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  • Terminator: The Coolest Love Story Ever

    As a Terminator fan, the last thing you'd think to call Terminator is a love story, but this series is, at its core, and at its absolute best.

    This series had the best Sarah Connor (sorry Linda Hamilton) and best John Connor ever in Lena Headley and Thomas Dekker. Like Terminator 2, this series also managed to turn its terminator into an intriguing character that was central to the drama and not just the action.

    This series created a new timeline to wisely sidestep continuity issues before the Star Trek franchise and Terminator Genysis did the same later on.

    The dialog and acting in the series are fantastic. They would have to be since this series is much more of a drama than any of the movies.

    From numerous timelines, about a half dozen terminators, a T1000, John's uncle Derek Reese, Sarah's knowledge of her own death, and a central thread of pursuing the genesis of Skynet, what truly carries the series is the relationship between John and his terminator protector, Cameron. Simply put, John and Cameron are the most intriguing romantic couple ever put on screen. Could the future leader of mankind who leads humanity to victory over machines fall in love with a machine himself? Is it possible for a machine to feel love? Could a machine learn to love?

    Even if preposterous on its face, similar as to how Arnold in T2 was the perfect father for John, Cameron in many ways is the perfect partner. A relationship with John certainly seems to be a death sentence to anyone else.

    The series struggled when it got away from John and Cameron, which it did too much of in Season 2.

    Still, this series created an intriguing plot line for Terminator that I wish they would have followed up on instead of what they did with any of the movies after T3.
  • From what I recall

    It was usually quite good: action packed, various terminators, awesome that there were two kickass female leads, on the run, gave Sarah a more further, suffice story, especially after her (spoiler maybe?) death was declared in T3. This may have been the last great instance of Terminator. I am hoping for another TV series rather than more movies. Sorry to say, but I knew T5 was gonna bomb in the US (Arnold's rep even though work and personal life are seperate to me, sort of a rehashing of T1 etc) . I can see how it ended after the 2nd season. It was starting to be a bit boring and some filler. Most-All ep (Jan 08-Apr 09) Fox
  • Save Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    We're looking for support to bring back Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles either as a movie or TV series to give us some closure! Help sign this petition we're looking for at most 50,000 signatures!

  • Bereft

    Just watched Series 1 and 2 over the last 3 weeks and was very impressed, feel completely bereft now I've finished. The last 10 minutes blew me away.

    On reflection it was interesting to see 31 episodes but so many seemed like fillers and really just dragged the series out and became repetitive.

    Obviously with a time travel story there are many realities as John found when he went into the future and Derek did not know him and Alison wasn't Cameron. However as there was a war with Skynet whatever John, Sarah, Derek and Cameron did in the past, in 2011, had no effect on Skynet as they never found what Skynet was doing in 2011 as the Zeira Corp was supposedly fighting Skynet. Also Derek killed Andy Goode, the inventor of the Turk, which did not get into the hands of Skynet but belonged to Zeira Corp. Also if John Henry had Cameron's chip how could he swap the chips as he would cease functioning when he removed his own.

    Either my wires are crossed or I need a review to resolve my queries.

  • Such a brilliant show. One of the best shows ever.

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles was one of the best shows that FOX ever aired. It had a phenomenal cast, wonderful production and a great writing staff. The story arcs were always intriguing, intelligent and flowed well from one to the other. It kept getting better with every episode and got much better from the 1st to the 2nd season, which was astounding given how amazing the first season was.

    I own both seasons on Blu-Ray, and it looks phenomenal on my plasma screen. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can enjoy this great TV show with your Prime membership. Sadly, it's not on Netflix right now, though it may be in the future, or may have been available in the past, but just isn't right now.

    Ourselves Alone and Today is the Day Parts 1 and 2 are my absolute favorite episodes and are my three goto episodes if I'm in the mood to watch it. I love how they explore the dynamics of how going back in time and changing things can alter the future and change the perceptions and experiences of the main characters. Is Jessie the same Jessie that Derrick knows from his future? Is she the one he knows, or a different Jessie with different motives. I thought the story arc from these 3 episodes were brilliant and really solidified this series as one of my top favorites of all time.

