Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

FOX (ended 2009)





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  • The idea started off hot, but now it's looking to me like Cashmere Mafia with guns now. All the female empowerment messages are getting in the way of good writing and the Terminator being that 4400 skinny chick- the worst of it! Logic is being thrown out

    I'm totally cool with female heroes in a billion of these shows today, although I feel American TV is going overboard with all their pushing of strong women messages and how women can do everything without a man, but when is too much tough woman stuff enough? This show is when it's too much. Bionic woman was a corny show because instead of just making a female who was tough and would carry out assignments that any male could do, every show there are 1001 references to 'girl power' and how weak men are. It becomes comical after a while and people tune out. This Terminator show approaches that 'oh boy not this crap again' feel with the skinny terminator chick from the 4400 crushing opponents. Any of the villian terminators could punch her in the chest and send her flying 20 blocks, due to physics! I know every show is pushing messages of strong women / dumb american men, but they broke the camel's back with the Terminator being this wimpy girl beating up tough men. She's beating up other male machines 3 times her size, much stronger than her and isn't even quicker than the male units who fight her! This is the part that I look for in these shows trying to bring females viewers in with this empowerment nonsense and REASON/ LOGIC go out the window, which push away male viewers. Heroes TV show failed by pushing mushy female romance into the show and then REASON/LOGIC/STORYLINE went to the crapper! Scifi is pushed by male viewers. If this show fails, it's because of pushing this pro-woman stuff rather than just making an excellent story that happens to have female leads. Battlestar Gallactica does a perfect example of how to write real, strong female characters, especially in the Razor movie they put out. That's how you write strong women into scifi, don't rely on dumb messages and unrealistic prowoman nonsense and your story of just how tough these women are comes out fully! This show is boring me and it I wasn't curious about the subplot, I would have turned it off by now!