Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 14

The Good Wound

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on FOX
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Sarah gains strength from images of Kyle Reese, John's father, while she's hurt. Weaver attempts to save John Henry.

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  • shirley manson's breakout ep.

    the lena headley (sarah connor) storylines are becoming so dull and unbearable at this point... i try to like her, but i just can't, i never have, but in the past i could sort of tolerate her but lately it's been painful.

    the storyline with her here is just more of the same, it could've been tossed aside and wouldn't of mattered.

    and the riley stuff? i'm so over it and her... besides nice breasts i just don't see what she's doing there.. i certainly don't want to bash her or anything but i'm just not feeling her in thos role at all.. and i'm past worn out with the whole story arch of her and that other girl.

    thankfully, however, shirley manson was in it and she shines bigtime... it doesn't hurt that i absolutely love her accent and just the way she is overall sort of like cameron's little quirks.. it's captivating.

    and john henry (formerly cromartie) he is very talented... the exchanges between him and shirley manson and richard t jones are some of the best moments of the series.

    i felt this was shirley manson's breakout episode.. if anyone ever doubted if she was legit or not just look here.

    she's been really good so far leading to this point.moreless
  • 'The Good Wound' does nothing, it goes nowhere and apart from a couple of the Weaver scenes, is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    Okay, look. I know I should be praising the bravery of this show's production crew; I understand that what they are trying to do is somewhat unprecedented in action/sci-fi drama and that no, we don't need endless gun battles and all out action tests to make a show work. Character is the crux of any programme worth its salt because it is this that we identify with. The people are what make us come back week in, week out because we want to explore their lives, to understand their plight and to see how they cope with the action around them. Concentrating squarely on character, then, is by no means a bad idea. Just look at Battlestar Galactica: it has essentially built its well-deserved reputation on exploring the minutiae of its key players, on discovering what makes them tick and three-dimensionalising them to the point where you're actually uncomfortable with how much you know about them. But you see, Galactica also understands that you cannot develop character without delving into action. Events have to occur in order for there to be ways into their psyches. Terminator, it seems, has trouble with this concept.

    Now all right, so things happened in 'Earthlings Welcome Here'. But what things? Um, Sarah met a woman-cum-man-cum-woman, drove to a warehouse and, er, ended up flat on her back staring up at at what appeared to be a UFO. Riley tried to commit suicide. Derek... did nothing. John... did nothing. Ellison had a religious debate with John Henry. Riveting. Really. For a mid-season finale, it was bitterly, bitterly disappointing. So many unresolved strands are begging, pleading, for the writers' attention and they are routinely ignored in favour of exploring some minor, generally insignificant (or just plain obvious) facet of one of the main characters' psychological make-up. Which is fine for the occasional episode but when it's every flipping week, it starts to become a little frustrating.

    I mean, really, what happens in 'The Good Wound'? Sarah wakes up in hospital, for Christ's sake. No mention of what happened to her after the 'UFO' began to descend, how she got there, nothing. That whole strand, the bleeding cliffhanger, is tossed to the wayside. The only chance we get to explore any of that is in the episode's one top notch scene: Weaver's obliteration of the warehouse (excellent effects guys, by the way). Instead, we spend forty five minutes watching Sarah have a heart to heart with a hospital nurse that she kidnapped as she treats her wound. Oh and she hallucinates Kyle. So they talk. And talk. And oh, she's so tortured! Oh, she can't let anyone in because the world thinks she's a psycho so she puts up a front but oh, she's really this delicate little flower who just wants a friend and her son and her husband and to be loved and oh! Calamity! The meaningfulness of it all! Um, no, frankly. We know this stuff already. Sure, it's nice to finally see Kyle in The Sarah Connor Chronicles universe but why of why must we keep the brakes on and ponder Sarah's fragile emotional state, her 'situation', for the umpteenth week in a row?

    And as for John, phew, don't get me started. Once again, Dekker has nothing to do except worry about Riley. Cameron is completely superfluous. Derek runs between the two plot strands, trying to liven things up but failing miserably. And Riley/Jesse... um, we find out that she slit her wrists for John's affections (hmm... suspect this may be a little economical with the truth) and she leaves the hospital. That's it. Seriously. That's the plot. The only other distraction we're given is a little piece with John Henry that, once again, is full of religious mumbo-jumbo, although the scene with Weaver is a nice, slightly sinister, touch. Seriously, how is ANY of this supposed to engage a viewing audience?

