Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 1

Samson and Delilah

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on FOX

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  • Evil Cameron.

    Wow! Amazing season opening. Definitely a different one. I feel weard and strange seeing Cameron in the dark side. She is very creepy. John and Sarah survive from death or life situation. This affect John very strongly. He becomes more depressing and more desperate. He continues to care about Cameron even she has gone bad. I feel sorry for Charlie. He sees Sarah and John like his own family but they are not. And they never won't be. And final scenes are awesome. Boss lady, it's revealed that she's a new model cyborg. And the scene that the urinal forms into the woman is perfect and also scary.
  • i don't like bad cameron... i want her to be good and stay good forever.

    i am loving shirley manson entering into the picture.. she so fits right in.

    through the first season i felt summer glau was clearly burning up the screen with her great acting, with that i felt this is the first time someone else stepped up to match her level, that being thomas dekker.
    he was really good in this.. his best performance in the series so far i thought.

    great job dekker.

    twas an ok start to the new season.. immediately i felt myself missing the "old days" of the first season, cameron's quirky little ways, etc, but by the time it was over i was fairly satisfied and ready to jump into the new season.
  • An explosion turns John's greatest ally to his most dangerous enemy, and the crucible of a life taken and one saved hardens John closer to the man he will become. Meanwhile, a 3rd party has entered the picture by purchasing the Turk and seemingly

    I entered a second viewing of Samson and Delilah fully with the knowledge that this episode is regularly touted as one of the series' best. A letdown was the most predictable outcome. Instead, I came out appreciating this episode MUCH more than I did after the first time I watched it, even though I thought back then that it was pretty kick ass and the best TSCC episode in a long time.

    If this isn't the best TSCC episode, then it is either 2nd or 3rd, with only This is the Day and Born to Run even in the discussion. The episode announces its "Samson and Delilah" theme in the very first scene and has masterful unity of effect throughout the entire 43 minutes, even tying it all together by having John cut his hair near the end.

    Much like the massacre of the FBI team at the end of Season 1, I was disappointed with the first scene of Season 2 when watching it the first time. Same as in the prior mentioned scene, I had wanted and expected a more straightforward approach to the action. After watching it a 2nd time, I have a much greater appreciation for the artistic and unique direction of the first scene and how well it sets up the tone and theme of the entire episode. Not only is the music background perfect in tone, it also provides the gist of the Samson and Delilah story. If you aren't familiar with the story, you can simply just listen to the vocals as they tell the crux of it. The following "chase" with Cameron pursuing Sarah and John was quickly and concisely done. Since Cameron was such an essential part of the series, it was difficult for me to stomach her as a bad guy. I believe that resolving that situation within one episode was the way to go. I would have had a real difficult time with it if they would have protracted it out to multiple episodes. Of course, the scene where Cameron was pinned and to the surprise of everyone went into a hysterical rant to avoid her own termination, which included a stunning proclamation of love for John, is one of the most memorable of the series. John wisely pulled her plug anyway, but then clearly battled with the decision to burn her as both Derek and Sarah took the expected turns trying to convince him it was the right thing to do. But when it comes time to destroy Cameron for good, of course, John can't do it. No surprise there since the writers aren't THAT stupid, and secondly, because just the first scene of this episode alone proved that without her John can be taken out by any goon with a gun. Frankly, if John was to burn her, he might as well jump in the blaze with her. As he said earlier in the episode, she saves his life. Yeah, quite often. He never makes it to J-Day without her.
    No, but it was the WAY he did it that was surprising, holding a gun to Derek and Sarah to keep them back. John standing on one side of the blaze with Cameron while Sarah looks stunned on the other side, clearly illustrates the chasm that has leaped up between them. As mentioned just last episode, Sarah has never killed anyone; now, John has. So, in that way, a chasm has opened.

    John cutting his hair at the end beautifully ties all the action and the theme together. It symbolizes that John is shedding his youth and is now determined to be the man he is supposed to be. Unfortunately, his actions would contradict that notion as quickly as next episode.

    The introduction of Weaver and the sudden reveal that she is a T1000 is just an extra bonus to the action of this episode. Cromartie is still out there as a bad guy to be dealt with first.
  • Cameron's chip is damaged in an explosion. She goes haywire and tries to kill john. When john finally deactivates Cameron, he misses her so much that he wants to reactive her. Everyone else is dead-set against reactivation.

