us in a single sitting. I have watched the movies, just nto enough to know everything about the things they expect us to know. This episode was broken up into the two key fundalmentals that this show has going for it - the FBI investigation team and the Connors/Cameron. I thought that both were at there best in this episode with John getting seperated from the group. I thought the ending 15 minutes with John alone with the terminator in the room was very exciting. You obviosly know that he makes it out alive - but have no idea how at the time. I also thought that the investigation was another great part to this story, as the man the terminator takes over gives his blood test and is killed a moment later. The story is flowing right now and I really like that. I hear only good things about the next episode, cannot wait to get some time to watch it.
  • Another Terminator?

    this episode has the ree come upon another terminator when they chase after some stolen carge. I like the series so far. I was impressed with the performance by summer Gleu. I like the name, but I love her performance. the three battle another Terminator as he's guarding somethiong that could lead to the end of the world in a few years. I likke this epsidoe. I really like it a lot. One of the reason why I watch the show every Monday night. what choice do I have? the writers' strike is still on and there's not much to do.
  • An improvement on the first two episodes

    I find it hard to believe that to date that this series has gotten such a high rating the first two episodes were no more than a very poor version of Terminator Two, the second two have been an improvement but have a long way to go to even compare to the original two Terminator Movies.

    In this episode the young John Connor stows away on board a truck that has a terminator stock piling metals to build future terminators after judgement day, it wasn't that bad a story line but gets ruined by previous stupidity such as when John Connor who doesn't know how to drive jumps into the drivers side of the truck in attempt to drive the truck at a critical point and his mother who knows how to drive jumps into the passenger side - you get all the usually gears getting stuck etc.
  • & so were a couple of episodes in, & what have we decided....

    Now I know that everyone was going to hold the series up to T2 levels of expectence, but I personally was looking forward to seeing [A] How they worked on the story [B] Seeing Summer Glau playing a terminator!

    Now I know there are plot holes all over the place; Heads making it through jump-holes, dead body's changing position, & did they run out of matirials while making Cameron's modal!? She's not exactly the largest of Terminators, & I know that can be put down to model numbers (808/800/888 etc) but still:


    I didnt even notice the previous stated mistakes, untill reading about them, as I was enjoying the action-packed fun-fest that the Terminator movies were, before being pulled apart & examined on so many levels!!

    My advice: Dim the lights, grab some food & drink, turn the volume up, sit back & enjoy the ride! :o)
  • John becomes separated from sarah while investigating a stolen shipment of metal.

    It was nice to see john finally being apart of the action.It's understandable why he's fustrated about running all the time and not being allowed to go on the offensive.He feels like he's not in control of his own life. For the first time, john finally takes initiative and handles the situation that he gets placed in very well.

    Sarah also got a wake up call in this episode.She finally realizes that she can't keep john out of thease dangerous situations and even worse, she now knows that john can handle himself so there isn't a reason why he can't be taken out of the fight anymore.

    The terminator vs. terminator fight scene was awesome.

    overall it was a great episode.
  • Average, but finally: I liked it!

    The first 3 episodes was sooo boring for me. Nothing happaned, and Cameron is very irritating.
    From a normal schoolgirl, she became the stupedest machine... It just doesnt make any sense...
    But now, the plot was better. The FBI agent founded the new look of the Terminator. After that, the original one has been killed. :D Of course. I liked the whole skynet factory, where they will make the robots! I liked the standby mode too.
    I dont like all these emotional lines: You cant do this, you cant do that because you are too young...bla bla...
    I hope soon John and Cameron will grow up. ;)
  • A capable transitional episode

    Based on the shorter episode order as a mid-season series, not accounting for the writers' strike, this is probably the last of the introductory episodes, leading towards events sure to complicate the story even more and pay off some of the development plot points from the premiere. Some plot threads more forward, but generally speaking, this is simply a transitional episode.

    Sarah, John, and Cameron discover that Cromartie, the terminator that was actively hunting down John in the pilot, has also leapt forward into late 2007. Sarah wants to run and hide, but John is more inclined to stand and fight. Cameron, of course, is willing to do either, so long as John is protected. This becomes the central drama for the episode: whether or not John is ready to start learning how to fight his eventual enemy.

    John has already shown himself to be reckless, and that doesn't change in this episode. On the other hand, it's a little convenient that Sarah and Cameron were both stupid enough to turn their backs on him when he was clearly not listening to better judgment. Even if Sarah couldn't develop better tactics for the situation, Cameron's experience could have been more applicable.

