Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2008 on FOX

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  • very good beginning.

    i haven't see the terminator movies in years, i just recently watched this first season and liked it so much that i felt i needed to go back and watch the movies... and so i just got done watching the first 2 terminator movies (which this pilot follows after) and now starting to rewatch the first season again.

    upon first viewing with the terminator films a distant memory the first season was good, but after viewing the movies it is alot better i think... they did a really good job of transitioning the story after the second terminator movie.

    i would highly recommend anyone who is starting their journey into this series to go back and watch the first 2 terminator films as a warm up.. although not essential, even without ever seeing those movies it is still great and reveals enough info to follow the storylines.

    the soundtrack in this episode (and throughout the series) is amazing! constantly i found myself drifting into the story as if it was a dream because i was being lulled by the sounds like falling into a trance... hard to explain but it really brings you into the series with such an amazing score. (i wear headphones so that maybe has more of an impact then without headphones.. especially a pair of headphones with a soundstage like the ones i have athad700)

    if you watch this pilot and you're not pumped up to get into the rest of the series and go on the journey then you must not have a pulse.
  • Two years after T2 Sarah feels the need to move on again.

    The show starts out with a terminator killing John and Sarah begging him to kill her aswell. Then Sarah wakes up, and know they have to move on again. John takes this rather as he does not want to change school. The new start does not go off so well as a terminator soon finds them and the hunt is on. I like the mother son chemistry. Lena and Thomas make for a touching pair that I gladly will follow. The story is exiting and I like both the reason for, and the way the story is moved to the present day.

    Finally Im happy to see Summer Glau on the screen again, as Im a big fan since Firefly, and she does not disapoint.

    All in all a good pilot to a good show that I look forward to follow for a long time.
  • The start of something great...

    I've just recently starting watching the series for the first time (thanks to www.thewb.com) and the pilot did not disappoint. As a fan of the Terminator franchise (imagine my excitement when I realized this is an alternate timeline from the mess that was Terminator 3), this series is a worthy installment to the franchise and despite the fact that this series met a tragic end, I'm still exciting to see what's in store for the next 2 seasons.

    Lena Headey does an admirable job of stepping into the big shoes Linda Hamilton once wore in T1 and T2. Sarah Connor is one of my favorite movie heroines and Lena Headey nails the role, without having to do a Lind Hamilton impersonation. Thomas Dekker as John Connor = BRILLIANT CASTING CHOICE. This is a John Connor that is likeable, believable, and human. Nick Stahl's John Connor in T3 was hard to root for and Christian Bale's John Connor in T4 lacks the humanity that Dekker brings to the role. As for Summer Glau as Cameron, it's nice to see a new protector for John OTHER than the "Governator" and she perfectly adds a human side to Cameron while completely reminding us that under that beautiful facade, she's (or it, if you prefer) is a machine.

    The pilot successfully tells a fresh and compelling story and introduced characters that we can care about (Sarah, John, and Cameron) as well as characters we love to hate (Cromartie). If the series continues to be this good, then I'm beyond pumped.
  • This is easily one of the best episodes of the entire series, which it needed to be since it was the first. Understandably, it operated with a bigger budget and had a faster pace than what would come to characterize a mostly drama/character-based series.

    The main accomplishment of the pilot was the introduction of the three characters that would be the heart of the series: Sarah, John and Cameron, with some important auxiliary characters thrown in as well- Charley, Ellison and Cromartie.
    Unlike other series where the actors often start slow, needing to settle into their characters, the greatest strength of TSCC is shown right from the pilot episode- the tremendous casting. Lena Headey is on par with Linda Hamilton in T1. She is not as physical as Linda from T2, but she brings a more human, more thoughtful and yet still tough Sarah Connor to the screen. Thomas Dekker is fabulous as a constantly conflicted 16 year old John. He is realistic and imminently likable. Summer Glau practically steals the show as the mysterious female terminator who seems equally built to protect John and steal his heart. Her character alone, her secrets, her motivations, and her future relationship with John are all intriguing enough to bring viewers back to watch.
    Lastly, only by watching it a 2nd time is it possible to catch that John's first scene shows him waking up on his bed with Sarah sitting over him. John is unhappy with her habit of doing that. This is repeated in the very last episode of the series, except this time Cameron is the one sitting over him. John wakes up and tells her how his mother always did that and he hated it. Does this symbolize a cycle completed? John has now passed from Sarah's protection to Cameron's?
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Decent cast and great protagonists but stereotyped secondary characters, some rotten cheesy Terminator scenes, good visual effects but disappointing action, intriguing and twisted but predictable story