    Awesome episode. The scene where Cameron gets trapped between the two trucks was epic. There was nothing Cameron could do physically so she uses her feminine charm to manipulate John. John is so moved that he hesitates pulling the chip out. When he remembers that Cameron just threw a monkey wrench at him 2 minutes ago he finally pulls the chip.

    I did find the scene where the whole crowd gathered to burn Cameron a little unrealistic. Come on John blows on the chip and cleans some dust out of it then he plugs it back into Cameron. That would be suicide if you actually did that. It would have been more realistic if John had tried to reprogram the chip first. I also think it was a stupid move to reactivate Cameron. Heck, even Cameron thought it was a stupid move. I guess it shows that humans are pretty emotional creatures and we do risky things because of it. We become attached to people, our pets, and even a terminator sometimes. Cameron seems to understand emotion, but she isn't moved by it. Terminators are not designed to be emotionally manipulated.

    Any way, over all it's not a bad episode. TV wise, I'm glad they kept Cameron in the story line. It makes for good TV.
  • The series continues where the cliffhanger end to Season 1 left off...

    Awesome, awesome episode to kick off the season! The show is really firing on all cylinders here and the quality is definitely better now. Better action sequences, a bigger budget, a great addition to the cast, a jaw-dropping revelation at the end, more Summer Glau, and a tear-jerking moment I keep playing over and over. We get a better version of the usual intro and thank goodness for the recaps from Season 1. The opening sequence picks up where last season left off with a Jeep exploding with Cameron inside. The goons responsible head to the house to deal with Sarah and John Connor. Cameron survives of course and gets herself together. A cool song is playing during this ala James Bond. I searched it up and it's "If I Had My Way" sung by Shirley Manson herself. Very cool and definitely download worthy.

    We are also introduced to Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson), the mysterious CEO of a high tech company. This is Manson's first time as an actress but she is terrific here! The role really suits her. She looks very stylish and professional. Kind of like the White Queen. Kind of like Emma Frost in X-men. I love her accent and she looks much younger than I thought. Definitely a great addition and definitely looking forward to seeing more of her. Summer Glau is awesome as Cameron. She conveys robotic emotions very well that it's hard to tell if she's sincere or not, which is perfect. It's good to keep the audience guessing. I can understand how John Connor is clearly falling for her and yet can't completely trust her. It must be the worst feeling in the world. What to do with a drop dead gorgeous terminator that you're in love with but who could end up killing you. This show has a lot going for it. I mean Lena Headey, Summer Glau, Shirley Manson, and later Leven Rambin together in one show? Good grief! John Connor doesn't have it THAT bad. Make me the future leader of mankind against the machines anyday. Thomas Dekker btw is a terrific John Connor. He and Summer Glau look good together. I'll be rooting for him all the way. It's clear from this episode that they've now got a bigger budget to work with. More scenes out in the streets. More cars. More trucks. More explosions. A lot better than last season where they're mostly inside a house. The story is something to look forward to as well. It's rare nowadays to see a show with an intriguing plot like TSCC. What we have here is the tying up of loose ends from Season 1; a major development on Cameron and John's relationship with her; and the introduction of a new enemy. Anyway we've got more than 20 episodes to go. Woohoo! Can't wait for next week!
  • Poor writing...

    I mean, the actors are good, but you can't get something from nothing. What a poor writing. They reached rock bottom with this one, I hope the series may improve with the next episodes.

    It's funny because the 1st season had its good and bad moments, but this one was the worst. The T2 reference is a symptom of creativity stress. The initial sequence was annoying, what a crap song!

    John Connor is a strong kid, look to what he's done on T2, now with this we have Sarah asking every 5 seconds 'how are you?' This romantic thing between him and Cameron is ridiculous!

    They need to get some decent writer, because this guy just can't write. Jim is advising on T4, what about giving him a call?
  • I love the beautifully stylized opening sequence that culminates in a terrifying surprise. Summer Glau is brilliant as a badly damaged, reverted terminator. However, the secondary story line seems to be lifted from a James Bond movie.

