Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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  • I had high hopes for this show and thank God it's brilliant

    Living in the UK means that I get everything weeks late and I've had to keep my distance from these forums. I had hoped desperately this series would be good and I'm happy to say it was amazing. Far better than any other TV show out there that has come from film.

    Some fans always say that without Arnold Schwarzenegger or Linda Hamilton, it would not be a good Teminator show. I hope they are now proven wrong by the wonderful performances from Lena Headey and Summer Glau. Lena Headey immediately settles into the role of Sarah Connor and she does this very well, it only takes seconds before you accept her as Sarah Connor. Similarly, Summer Glau makes her first appearance not as a Terminator and then reveals herself - just as Terminators were always supposed to be. I was familiar with Summer Glau before this show but she is a brilliant actress and plays a Terminator very well. Not an easy thing to do.

    If I had to nitpick (and of course I do), I would say that Lena Headey (although definitely not her fault) looks too young to have given birth to John Connor. Just one of the handful of pitfalls of looking just too beautiful.

    The special effects in this series are fantastic and this was always going to be a hard part for the show. Without the enormous budget of a film, the effects were always a worry that they would not live up to expectations set by the films. Fortunately, they are executed perfectly and are a tribute to the crew working on the show. As a TV show, the effects rival those of 24 and Lost.

    This show is perfect and the cast and crew really capture Terminator very well whilst also making it their own. Unfortunately I still can not go on the forums because they are some 5 episodes ahead of TV here. What a shame!