    I recently found a F* word parody of the show funny enough to check out its pilot. So far I had decided to ignore it even if I'm a fan of the Terminator franchise. Indeed I thought the cast wasn't convincing enough and worried that the story would turn into a bad episodic B-production. Now that I've seen it I'm not disappointed that I changed my mind because it was an entertaining popcorn experience. Indeed even if it's not as dark and fascinating as the first two films there were plenty of elements to appeal the demanding viewer.

    First even if I still think the cast is questionable at least it definitely has potential. I found the mother and son relationship between Sarah and John Connor quite inspiring, as much as in Judgment Day. However Lena Headey is no Linda Hamilton and she almost looks like a fragile model. But of course you can't be objective when comparing anyone to such an icon like Hamilton. She was so strong and charismatic in her role ! Headey is too beautiful and obviously trained mentally for the role because her attitude is fierce but she's not physically convincing. As for Thomas Dekker I found his portrayal of John less annoying than the pesky actor from Terminator 2 but it didn't prevent him from growing on me so I have no doubt the same should happen with Dekker. In fact the process can only be smoothed thanks to the third member of the gang : Cameron. She's a pretty young woman played by Summer Glau who gets caught in the whole Connor maelstrom. As expected her performance was good and there was something quite enigmatic about her behavior.

    As for the other characters we have the usual agent obsessed to catch his prey. The first scene he was featured in was obviously staged to make us hate him and I found such a technique pathetic. What a lazy way to develop him ! Why didn't they decide to leave it to the audience ? An other issue was the Terminator. You should really miss Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick ! The actor's primal appearance was ridiculous and his only line just plain dumb. Let's also not forget his brainless attitude towards the authorities ! The visual effects were alright but the action wasn't well choreographed and it was nothing like in Terminator 2 where the T-1000 was just mind blowing and scary. So don't expect to jaw drop before it. However it wasn't a complete disaster because our three heroes saved the day and helped to forget about these annoying and silly decisions. Seriously what were they thinking ? Some scenes are as different as night and day.

    One thing I really enjoyed was the obvious references to the previous installments. From the road trip with Sarah's voice off at the beginning to the numerous elements directly borrowed from T2 the long time fans can only applaud. Some might think that it's a lazy way to exploit a franchise but I consider it was a smart move because it binded the show to the cult films we all know and love. Of course some twists were obvious and the action was quite predictable in general but it should be intense enough to captivate you until the end. And the good thing is that it's actually only the beginning of their epic journey because the story was exciting at times and what happened at the end should intrigue you enough to make you want for more. But I really hope the cheesy Terminator won't be back ! However let's not forget that Brian Austin Green is featured from the third episode and considering how his performance as John Corben was astonishing in Smallville's Metallo it should be the only excuse you need to become a chronicler. More wounded flesh and sexy bones ! More shiny metal and twinkling red eyes !
  • One year after the events of Terminator 2: Judgement Day sarah decides it's time to move on. It's to dangerous to stay in one place for to long.

    I decided to right this review because I decided I wanted to right a review on every episode from the first season and to raise my level. The reason I give this episode a nine point five is because it is well written and deftly plotted, now as for the acting all of the acting is good if not great which really makes a show good. It has great visual effects from such things as time traveling to blow up buildings to Terminator versus Terminator fights. And now, I am just improvising so just a couple more words and... Done!
  • This is the pilot episode and therefore is designed to be informative and tell you who all the characters are, such as Sarah and John Connor and the reprogrammed terminator, not too mention how the series ties into the sequence of movies.