    The opening sequence is the best part of this episode. It begins from the point of view of a badly damaged Cameron, rebooting following the car explosion, intercut with shots of Sarkissian and his goon invading the Connor home to recover the hard drive. It's visually stunning stuff. The middle of the episode gives Summer Glau the chance to be genuinely terrifying, and also very funny in a terminator-deadpan way, as she walks into a convenience store and "freshens up" using baby wipes and a staple gun on her torn, sooty face. (A girl's got her pride!) The climax pits John against his Mom and Derek, who are determined to burn Cameron. This episode raises the question of whether Cameron has emotions. Her desperate pleading with John that she doesn't "want to go" certainly looks sincere. In the first season, Cameron appeared to grieve after a fashion for a terminator she helped destroy. She has also appeared pleased with herself momentarily, once in "Heavy Metal" and another time in "Automatic for the People." Both situations involved her ability to take advantage of people's perceptions of her as just a girl.

    I was less impressed with the Catherine Weaver story. The silly stunt of making a shape-shifting terminator into a urinal kind of took away from the drama of finding out there was one of those around.
  • Cameron has gone bad

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Season 2
    Episode 1: Samson and Delilah
    After the Jeep explosion, an interferiance occurs on Cameron's chip what makes her go after John and Sarah in John's 16th birthday.

    Season two starts explosively! Sadly, it goes from great to down and almost bad. This episode was great, but after it went down hill. Episode after episode the season started becoming worse and worse. And what started as great it became lame and almost bad. This episode was the best of the season. The season may have some good episode, better than the previous ones, but almost all the time is going down.
  • Resurrected or so..

    So.. In so many ways they managed to put so little story in that 40 minutes but on the other hand, it did not had the moment of slow motion or anything like that.. So I think it was much to do with going on storylines and major thing was Cameron - is she good or bad and when they tried to take her chip off, she said she is good again.. and all the other things she said.. but the point remained.. they wanted to burn her but John stand up for her and resurrected her.. so they are here to fight another day.

    Other storylines.. I think that weird looking woman and that project "Babylon" soon becomes Skynet.. and.. it does not look good.
  • On the edge of my seat (contains spoilers)

    Wow this show still gets me on the edge of my seat. Wow I thought Cameron was going to die when she was in that car from the expolsion and that would be sad because Summer Glau is hot!!!! She lives though but the scary part is she tries to kill John Connor. This is where it gets really exciting because I thought she was going in the house after reprograming herself to save him from the two men who where attacking him and Sarah. John Connor and Sarah trap her between trucks and John takes the chip out but later he makes a crazy move by pluging her back in I liked how Cameron was liming over the town. Its crazy at the end with a new character women that uses her finger like the bad guy from T2 Judgement Day also she is liquified. I like how this season is going to turnout with a bunch of excitment.
  • good start of season 2

    I have not seen the 2 half of season 1, so I have no Idea what is going in this series. Anyways, right of the beginning of this episode, Cameron turns evil by an explosion And I was like (: o). So Cameron tries to kill John, but soon-or-later John traps Cameron and tries to put her offline. The 1st time, he fails, but the 2nd time, he put her offline. After all he tries to put her offline, he puts Cameron back online, and I really did not know why he did that. Cameron almost terminates John, but she did not. I thought she was going to at first. Over all it was good.
  • An absolutely fantastic way to pick up right where the first season left off. Thrilling and well-written, with impeccably-placed twists to keep viewers engaged throughout.

    Going into this episode, I was expecting something exciting from the season premiere of Terminator. What I got from this episode was miles beyond that. I enjoyed the hints that were placed in the Terminator Vision at the beginning of the episode and the ominous outcome associated with those messages. The subsequent chase brought back the thrills that I last got watching Terminator 2 (to which this episode bears a strong resemblence to...and for those of you who haven't seen it yet, you'll understand what I mean even more when you watch the end of the episode). Basically, the entire storyline revolving around Cameron was mind-boggling and immaculately-executed...I was basically on my toes for the entirety of the one scene where John was deciding her fate. I won't spoil anything more, but seriously, for you who haven't seen this episode yet, I highly recommend that you give a visit to fox.com/terminator and watch the episode when it's uploaded. Simply a stunning piece of art!
  • Very rushed plot. (Spoilers!)