    Yes, I would love for them to bring this back, but on FOX, I doubt that will happen. Yes, they brought back Family Guy after DVD sales blew up and viewer outcries were finally heard. It took Netflix to bring back the other FOX Network victim Arrested Development. Perhaps Amazon can revive this? Who knows. Kickstarter got Veronica Mars fans a big Hollywood feature release, maybe it can do the same for fans of


    I highly recommend it either way, you'll enjoy it, and join the rest of us who wonder what could have been.

  • Fight to bring back TSCC

    Hello all, there has been a long campaign in order to bring back TSCC. Over the years we have made significant progress but we need more support from fans like you and me. Search sarahconnorfans on Google and you'll find us. Also follow @BringBackTSCC on twitter for more info on our mission to save the Sarah Connor Chronicles!!!!!
  • fox whats your problem first firefly and now sarah connor chronicles

    fox do u have a problem with SUMMER GLAU because you first destroyed firefly one of the best series of its time then make Sarah Connor Chronicles end with an ending that could make a nun moist and a plot and a story so amazing its like a unicorn that poops jelly bean i just hope u bring it back before skynet send a robot back to shove it robotic foot up your ass and while you at it bring firefly back

    much anger and hate


  • Love this show!

    Bring it back please :)
  • F**k you Fox

    Just finished watching the 2 seasons and damn.. What a show ! It was tight !!! lol.. and f**k you fox for cancelling it !
  • The show was amazing and am still gutted it got cancelled

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles is and extension to the Terminator series, am not much of a sci-fi fan but this changed my mind with great writing, plot and acting from Lena Headey and Summer Glau, The story is tight and involves John Connor leader of the resistance in the future 2025 sending one his robot ally to proctect his family from opposition forces Skynet in the year 2007.
  • Never much of a Terminator fan myself, but everything changed when I watched this.

    It was peer pressure. I had no inkling to watch this show otherwise. Some days, I'm glad for peer pressure, because without it I never would have seen how good Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) really is. Yes, I am a Sci-fi fan in general, which no doubt helps me enjoy the show for what it is, rather than the fact that main plot is about robots trying to take over the world. But really, all anyone needs to be able to watch this show contently is to not take it too seriously. Don't think about how time travel works, don't think about what robots would or would not be able to do. If you just sit there and enjoy TSCC for what it is, then I have no doubt you'll enjoy it.

    TSCC takes off about a year after the events of TerminatorII, following Sarah Connor and her son, John Connor. They are running from the various robots sent back through time to kill them, because in the future John leads the human resistance to the human-robot war. They also have one robot who was sent back to help them (John sent her); her name is Cameron.
    The show then takes them 7 years into the future, aka 2007, and they take up running where they left off.
    Off course, just to spice things up a little Sarah, John and Cameron also have some FBI agents chasing them, and the fiancé that Sarah left behind seven years ago asking all kinds of messy questions.
  • I had high hopes for this show and thank God it's brilliant

    Living in the UK means that I get everything weeks late and I've had to keep my distance from these forums. I had hoped desperately this series would be good and I'm happy to say it was amazing. Far better than any other TV show out there that has come from film.

    Some fans always say that without Arnold Schwarzenegger or Linda Hamilton, it would not be a good Teminator show. I hope they are now proven wrong by the wonderful performances from Lena Headey and Summer Glau. Lena Headey immediately settles into the role of Sarah Connor and she does this very well, it only takes seconds before you accept her as Sarah Connor. Similarly, Summer Glau makes her first appearance not as a Terminator and then reveals herself - just as Terminators were always supposed to be. I was familiar with Summer Glau before this show but she is a brilliant actress and plays a Terminator very well. Not an easy thing to do.

    If I had to nitpick (and of course I do), I would say that Lena Headey (although definitely not her fault) looks too young to have given birth to John Connor. Just one of the handful of pitfalls of looking just too beautiful.

    The special effects in this series are fantastic and this was always going to be a hard part for the show. Without the enormous budget of a film, the effects were always a worry that they would not live up to expectations set by the films. Fortunately, they are executed perfectly and are a tribute to the crew working on the show. As a TV show, the effects rival those of 24 and Lost.