    After being in the same place for 2 years, Sarah thinks they are getting complacent, but in moving them expose themselves to the FBI agent, tasked with tracking her down, not to mention a terminator with a mission of wipping out all of the core components of the resistance to the skynet program. But when Sarah's boyfriend goes to report her as a missing person, to the police, this draws the attention of the terminator on their trail.

    They have now settled into their new location, John is enrolled in school and its his first day, Sarah is putting the finishing touches to their new house. At school, John gets chatted up badly by a loner without a personality with the name of Cameron. Back at home John and Sarah exchange their days happenings. The following day at school, there is a substitute teacher taking the class, but when gets to JOhns name in the rollcall, takes a gun out from his leg and starts shooting at John, who escapes them all by jumping out of the window.

    The terminating teacher then jumps out of the window, and continues to fire at John, he turns over a school bus, in order to get elevation and find John easier and of course try to shoot him. He gets a perfect change, the terminator is drawing his weapon and preparing to fire, only to be hit by a pick up truck.

    The reprogrammed terminator, as we discover is the classmate Cameron, gets john in the truck and they speed away. In the meantime, Sarah has gone to the school because the episode is being broadcasted on the local news channels, she is doing a recce of the school and trying to get info when she gets caught by the terminator. Who then impersonates her when John calls her cell, saying that they will come and pick her up from the house.

    At the house, the two terminators trash everything as the fight, using all things in order to gain an advantage, ie. a wall or a floor etc. Cameron gets the better and they flee to a disused warehouse, where they are able to get supplies and stay safe over the night, not to mention getting patched up so they are as good as new.

    The following day the plan of action is to head of to see the Dyson clan in LA, to ascretain who was trying to carry out Dysons late husbands work. Only to have the terminator pick up their trail and nearly catch them there. But for the borrowing of a truck, they avoid capture.

    The terminator tells them of a plan, so they head off to a bank, take the security guards gun, gets a teller to lock them in the vault, obviously the police and all agencies are informed. The three of them then open a variety of safety deposit boxes, then putting all the equipment together and making a time machine to put them forward in time in order to prevent skynet from becoming.
  • Sarah Connor is protecting her soon from a possible new attack of terminators or maybe Skynet. They are living with one boy. When he asks Sarah to marry, they go and hide again.

    This episode is worst than I thought it to be. I waited to see an episode full of action, and instead I've found a chapter that tells an story I know, and changes completely what I thought John Connor's life was. I thought he was in peace since then till the beginning of Terminator 3, but with this series you see it's not as you thought it to be. The characters of the series... I think some of them are so ridiculous, as the girl John knows in the college and saves him when he is found by a terminator. Is she who has to protect him?
  • Ah Terminator a classic franchise that hit the big screen in 1984 and then came back for a sequel in the 90s A franchise that had massive sucess all around the world. But does the The Sarah Connor Chronicles deserve the honour to bear the Terminator name?

    The Pilot, usually the pivotal episode of a series the episode that introduces a show's basic storylines and most of the time gives a impression that is always remembered. In The Sarah Connor Chronciles the Pilot gives one of the best impressions of a pilot I have ever seen. The show begins with a meaningful monologue from Sarah Connor played but the great Lena Headley. This introduces the tone and mood of the show. The episode plays out nicely and just proves what a waste Terminator 3 was to the franchise. One of the great parts about this episode is that the pacing is great and the episode flows perfectly. The action sequence in the show is incredible for a television show but like everyshow their is always a flaw. The 'flaw' in the pilot is when Cromartie brings out the lame comment of "class dismissed" This was not needed and started to remind me of Terminator 3 "shudders" and the incerdible strength of the couch that bullets couldnt go though. All that aside this was a great first impression for a new show that does deserve to bear the Terminator name. So Far.
  • Connor...Sarah Connor...