    Summary: After the jeep accident of last season, Cameron turns evil and hunts dow John and Sarah. Introduction of a new redhead CEO who bought the Turk for her own evil purposes. Agent Elision deals with life after his near-death experience. Pros: The ending left me feeling better about the new character, and as always the action scenes were pretty good. Cons: Very rushed. Cameron's malfunction could have been saved for another season, or at least used better, because what we got was bad. If you're going to have her turn evil, you have to string it along a bit. And when they did "bring her back" I was just cringing. The new character was pretty disappointing up until the end. Also the John/Cameron crush plot-line has got to stop. It just has to. While the action scenes were good, some of the drama between Sarah and John was mediocre, something I've been noticing since the first season. Overall: Not enough to make me stop watching the show, but they better pull things back on track soon.
  • I'm simply loving this show. The little hottie terminator never ceases to suprise me, I love the whole, begging for your life, SUCH EMOTION, WOW!!!

    I'm simply loving this show. The little hottie terminator never ceases to suprise me,
    I love the whole, begging for your life, SUCH EMOTION, WOW!!!

    I am giving this show a 10, simply because I am still in a state of euphoria over the story line and the "Overide" ...a terminator overiding, for love, how incredible!! I cant wait for the next show, wonder when her and John will hook up? who knows, only thing I know is that this fricken hundred count crap is getting long.. who can write 100 words about a show sheesh, I mean really stick to 50 and call it a day.
  • Had all the great intensity of a season premiere, and the shocking moments we all expect. Oh, and the Garbage lady almost got peed on.

    Finally, a decent season premiere. Terminator knows how to pack a punch when it comes to special episodes, and this one worked really well for me. I won't lie, I can't remember for the life of me how last season ended other than the Cromartie/Ellison scene, but that didn't matter much because it was easy to pick back up with the action. Right away we see Cameron has gone bad, which is a great great storyline. We get not one but two "omg, are they really gonna kill off that main character?!" moments - when Cameron trashes Sarah and when everyone almost torches Cameron. And hey, season premieres do kill off main characters sometimes, so that stuff definitely kept me glued to the screen. But the Agent Ellison stuff? Not so much. The Charley/Derek stuff was not too bad, but also not extremely interesting. But whatever, the main storyline was so good I didn't really care.

    The best parts came when the Cameron/John relationship was explored. When Cameron was squished between the two trucks, her saying "I love you" to John was so intense! And so sad too, because we knew John had to deactivate her. And I definitely thought she was just lying. But John went with his gut - and was right! Great story there. Oh but him being all emo and cutting his hair, that was just weird.

    On to what was not so good - the introduction of Garbage. Yeah, she's supposed to be a new cool mysterious character whose origins are yet unknown...and he's got the look enough, and the role...but acting skills? No such luck. The bathroom scene was just weird too. Maybe a good actor could have pulled it off, but we'll never know because we now have a Garbage woman instead. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll just die in the next episode or something. Well, not so likely, but hey, at least she's the only thing that's not going so well for this season so far. Good job so far Terminator.
  • The creators gave us a full story, but with plenty of holes and we still feel like our throats are sore ... screaming for more! Every time you think you're getting closer, they pull the rug out from under you and you go flying down the rabbit hole again!

    Amazingly, this is not the best the show has to offer. Though it's close. We got to see one of the characters turn on the others, three were seriously injured, an undecided villain/hero saw the truth but has yet to decide where he stands, and yet another villain was revealed!

    Can we really ask them for much more? Sure we can! I don't want a short season! I want FOX to commit to another 10 episodes and 2 more seasons at the least!

    Honestly though, one of the best parts of this episode was the musical montage at the beginning all by Shirley Manson (our new villain)!
  • John gets a haircut and has woman troubles.

    An exciting and action packed return for this underrated television show has John Conner go through the wringer and witness a series of events that hardens him and brings him one step closer to the leader he will some day become.

    Watching this episode, I was almost disturbed by a feeling of dread watching Cameron, who had been a faithful protector of John, malfunction after an accident and "flip" using every trick in the book to come after someone who obviously has affection for her. It was exciting, and yet emotionally disturbing at the same time, particularly as Cameron resorted to getting into character's heads to achieve her goal.

    Then, of course, the big twist at the end when a new character was revealed to be something more than what she appeared. I'm not going to reveal what it is, but it literally plastered a huge grin on my face and delivered something that this fan has been waiting the whole series to see.

    I hope that the rest of the season carries this momentum.
  • I love you John... And you love me!

    Woah! what an episode! This was just awesome!