    The series is still new, trying to find its feet, so certain character issues still remain. Sarah is definitely not the hardened warrior woman of "Terminator 2". While she displays much of the will, she lacks some of the strategic thinking; perhaps 2 years of somewhat domesticated life left her somewhat complacent, even if her survival instincts remained intact. John is fairly close to where he ought to be at this point, but too many of the basic lessons of survival still seem to be elusive, which is hard to believe. Both of them should be pressing Cameron for information, and it seems insane that they would overlook the most advantageous aspect of having a "friendly" terminator around on a long-term basis.

    Following up on the idea that terminators have been seeded through time to pave the way for Judgment Day is a great idea, however, as is the secondary focus on Agent Ellison's search for the truth. He is rapidly becoming the wild card in the currently status quo. One can imagine Ellison learning enough about the terminators to throw in with Sarah by the time they meet again. Of course, that's only fun if the process is more complicated and contentious than it sounds.

    I like how the writers are juggling several long-term plot threads with relative ease. Even if the characters themselves still need some adjustment, the overall premise is coming together. I hope they continue to work elements of the resistance and SkyNet into the "present" and point towards the long-range plans of SkyNet and its developers. As entertaining as episodes like this might be, they should eventually add up to something a lot more interesting.
  • erm...so what happened? john got to show he could do things on his own? did anything actually interesting happen in this episode? apart from a rubbish terminator vs terminator fight?

    Maybe i just expected to much for this series but i just seem not interested in this after this episode. To me it just slow to get going into any story and then the story that it tells doesnt go anywhere. Trying to find any positives from this episode is hard, i suppose it had at least some action in the form of a 30 sec terminator fight which just involved pushing really. Thats about it, i realise the show is only 4 episodes in but i just wish it would establish what its going to be and then run with it. Hopefully the next episodes will start to find some decent plot and get the series off and running
  • This was a great episode, the action is back this episode was way better than the previous two.

    This was an episode that is more among the lines of what we've seen in the pilot. After the latest two pseudo-filler episodes this was needed. The Connors learn that they could not simply live a "normal" life because still the Terminators are chasing them, so John decides to swith to attack mode, assuming that Cromartie will be disabled.

    One of the things that I really liked about this episode is that John is starting to act more like a hero an less than a stupid teenager. Not completely though, since he disregarded Sarah's and Cameron's suggestion to back off and plan, but still it was good to seem him nocking someone down.

    We also can see some more Terminator fights, wich is something I expect to see often. This time they didn't engaged the Terminator how actually came to kill them all, but another one with a different mission. This one was stockpilling stuff to build an army after judgment day. I liked that, I see were the show goes, disabling Skynet's attempts to have a stronger possition when the war starts. Also I think that the show will deal greatly with the storyline of stopping Skynet once and for all, but I don't think that's possible, we should have to wait and see.

    I found silly that they've let the Terminator locked and moved on, how hard could it be for a future built killing cyborg to hotwire a faulty lock from the 60s? Maybe that was all they could do for the time being and we will see this Terminator again.
  • Doubtful that a 1950s bomb shelter is strong enough to contain a T-800.

    I'm able to put aside John's relatively inexplicable actions in this episode--(1) diving into the middle of the enemy lair, already well-aware of this as probable suicide (having lived through a fair amount of terminator-style ruthlessness the last few years), and (2) running away from the shelter door toward the truck, instead of away from what until moments earlier he thought might be his tomb. But he's a teenager, so alright, we can accept he'll act stupidly. The T-800 though, he's a little more predictable. Are we expected to think he'll just power down, even though his mission has been thwarted? Maybe not in a matter of minutes, but surely it wouldn't take him too long to break through a few feet of ancient concrete and cast metal.
  • Great episode. This one has it all, action, suspense, drama. Only part I didn't like was that they didn't show Cameron interrogating the enemy prisoner.

    Looks like they are taking the show in the right direction. They had a good amount of action, even though they kinda saved it toward the end. Guess that is what you have to do in a TV series, fill the non action scenes with drama and suspense.

    They did a good job with that. They are dragging the first terminator getting human skin back. However, they are keeping it interesting, and hopefully building it up to a good battle.
    Also the scenes of John trying to escape from a fall out shelter with a Terminator on stand-by mode was brilliantly done. Kept the suspense up, and my heart was pounding with anticipation the whole time, like a good scary movie. Only thing that was kinda bull crap was when Sarah and Cameron were interrogating the henchman, and Sarah says, "You can go if you get past her", they then cut to the scene of him driving to the location. They could have atleast shown a few seconds of him getting the crap beat out of him or something. Hopefully it will make the deleted scenes on the DVD release.

    Also the part of the Terminator holding the truck from driving forward wasn't very believable and could have been done alittle better

    Overall, it was a great episode that really shows John's character on how he is not only accepting his destiny, but trying to take charge and change things, unlike the John Connor in Terminator 3.