    Like many who have tuned in, I loved the Terminator movies. I even liked the last one. This show picks up after the second. Though there are some inconsistencies, in terms of dates, and the lack of a connection with the 3rd (purposefully done so), this looks like a great addition to tv. The Connors decide to run when relationships get to deep and the one they left behind, dear Charlie contacts the police for help. They, in turn, get a ring from the FBI who now want information on the the Connors. In the meantime, Sarah and John run from a terminator, are saved by a "good" one, and make their way for a new life back in good ole LA...except now its 2007 and not 1999. Sarah is portrayed as a woman who's afraid for not just her life but really that of her son, of society's sons and daugthers. This fear gives her the courage to fight, to survive, and to ensure the survival of her son. Cameron pulls off the stoic, powerful terminator well. Dekker as John...I like it. It seems a better fit for him than the love interest of a certain indestructable teen. The show holds a lot of promise.
  • The start of something old.

    Terminator. I don't think there's a whole lot of people in the world that wouldn't know what the Terminator is. The movies were iconic. The following stupendous. It's actually a bit amazing that they didn't create a series out of the institution before now. However, we can all be grateful that someone decided to do it. The show is well written and the characters are complex and inviting. Summer Glau does an exceptional job as Cameron, John's robotic bodyguard. Her ability to be quirky and inhuman is really enthralling. I find John's character magnetic as he vascilates between being a normal teenager to understanding he has a much bigger purpose. If the writing and acting keeps up this way we'll definately have a winner.
  • Review

    Not explosive like the pilot episode of a Lost or a Heroes, but does what a pilot needs to do in bringing me back to watch the next episode. Having been some years since I have seen the Terminator movies it didn't have the same feel as they did when I watched them, though I think that will work in their favor for this series. I have heard a lot of people complaining about continuity errors but I give the writers a little more leeway then most people tend to. So long as the television show itself stays true to its on timeline, then I'm all for this new show. I really think the writers are trying to make it so that you don't have to have watched the Terminators to find out whats going on, which is why I loved the dream at the beginning. You kind of get a feel of whats at stake if John Connor is ever caught and killed, which is a good summation of the first couple of movies anyways. Overall, solid pilot that will keep me coming back for another couple of weeks.
  • Otimo primeiro episodio

    Sem duvida uma otima serie...especialmente durante a greve. Quando se ouve falar em series inspiradas em filmes logo se pensa em algo inferior, mas The Sarah Connor Chronicles nao deixa nada a desejar, com exececao de ser uma pouco previsivel. Este episodio cumpriu bem o papel de apresentar a serie, com uma estreia esmagadora de audiencia. Vamos torcer para que a serie so melhore. Alguns erros que podem ser facilmente corrigidos com o passar dos episodios, com por exemplo a pesima atuacao da garota exterminador que nao convenceu nem um pouco. No geral a serie teve uma excelente primeiro episodio espero que so melhore, e que chege logo ao Brasil estou ansiosa.
  • Terminator 2.5

    One thing is for sure, the series isn't going to lack action, right from the start we get a taste of it in a familiar dream sequence in which John Connor (Thomas Dekker) is assassinated. Sarah Connor wakes up and we find it has been two years after the events of T2: Judgment Day. The pilot was definitely good enough to hold interest of even those that didnt manage to see the original film series; there is plenty of back story as this is pretty much the television sequel that should have been made in place or at least before the 3rd installment.

    Although the show has been very well cast to this point and has far surpassed my expectations on a graphic level, at times it seemed like the dialogue was forced. This was noticed the most when John and Sarah conversed, there was a definite departure from Sarah's personality in the previous movie. Also, John's assigned Terminator tried way to hard to fill the shoes of Arnold, some lines just shouldn't be resurrected and 'Come with me if you want to live" is one of them. Im looking forward to more.
  • The Terminator returns, this time to the small screen.

    I love the first two Terminator movies. I saw them both on the big screen in both 1984 and 1991. (I didn't like the third movie) but the movie has become the series under the title, "the Terminator:the Sarah conner Chronicles." the first episode of the series is slow, but it has movie at a quick speed until the end of the episode where they jumped from 1999 to 2007. Lena Headly is very sexy and very smart in the title role of Sarah Conners. Besides I had to watch the show since the Golden Globes are cancelled because of the Writers Strike. I'm looking froward to tonight's episode.
  • The story continues after the events from T2

    Things were moving way too fast in this first episode and I was starting to hate that it was like 95% action and 5% plot no matter how good the special effects were but the ending compensated for this major flaw. The ending was very interesting which made me want to see the next episode. Unfortunately, I keep getting the feeling that this show will not last long even if it does become successful. How far can you go with a basic story involving two people continuously running from different Terminators sent back through time to kill you? I bet my money that the show will not last for more than two seasons.
  • This was the pilot episode and it....