    Cameron's CPU is damaged after the explosion in the Jeep and she reverts back to her primary goal to terminate John Connor. This forces Sarah and John to go on the run and take sanctuary in an El Salvadorian church.

    Cameron tracks them to the church after doing to repairs to herself with some staples. There is a scuffle and they fail at shutting her down after shocking her with clock in the holy water.

    They get in a car crash fleeing the church and Cameron attacks john but Sarah pins Cameron between two trucks and John manages to deactivate Cameron after emotionally filled plea where she divulges that she loves John? I mean she can eat food but can she love? I cant wait to see where this is going does she love John or was that just part of here programming to exploit boys by saying she loves them...

    anyways John fixes her cpu and she overrides the termination command and she is back with the gang ready to go and kick Skynet's ASS!

    When will John and Cameron hook up????!!!!
  • Summer turns to winter!

    The first episode of the new season has the female terminator trapped in a explosion and when she come out of the burning truck, she wasn't herself as she is programmed to track down John Connors.A new terminator was introduced, the same powerful terminator that was in the second terminator movie in 1991. the movie has plenty of religious references in that episode. But the best thing about this episode is John and Sarah must stop the female terminator and revent her back to her old self. I like the spot where Lena Headey's speaking out for PETA and against circuses that abuses animal. Right on Lena!
  • Powerful episode

    Amazing start to the new season. I was worried I'd be disappointed with season 2, but with my expectations low, I ended up quite surprised!

    The scene with John and Cameron - "I'm good now! I love you", was beyond amazing. Probably the shows most powerful scene so far. The acting on Summers part was outstanding.

    We got to see what seems to be a T-1000 too, with surprisingly good special effects for a TV show.

    That's all I have to say, it was an awesome episode and you should just watch if for yourself!

    Season 2 looks like it's gonna be one hell of a ride!
  • I loved the little details that made this episode some twists and thrills.

    I really liked this episode. I loved the beginning in slow motion with the background song, which I think has more than purppose than just some background music.

    I think we'll find out eventually what really happened in that room that has created all this fuzz. If it would've been something insignificant then Derek wouldn't have asked Sarah about it and she wouldn't have been so eager to talk to John about it throughout the whole episode.

    When Cameron enters the room and we see that her mission is to terminate John, I didn't see it coming, although I should've, but I really liked the fact that they're always remind us that she's a machine that can turn at any moment. Otherwise we would like her too much.

    The part in which Cameron begs John not to kill her kind of freaked me out. I almost believed her, heck, I want to believe her, but there's something about her that's just not right.

    I was surprised by the fact that I recognized Shirley Manson from the moment I saw the red hair and heard her voice, because I'm not really that familiar with her or her band. I think she plays her role well and although she did seem like a boss that I don't ever want to have, it didn't cross my mind that she would be a T-something until the guy stayed alone in the bathroom. With that, you kind of just know that something's going to happen.
  • An awesome way to start the second season!

    I was worried when there was talk about this possibly getting cancelled. Well, it seems the writers heard it too and decided to deliver a season opener that proves this show deserves to be on the air. Cameron malfunctioning and switching to Terminator mode against John was wicked! But I love how John realized at the end of the episode how serious things have become and when he cut his hair it was very symbolic of the change his character experienced overall. And the end. Oh, the end!
    I'm not spoiling it and I hope no one else does but I found myself saying oh **** out loud to myself.
  • A good set-up makes me give a short review.

    The very beginning with the song seemed a little odd, but all in all this was a good season opener. It continued where the strike shortened season ended and tied up a few strings. The revelation that Catherine Weaver (the red headed woman) is really a T-1000 (as far as we know she's just like the one from T-2) was by far my favorite part of the whole episode. I did not expect that at all and was pleased they manage to shock me somewhere in this episode.
    Cameron's switching drove the episode onward, but wasn't really that terrifing. The whole "I love you" call will make this season interesting, as John has thankfully shed the emo hair. What more can their "relationship" bring?
    Cromartie probably already knows what is in store for Agent Elison which will be interesting to see how he "does the devil's work"
  • A continuation of the first season more than a beginning of a new one but nevertheless great stuff!