    This show is perfect and the cast and crew really capture Terminator very well whilst also making it their own. Unfortunately I still can not go on the forums because they are some 5 episodes ahead of TV here. What a shame!
  • The idea started off hot, but now it's looking to me like Cashmere Mafia with guns now. All the female empowerment messages are getting in the way of good writing and the Terminator being that 4400 skinny chick- the worst of it! Logic is being thrown out

    I'm totally cool with female heroes in a billion of these shows today, although I feel American TV is going overboard with all their pushing of strong women messages and how women can do everything without a man, but when is too much tough woman stuff enough? This show is when it's too much. Bionic woman was a corny show because instead of just making a female who was tough and would carry out assignments that any male could do, every show there are 1001 references to 'girl power' and how weak men are. It becomes comical after a while and people tune out. This Terminator show approaches that 'oh boy not this crap again' feel with the skinny terminator chick from the 4400 crushing opponents. Any of the villian terminators could punch her in the chest and send her flying 20 blocks, due to physics! I know every show is pushing messages of strong women / dumb american men, but they broke the camel's back with the Terminator being this wimpy girl beating up tough men. She's beating up other male machines 3 times her size, much stronger than her and isn't even quicker than the male units who fight her! This is the part that I look for in these shows trying to bring females viewers in with this empowerment nonsense and REASON/ LOGIC go out the window, which push away male viewers. Heroes TV show failed by pushing mushy female romance into the show and then REASON/LOGIC/STORYLINE went to the crapper! Scifi is pushed by male viewers. If this show fails, it's because of pushing this pro-woman stuff rather than just making an excellent story that happens to have female leads. Battlestar Gallactica does a perfect example of how to write real, strong female characters, especially in the Razor movie they put out. That's how you write strong women into scifi, don't rely on dumb messages and unrealistic prowoman nonsense and your story of just how tough these women are comes out fully! This show is boring me and it I wasn't curious about the subplot, I would have turned it off by now!
  • It was a great show i don,t know why the heck did they cancelled it.

    It was a really good show and season 2 last episode born to run was great. I was hoping to see the next season but they cancelled it.
  • this is the type of show u cant say too much about or it will give away the whole story.


    theres great acting.

    alot of great action scenes.

    the show has suspense and mystery.

    there writng is a different story.

    season 1 the writing was perfect but by season 2 i felt like the writing of the plot just dragged on.

    but the show has great acting,good action,alot of suspense and mystery and it just a great show.

    watch it.:)

    ps:if u want alittle more info about the show u should watch the movies it will give u alittle info of what u might see on the show:+)

  • hehehe finally canceled...

    that's what happens with deaf blind writing. Since the beginning I wrote that this show is on a very wrong pattern. And so did popular articles all over the world. But maybe the crew's eyes weren't sharp enough to read the critics, drunk perhaps of the cheering of a few fans.

    It's fun how producers running such show focus more on the positive feedback, than the negative, and tend not to derive from the past they wrongly took.

    Well, the show is finally canceled and hope that next time they'll watch what they do.

    Except for some fans for whom the title "terminator" is enough to please them, others are waiting for a better production about the "Terminator".
  • Canceling this show was one of the dumbest things Fox ever did....

    ...Every where online I look people love this show. I don't watch a lot of tv but when I catch a show on tv I like I end up buying the show on dvd. So I just finshed watching the second season only to find out that the show was canceled. Thanks Fox for creating a good entertaining show only to cut it short before it could really take off. Oh yeah Im sure there is a valid reason to cut this show. It was not able to compete with another show that aired the same night. Maybe the Nelson Ratings are not the only way to rate a show value. Thanks Fox for creating a good entertaining show only to cut it off. Sounds like I have just found one more reason not to watch Fox.
  • I kick this one back to the scrapyard (along with T-800's head)!

    Although I am a huge fan of the Terminator franchise, and all of the actors that entered in the original movies, I have to say that this series should have never been made. Why you ask? Simple, because they completely ignore the end of the second movie (I know this show's action is in a paralell dimension, but still, ignoring the second movie is a federal crime in my opinion), and the story seems to not go anywhere. I praise the villains, especially Cromartie, because they actually came up with a cool villain, but that's it... Other than that, the rest of the series is as bad as Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation. I give this one a 4, and believe me, I just don't give a 0, because they had the decency of cancelling it.
  • Come with me if you want to expand on the story.