    This was the pilot episode and it was fairly excellent. I definitely loved the action and great special effects. The plot to me is great an it's very well predicted if you say the movies but I really like this show and this episode. I like the explosions and the rising action. Then the climax off when they are trying to escape to 2007 and then came the falling action. They escape to 2007 and are in search of sky net an want to shut it down. I liked this episode and this episode was great so I'm going to watch the next one and the next one.
  • First episode is sequel to movie Judgement Day. Sarah and John Connor are continuously moving from one to another place in hope that Terminators wouldn't find them.

    In this Pilot episode we watch how Sarah Connor (Lena Headey) and her son John Connor moving from one place to another how the robots from the future couldn't track them. After they move to New Mexico one Terminator find them and almost kill John but there is another Terminator, actually in female form. Cameron (Summer Glau). She is sent there to help John. Episode is full with action sequences and great special effects. Storyline is good and the main characters are selected well. Lena Headey as Sarah Connor works excellent. She is great actress with good movie carrier. I would recommend this show to everyone. Can't wait for next episode.
  • Grt start to the series

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Season 1
    Episode 1: Pilot
    Since the beginning, Sarah Connor Chronicles did grt. This episode was probably the best.
    The show follows the events of T2: Judgement Day, where John and Sarah are on the run and Terminator Cameron is sent back in time to protect them. Then, they all transport to the year 2007 so they can fight Skynet and stop it from creating judgement day.
    This episode is the beginning of Chronicles, the series that fills the gap between Judgement Day and Rise of the Machines. Although I preffer the films than the series, the show is good and keeps it up
  • A promising start which should please the hardcore fan base, but more importantly reel in the casual viewer.

    The Pilot episode for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is an effective opener for both the hardcore fan base, but also the casual viewer. Beginning with an almost recap style opening scene the basic plot line for the whole Terminator franchise is laid out straight, Terminator's are being sent back through time in an attempt to assassinate the future leader of the human resistance (John Connor), against an artificial intelligence which takes over the world.

    With the introduction of a seemingly normal teenage girl (Cameron Phillips) at John's new school and a real attempted assassination on John it is revealed that she is indeed a female Terminator, sent back through time in order to protect John from a new threat. Upon coming to terms with his new protector, John and his mother Sarah decide to once again embark on searching for the apocalyptic artificial intelligence 'Skynet' having obviously failed to do so in the movies which prelude this series.

    Cameron seems to have an already well thought out plan which coincides with the wishes of John and Sarah, having stormed a bank containing safety deposit boxes set up in 1963 (the year it was built) Cameron explains that they sent an engineer back in time who installed a "way to get back home", which Cameron seemingly intends to use as a means to travel to the exact date when she believes the new 'Skynet' will be created.
  • Promising star...

    People taking about this show as a good one, sci-fi, Summer Glau... I think all those things made me decided finally to get my hands on the pilot and watch it and I most say - not too bad. I was not sure to watch as I have never seen no "Terminator" movies and did not know nothing else than robots, so I was pretty surprised how the story started to develop and the way they ended up in mission in the end - the way the managed to bring us trough with only one episode was stunning. I really liked the fast pace, the good motion.. and for sure will watch some more episodes.
  • The writing and music blow like Barney and Friends, but everything else about this show is the best I've ever seen on Television.

    I love the Terminator, and I'm going to give this show a chance. The action sequences are as good or better than anything I've seen on Television, the base acting talent is really strong, and the cinematography is really beautiful.

    The trouble is, the writing just blows. It's filled with plastic dialogue, cheesy one liners, and filler that can't even reach the level of a popular B-Movie, but with the Cinematography of Vanilla Sky, and the action of Die Hard.

    The music sucks too. It's bland and uninspired. When you put bad writing and music together, it really kills an otherwise spectacular thing.