    This episode could have had less of the song at the beginning but other than that it was great. Doesn't seem like the beginning of a new season so much as a continuation of the first. But the first season was great (though short) so if it maintains that quality I'm happy! I'm beginning to wonder how human Cameron is going to become. Will she learn how to have human emotion? How to love John? Will she become a singularity of a different kind and resemble something more of what Asimov would write than a terminator? It will be interesting to see what the bigger picture for Cameron is. Nevertheless, great show! Please keep this awesome show on air FOX! Don't throw it away like you did Firefly!
  • Is it the new Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

    Did I miss something? All the flashbacks and the little miss Terminatrix is bad? When the heck did that happen? Ah well, that's what happens when you have such a long time pass between seasons. I may have forgotten some stuff but I don't recall all of that.

    The episode after it gets through all the summarizing of last season gets good. I see the major arch-enemy arriving and well it was to be expected wasn't it? It is better than the Terminator of the week issue that I was worried about last season, but it is yet another Terminator. Will this one be a big character or just another one for a few episodes?

    Personally I am enjoying this series. I of course an especially enjoying watching Summer Glau prance around. HAWT!

    The new problem that is arising for me is... it is beginning to feel like an Invasion of the Body Snatchers type show. You know the aliens are all around us secretly plotting our destruction. Oh well, if it isn't one worry about this show its another. I mean how groudbreaking can you be with this franchise anyhow? It's been done a million times over. Just sit back and watch the never ending chase!
  • The series returns with a vengeance

    The first season of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" took the show from rather pedestrian territory to more fertile ground, especially once the series-specific conflicts were established and the character of Derek Reese emerged on the scene. In the manner of most mid-season runs, the first season was an introduction, and from my perspective, a successful one.

    The fact remains, however, that the second season had to begin with an episode that would resolve the first season cliffhanger and affirm the mission statement of the series. As such things go, the premise is predictably simple. Sarah and John Connor run from a terminator, in this case a damaged Cameron, and Derek Reese and Charlie (Sarah's one-time fiancé) race to find and help them. Meanwhile, the forces behind SkyNet take control of the Turk, the precursor to the deadly AI, and Agent Ellison wonders why Cromartie, another terminator, is so willing to let him stay alive.

    It may sound complicated, but for fans of the series, this is about as simple as it gets. Only two main questions lingered over events: could/would Cameron be restored as John's protector, and what was the deal with Shirley Manson's character? One answer was fairly obvious. No matter what else happened, the producers were not going to dispense with the gorgeous Summer Glau. So it was mostly a question of how Cameron would be repaired.

    Generally speaking, it was done well. Cameron's attempt to undermine John's actions during the critical shutdown scene worked very well, and touched on the hints of an emotional relationship between John and his lethal guardian. Less convincing was his decision to place his life in Cameron's hands. The scene was meant to show John's growing leadership, to be sure, but it was less calculated than incredibly foolhardy.

    It's also hard to imagine that Sarah would take John's reckless choice so well. She practically commends him on his behavior and barely treats Cameron differently. I'm not sure that having Cameron go rogue in this fashion was the best move at this point; the questions surrounding her true mission were more interesting when a fault-driven killing spree wasn't a potential issue. The possibility of a hardware glitch causing her to attack in the future makes her presence less logical.

    That said, the first season established that the series is an "alternate universe". The characters are not necessarily the same, even if they made familiar choices in the past. This Sarah is softer in tone and less damaged in mental state. John is logically caught in the whiny and rebellious teenage psychology. Remembering this doesn't erase all the writing conveniences, but it does keep the series from becoming an exercise in frustration.

    The introduction of Shirley Manson's character was surprising. Frankly, I wasn't sold on the casting. As much as I love Manson as the front woman for Garbage, I had no faith in her acting ability. At first, my fears seemed to be confirmed. That final twist at the end of the episode completely changed my mind. I'm willing to see where this plot element evolves, since it adds another layer to the mix.

    I'm also curious to know whether or not the various allusions to Biblical figures, and the terminators' apparent interest in human religion, will be meaningful in the long run. Cameron's question about the Resurrection was timely, of course, but some of the other comments felt more portentous. Hopefully the ratings will hold up, FOX will remain patient, and we'll all have time to find out.
  • We pretty much know now how this series is going to play out.