    I have to admit that I am not usually a fan of shows based on movies, but Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a welcome addition to the Terminator universe. (If such a creature exists)

    This show has everything a SciFi/action show should have, and more. And while there are a few holes in it, I am more than able to look past them and see an excellent show.
    The cast is really good and they make the characters believable and feelable.
    It is also nice to know that events did happrn between Terminator 2 and 3. Events that helped to shape John Connor into the future leader he will one day become.

    All in all, this show is a fun, action packed ride that will not disappoint. Unless you just happen to be a cold, unfeeling cyborg.
  • All I want is to pray to the almighty TV Gods that they keep this show around. It is amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes those machines are gonna kill us all shows, i.e, BSG! Great writing, great stories, and great effects.

    Every episode deals with, not only the obvious, destroy Skynet, but it deals with John's emotional journey. This is a boy who has been told since the day that he was born that he will be humanities salvation from a nearly invincible enemy. He tries to act tough, tries to be that person, but is still unsure of how it is he is supposed be this person. All around him people are dying for him, and because of him, and he has no idea how to rationalize that in his head. He wants to be normal and do normal things, have friends, a girlfriend, etc... but he can't now and never will be able to. Then, there is the relationship with his mother, who he loves more than anything, but she has been hardened by the years of fighting, and trying to raise this perfect leader, that John's father, Kyle told her he would become. She has to train him, and teach him, and make him understand that his survival far outways that of her own, but no matter what, John will never leave her behind.
  • What can i say. This show has good times, and bad times. It comes and goes. But overall i cant give this show such a good grade.

    In the beginning i was very excited about this show. Because i really like the movies.
    But already halfway in the first season i was a bit dissapointed.
    This Serie didnt seem to be about John Connor. Instead the serie focused more about his mother. Wich was a huge dissapointment.

    The best in this show started to appear in the ending of season two. The last episode was actually really great. And i were looking forward to season three.
    But onfortunaly FOX decided to quit the show when it finally got interesting.

    so my opinion of the show was that it was overall quite boring. And i would not recommend any of my friends to watch it.
  • yes- the show was a bit slow but it managed to get things going in every episode

    my favourite thing about sarah connor is sarah-Lena Headey-she rocks all through the series, then comes Cameron-Summer-who keeps the show going with her seriousness that cracks me up.there are times when you stop and wonder what is going on like when she gets shop and all of a sudden starts walking the next day or the whole time travel thing, if this is based b/n T2 and T3 then what is john doing in the future at the end of the series? unless they had a way of connecting the series with the beginning of T3. i have my theories but...
    James Ellison is probably the annoying one in the series, when Savannah got kidnapped he held information that could have gotten the conners some idea as to what Weaver was up to, i get that he was doing his job but things might have been different if he ddnt get his morals in the way.
    speaking of Weaver-the red headed terminator- whats up with her? is she a good or bad robot? and why did she end up ditching john at the last episode and whats with John Henry?
    i am going to miss this show lena mostly
  • Loved it! Was SOO sad when it was cut :(

    I've always been a fan of the Movies. I saw the first one when I about 11 or 12 and believes believed it to be true :) I was so fascinated by the story and the idea that the Movies became one of my favorite. I didn't like the series as much in the beginning, but I felt that it got better with every episode, eventhough at some point the Character of Sarah Conner started to bore me. I love Summer Glau in this show, also Brian Austin Green and of course (I forgot her name) the lead singer of garbage. I love futuristic, science-fiction oriented shows, and this was the best. I REALLY wish it would've lasted a few more seasons :(
  • I rather enjoyed the show, but it took it's time to evolve and when it gets going they pull the rug out from under it.

    When the series first came to the screen I was rather looking forward to it, I am a fan of the films and thought more the merry'er!

    Although Terminator 2 was a bit cheesy!!

    The show started off well but they got very slow in it's process. The combination of searching along with Sarah Connor seeming boring on some levels and disturbing on others. I thought all the actors played their characters rather well and that helped get you into the storyline.

    Thomas Dekker added the edge with a very good look of wisdom beyond his years. Summer Glau as the terminator was fit, but seemed un-attractive at times with all that metal showing! The others all played well edged characters but Richard T. Jones as Agent James Ellison seemed rather X-Files and rather boring.

    As you try to discover what is going on you realise there is a temporal war going on. As soon as you get to the good stuff, you're cut short.

    The action was pretty dam good when it came, the digital effects were amazing and the photography was as futuristic as you could get it.