    This could be the best show to grace Television, and I hope it turns out that way. If the writing and music doesn't pick up, this will be little more than an okay FOX drama.
  • Just brilliant!

    Was an awesome pilot episode. Am hooked into the show now and think its brilliant, and it definately has alot of potential, I cant think of anything negative to say about it so far, the story line is brilliant, characters are great, and the actors that play them are great too. There is plenty of action in this show, which is somehting I like to see, aslong as it is backed up along a good story.

    All in all the episode has to get 10 out of 10, wasnt really a hard decision rating this episode, I will definately be waiting for future episodes.
  • I'm not sure if I'll continue watching this show but I really liked what I saw.

    Most of my praise must go to Summer Glau, whose performance in this pilot was simply stunning. She manages to convey a kind of detachedness and coolness that fits perfectly with the character of cyborg Cameron. In fact she's proven to be the real star of the show for me. I wasn't really happy with the performance of Thomas Dekker though. I guess if he keeps up with the rather bleak acting even his Heroes fame won't save him from forgetfulness...

    Although it must be five years since I've seen Terminator 2 I never recall the franchise to be as exciting as this. Sure, some parts were unintentionally funny (every time the Terminator appeared on screen, for example) but overall I rather enjoyed it. All in all this looks like a nice little show if you're in the mood for mindless action with a tiny bit of character development.
  • An introduction to an intriguing generation of Terminator machines but lacking.

    I like the premise of Sarah Connor Chronicles. The idea of a new model of killer robots that learn to mimic human expression is more appealing than another round of stronger, faster, better. It's far more satisfying for enemies to be cunning, resourceful, and intelligent rather than big dumb and nearly indestructible.

    That said the new generation of killer robots are just starting to learn the basics of human emotions and human emotional needs. The aptitude of new robots to simulate human expressions changed from a very realistic warm smile that Cameron showed off when she first meets John to the very stiff interactions after her first battle with an enemy Terminator. The sudden sharp contrast between the first meeting and the rest of the episode was awkward. I would have enjoyed the pilot more if Cameron's behavior explored the line between man and machine for the entire episode.

    Hopefully, the rest of the series will focus more on the emotional development of Cameron rather than entirely about plots to kill John Connor. Think about it. That kind of Terminator would be far more terrifying than the simple mission oriented kill machines that have marked the Terminator franchise.

    Props for pretty much disregarding T3 which was trash dressed up in pretty CGI.
  • Exciting and well written, though it does create time-paradoxes even worse than the films!

    I admit I hesitated to watch this series because I'm a huge fan of the first two movies (not the third, Nick Stahl and Claire Danes were unbelievably badly cast) but the pilot won me over very quickly. Lena does Linda Hamilton's Sarah proud and Thomas is absolutely pitch perfect as John, *exactly* as I always pictured the older John. The two actors share a wonderful chemistry which makes the mother/son relationship very believable.

    The one problem with Terminator has always been the time paradoxes and unfortunately, the setting of this series creates exactly that problem: it makes a shambles of the timeline. I'm perfectly happy that Judgement Day was postponed due to the death of Miles Dyson, that much was established in the third film, but it was never even hinted at that there was further Terminator attacks in between. Not to mention our new girl Terminator (I love Summer and she's wonderful in the role! Very similar role to Firefly and she's just as good!) as the 'new' model which can be convincingly human and even smiles. Let's not even mention the problem with time travelling to 2007! Maybe this will all be explained in future episodes so I'm not going to give myself a headache trying to figure it out!

    Despite my issues with the above, I was surprisingly pleased with the result. It is touching, exciting and well written. The writers have taken the time to address the most important element of Terminator: the bond between Sarah and her son. Pains are taken to show the Sarah we've seen in T2 and I particularly loved how Sarah must handle John's terror of his destiny and how, even with what she knows, she still tries to shield him as only this mother can. Some really wonderful scenes between them. I'd watch the show even just for that. Man, I love Sarah Connor! "One bag… plus the guns. I'll make pancakes."