    To those who don't know the biblical story of Samson and Delilah here is a brief summary: Samson was granted tremendous strength through the Spirit of the Lord to combat his enemies (The Philistines) and perform heroic feats unachievable by ordinary men. It was also proclaimed by an angel from God, that Samson would deliver the Israelites from the Philistines. But... (there's always a but) he falls in love with a woman (from Philistine), Delilah. The Philistines approach Delilah and bribe her with 1100 silver coins to try to find the secret of Samson's strength.

    We pretty much know now how this series is going to play out... John is Samson, and Cameron is Delilah... John is to deliver the human race (Israelites) from the robots (The Philistines). Cameron sent by Skynet (probably promised her some major upgrades instead of 1100 silver coins lol) is sent to try and find the secret of John's (Samson's) strength. And that my friends is the major plot behind this tv show.

    It was stated by the show's creator Josh Friedman that the show is an alternate timeline; so in my opinion, this timeline's John Connor is ultimately betrayed by Cameron because of his attachment to her and not the Schwarzenegger model as it was stated in T3.

    For more on Samson and Delilah : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samson

    And for the creator's comment about the timeline thingy : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0851851/faq#.2.1.4
  • Following the events of last season a new Terminator is introduced plus Cameron experiences a malfunction which has her targeting John for termination.

    Well the Terminator series is back and it didn't miss a step. This show is really delivering the goods like no other show has. Since we didn't know that there would be a second season the writers did like other writings are doing they left us with a cliffhanger wanting more. Gladly to fans the networks at FOX saw the potential of the show (despite the obvious big budget cost) and here we have another season to enjoy.

    This time around certain things have changed and other things have not. We get a brand new terminator (another female), we have Cameron possibly "going bad" something that Derek Reese alluded to last season. However, she didn't become bad by choice, the explosion from last season messed up her memory and her "other" objective kicked in to kill John Connor. This set up a lot of intense and action packed scenes that were very similar to T2 but still well done as to not appear as a simple copycat of the movie.

    I especially loved the scene where Cameron even though she looked weak by the explosion was still kicking ass and completely knocked over the car Sarah was driving.

    We still haven't seen the "warrior of mankind" that we expect from John but again the show is called the Sarah Connor Chronicles so we expect Sarah to come his rescue.

    Still though I don't mind as I said this show has so much action, great action and intensity that you don't mind that the show plays around and takes liberties with Terminator universe. Take for example, that really intimate scene where John is about to disable Cameron. Cameron in an obvious ploy to trick John tells him she loves him. John is shocked that the cyborg can show emotion. This coincides with the other Terminator from last season also showing emotion by deciding not to kill Agent Ellison despite the fact that he practically massacred Ellison's team.

    It's stuff like this that Terminator purist might detest as Terminators aren't really made to show emotion but in this case an exception can be made. Cameron's "emotion" was clearly a clever ploy to mimic emotion. The other Terminator's decision to not terminate (pun intended) Ellison might be the result of him have other plans.

    Anyways, John does "fix" Cameron as best he can and takes a big leap of faith (much to the disapproval of everyone) that Cameron won't kill him. Truth be told as much as this seems to be a stupid move on John's part, he is right they do need Cameron to ward of the threats of the other terminators that are coming. Since Sarah and John are still fugitives they need all the help they can get.

    The new female terminator was awesome. There is a debate about whether she's a T-1000 or a much more advance version. Whatever the case is, the special effects of her morphing was awesome Stan Winston RIP whose ILM worked on T2 would be proud.

    I don't know what will happen next but we are in for another great season.
  • It`s back.

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles is back. While it still has what is probably my least favorite titles ever, the show still gives quality entertainment. Despite these minor criticisms, this is a great episode. The rest of the cast has really come together. It's interesting to see some of the dynamics in play. Dean Winters returns as Sarah's one-time fiancé. Cromartie and Agent Ellis meet again – setting up future episodes. The show feels much more assured, in both style and substance. If this premiere is the standard for what's to come, we're in for a great season of television. Looking forward to the next one.
  • "Garbage" singer turned into a Terminator?!!

    I could not help but feel a sense of deja vue when i saw the new vilain in tonite's show and oddly enough i was able to track down who she is...unless i am completely in left field this is the singer from the music group Garbage...they made the main theme for the James Bond flick "the world is not enough" and if you can see the vid she is a "darn" robot in the video which i found very funny..i guess the producers and casters like her so much they decided to try her out...very cunning if you ask me..show was great by the way!!!
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