Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 10

Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on FOX

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  • What's up with Sarah's obsession with the three dots? Meanwhile, Jesse's plans complicate things further, and Weaver introduces Ellison to someone very important. Perhaps Weaver can introduce Jesse to a wormhole or something while she's at it.

    Sarah's obsession with the three dots leads her to a company that she believes may have Andy Goode's Turk. The steal drives, and realize that this is for an AI system, for which they don't have a server powerful enough to run. All kinds of stuff happen with Alex, who misdirects Sarah into giving him all his money, but when Sarah realizes that the guy is a phony, she kicks both his ass and Alex's. What's up Sarah seeing three dots on her face??

    Meanwhile, Jesse's plans complicate things even further, and reveals to Derek that she's here to stop Cameron (I think?). Derek later tells Jesse that John is his nephew. I shall not mention the nonsense with Riley, except for the fact that she's from the future.

    Ellison discovers that Dr. Sherman died due to an accident in a server room. Weaver tells him that Dr. Sherman was working on Babylon, their AI program. Ellison realizes that the AI program killed Dr. Sherman because it didn't like what he was teaching it, and it that it hadn't been programmed to value human life. Catherine introduces Ellison to Chrome Artie, who introduces itself as John Henry – the AI program.

    Random Thoughts:
    - Jesse and Riley were creepy. At least it's less annoying now that she's working John.

    - John's shrink is dead, sucks for John.

    - Chrome Artie lives! Sorta.

    - Some nice John/Sarah stuff

    - Looks like Sarah might be spiraling!

    Bottom Line: Great episode! I'm glad that Chrome Artie is back!!
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