    An excellent surprise is Sarah visiting Miles' wife, who naturally (given Sarah's actions in T2) thinks Sarah killed him. The writers really have made an effort to stay loyal to the storyline and characters in the movies. It was a very sweet touch that Sarah's alias is Reese – John's father Kyle's surname. Another hail to T2 is John's talent with electronics, including hacking, though it is only mentioned here.

    The pilot has it's issues but that could be sorted out later, so on the whole I liked it very much and will absolutely continue watching.
  • Great Episode.

    The story begins in 1999 with Sarah Connor and her son John, now 15, on the run from the police. A Terminator attacks John's school and shoots John. Sarah pleads with the Terminator to kill her, because nothing matters anymore. The school is hit with a nuclear blast, removing the Terminator's skin and exposing his endoskeleton.because

    nothing matters anymore. The school is hit with a nuclear blast, removing the Terminator's skin and exposing his endoskeleton. This turns out to be a nightmare, and she wakes up with her fiancé, Charley Dixon. The date is August 24, 1999 and Sarah and John are living with Charley in West Fork, Nebraska.
  • great episode

    2 years after the events of T2 the terminator returns on tv minus the governator. the theme of the show follows the scenery and pacing of the terminator films. it's really awesome. john connor is trying to adjust to his new life, but when a substitute teacher tries to kill him. his worst fears come back. good thing a new terminator is sent back to protect him. it's a really cool episode. it establishes the look for the future episodes, i'm really exciting, the writers came up with a cool way to adapt the movie for tv. it works like magic.
  • It was a very good premiere. I had heard a lot about this series and being a fan of Terminator I decided to watch it.

    It was a very good premiere. I had heard a lot about this series and being a fan of Terminator I decided to watch it.

    I was surprised that Cameron was in fact a terminator. I liked it how it was all based in 1999 and then they time traveled to 2007. The scene in the bank, building that gun was very good. Sarah is a fine example of a mother. She will do everything for her son. But her son isn't a normal sun. He is the saviour of mankind. The way to Skynet has now started. They are in 2007 and are going for it. All in all it was a really good beginning.
  • Wow better then expecting

    Executive producers Josh Friedman ("War of the Worlds"), David Nutter ("Supernatural," "Smallville") and C2 Pictures ("Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines") bring to television an intense new drama based on the celebrated heroine of the "Terminator" movies: Sarah Connor. At the end of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," Sarah vanquished the liquid metal Terminator sent from the future to kill her teenage son, John. Sarah and John now find themselves alone in a very dangerous, complicated world. Fugitives from the law, they are confronted with the reality that still more enemies from the future, and the present, could attack at any moment. "Sarah Connor Chronicles" reveals what happens when Sarah Connor (Lena Headey, "The Brothers Grimm," "300") stops running and goes on the offensive against an ever-evolving technological enemy bent on destroying her life, and perhaps the world. Her son, 15-year-old John Connor (Thomas Dekker, "Heroes"), knows that he may be the future savior of mankind, but is not yet ready to take on the mantle of leadership that he's told is his destiny. John finds himself inextricably drawn to Cameron (Summer Glau "Serenity," "The Unit"), an enigmatic and otherworldly student at his high school, who soon proves to be much more than his confidante she assumes the role of Sarah and John's fearless protector. On their trail are not only threats from the future, but an intelligent and tough FBI agent, James Ellison (Richard T. Jones, "Judging Amy"), who soon becomes a powerful ally.

    Loved it, want more!!!! I thought it was surprisingly good pilot. Acting was fine. This could be a very good show! Lena Headey (Sarah Connor) is a very hot British actress, and Summer Glau (Cameron) is fabulous. Arnie is occupied with being Governor, and the rumors are that he won't even be in the next Terminator movies.Anyone who says "No Arnie, no good" is a dunce... However,I like the new bad terminator in this show. The Sarah Connor Chronicles have got potential which will have a massive ratings hits.You can watch tons of actions;subwoofing pounding, speaking blasting,loud awesome experience.

    With adding this show to my favorite shows list, my best series order changed like that; "Heroes, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Smallville, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, Prison Break, The 4400." I hope Fox will not decide to cancel this perfect show. Worth a watch. Schedule has it for January 2008, BTW
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