    Sadly as punned before, Terminator was Terminated!
  • Great show and the definition of ended too soon. The show had a great set of established big and small screen actors and their performances fit the show perfectly. The program did a great job of

    Great show and the definition of ended too soon. The show had a great set of established big and small screen actors and their performances fit the show perfectly. The program did a great job of expanding the movie mythology and in some cases giving a basis for the current mythology. The show did a great job of not doing the monster of the week thing that most shows get stuck in and introduced new terminators in a fluid and well paced way. This new vision of keeping John Connor alive to fight in the future was fun to watch each week and with season 2 bringing in the second movies liquid terminators. The show was on it's way to a great season 3 if it had been allowed to continue. Certainly a show to pick up on dvd it was good every episode.
  • A slow start, but gathers momentum

    Season one consists of a meagre 9 episodes doe to the writers strike. How much the strike contributed to the quality of those first nine episodes (no re-writes?) I guess we will never know. Suffice to say that the first season, while introducing additional characters and laying the foundations of the core story we're all so familiar with, struggled to capture the imagination a little and develop the show's own identity.

    Season Two was another matter altogether. We saw the show develop more threads, twists and sub-plots. It shakes off the legacy of the movie franchise and comes into it's own. Rather than trying to be an action-packed thriller episode-after-episode, it begins to 'brood' and draw you in. The actors and writers begin to bring extra dimensions to each character and the possibilities for future story-lines begin to open up while still keeping you intrigued as to exactly what may lay around the corner. The Season Two finale is a beauty and tantalises your imagination as to where Season 3 will take you. You can almost see Season Four and Five given the myriad of possibilities.

    As I write, this show is temporarily terminated. I have faith, however, that somewhere out there is a canny executive who can see the possibilities and rewards of this show continuing.
  • After the events of Terminator 2, The Connors find themselves again being stalked by Skynet. They decide to focus on preventing the birth of Skynet. With help of Cameron, a machine; Derek Reese, a soldier from the future whose is linked with the Connors.

    This show was like unbelievebly good. I do not understand why they cancelled it. It was excitting, interesting. This show was so much better than I expected. Everytime whem I watched an episode, I didn't want it to stop.
    The casting of the show was also great, and I loved all the new characters. Brian austin green is hot and the chemestry between the guy who played john and the girl who played cameron was great.
    The reatings weren't that bad, somebody should pick the show up and continue with the story.
    The terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles must be back on tv!!!
  • Why would you shut this show off 24 has been out played for years. The terminator would have gotten more people watching it if you put it on at a decent time like 8pm. Shuting this show off was a big mistake.

    I always thought this show was excellent better than 24, better than Dollhouse, and much better than Fringe. Fox has played 24 out and after season 5 it got to be a little much.. But I am appauled that they would shut off terminator thats like shutting off house md.. Completely dumb...In my thoughts I watch an aweful lot of TV and don't fathom why this was done at all.. Shut Off 24 Shut Dollhouse Shut Off Fringe there all stupid anyway but put the sara chronicles back on.. Listen to the fans for a change and not yourselfs...Come On People try playing it on the same night house md is on.. I bet your ratings will go through the roof.......!!!!!!
  • What the F!! why did thay can this show it was just geting good.

    What the F!! why did thay can this show it was just geting good. Leveing it up in the air like that was bloody stuped. If any one can fix this and get it back on air me and a lot of others wood be geatfull.

    Ill finish bi saying WHAT THE F'in F!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont read the stuff below the line can if you what.

    why does this have to be 100 words long??
    How long is 100 words. Im a man of few words???
    were is the 100th word I what this to go throw.

    More words to fit fill in the blanks rrrr rrrr rrrrr rrrrr
  • Awesome, I fell in love with it from the 1st episode and got better every week but I was devastated to find out that they're not making anymore as they've left the story wide open and it's better than 90% of the programs out there....Please bring it back!

    Awesome, I loved every episode with each week getting better and better delving deeper into the Terminator story but I can't believe they're going to leave it like they have !!

    Great special effects, better than a lot of films I've watched, along with a great cast that portrayed the story extremely well and blend in with the story line of the blockbuster films damn near perfect as well !!

    I REALLY hope they continue the story as it's left wide open and I'm wanting more, The Terminator is a great franchise and this deserves to be completed, please bring it back !!
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