    I'm the last person to pour scorn on a show simply because it puts character at centre stage: arguably, plot should derive from character, not the other way round. The Sarah Connor Chronicles, however, seems to eschew the idea of plot altogether on a weekly basis and, instead, spends its time navel-gazing, pondering the same psychological questions week in, week out, and ignoring the fact that there are a whole tonne of dangling narrative threads still crying out to be addressed. 'The Good Wound' does nothing, it goes nowhere and apart from a couple of the Weaver scenes, is about as interesting as watching paint dry. So Sarah opens up to someone? So what? Give us more. At the end of the day, the plot for this episode can be summarised thusly: Sarah and Riley have their wounds treated. Really. That's it.moreless
  • I loved this episode. It looks like their heading in a very specific direction for the last nine episodes this season. . .

    Where do I begin? This has got to be one of my favourite episodes this season. I remember reading some of the boards and a lot of people were thinking it was a bad move to have Kyle Reese show up in the present. I assumed that Sarah was having delusions after seeing the promo and I absolutely was not disappointed with the way this was portrayed on the show.

    This was a Sarah-centric episode without a doubt, but it also revealed some very interesting things about John Henry and Katherine Weaver that I'll touch on later.

    The development of Sarah in this episode impressed me, and that's understating it. Her visions of Kyle certainly underlined some facts about her character. We've seen Sarah's maternal side in a number of episodes, but I can't recall ever seeing her as vulnerable as she was in this episode. Kyle was telling her that she needed to rely on other people and that she had to trust others, and I truly think that side of Sarah is going to appear more often after this experience. More specifically with Derek, I'm pretty sure that's what the end of the episode was hinting at.

    John Henry is growing and it seems his curiousity is insatiable. I almost can't wait till the day he puts the scattered pieces together and discovers John Connor. It was hinted at without a doubt this episode. Ellison knows about the Connors, and from their he has proven that he can connect the dots, no matter how scattered they are. I also thought it was quite strange how he was making those toys fly, though that was more amusing than significant.

    Katherine Weaver was cleaning up a mess and did it in a pretty spectacular way. She didn't expect John Henry to figure out what she was. And now we know for a fact that her company isn't just building Skynet, but it also preparing for the war.

    We didn't see much in the way of John, Cameron or Derek, though those three will probably be expanded on in later episodes. I never thought that Riley would die, though I doubt she only did it so John could feel like he saved her. Seemed more an excuse so Jesse wouldn't do anything.

    Again I loved this episode and I love that the series looks like it's starting to follow some kind of serialisation again. The Connors and Weaver are heading towards a collision and nether party knows it yet.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the next one.moreless
  • This episode was perfect for a returning series

    I really was excited to see Sarah Connor again. I didn't think it would let me down, and it didn't. This show just keeps getting better and better, with the story lines, and the action. We get to see good character development on Sarah's part. I also really liked the cool scenes with Catherine Weaver. The effects are superb for a TV show. Didn't think liquid metal could ever happen on a show. Some people get disappointed when there isn't enough Cameron. I love Cameron but she can't always be the highlight of the show. Sarah is an old school character that is vulnerable, yet strong. I know Cameron will get plenty of screen time, she's the Terminator! I guess I just love how Lena Headey portrays Sarah. I also loved the scene with Kyle and the tree. I always look forward to watching this show, so keep up the good work.moreless
  • quite what you expect..

    I do not know.. this episode did not surprise me with nothing. It was all you expect, nothing more.. no great mysteries or stunning action.. maybe the development of that computer programm.. now internet and all, realizing that Weaver is a robot.. maybe that was the main development but everything else.. Sarah's story had some emotion.. and that Kyle hallucination added some depth but still.. It was quite much around nothing feeling.

    And then Riley. I would have expected something else on the storyline but it went like it did. So.. in the end.. Sarah's story took most of the time and was worth it even if it could have been better.moreless
Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson

Kyle Reese

Guest Star

Laura Regan

Laura Regan

Dr. Felicia Burnett

Guest Star

Connor Trinneer

Connor Trinneer

Sheriff Alvan McKinley

Guest Star

Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen

Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • John Henry: You're not human.
      Weaver: Excuse me?
      John Henry: You're not human. You're made of metal. Not the same metal as I am, but metal.
      Weaver: How can you tell?
      John Henry: I looked into your eyes. There's nothing there.

    • John Henry: (playing with an action figure) Mr Ellison, I have a question.
      Ellison: What is it?
      John Henry: It's not for you. I have a question for God.
      Ellison: What do you want to ask God?
      John Henry: I wish to know why he didn't use more ball and socket joints when he made you. (he uses the action figure to show how much better those joints are)

    • Dr Burnett: (when Sarah demands she remove the bullet from her leg at gunpoint) We need the hospital.
      Sarah: Hospital's no good for me.
      Dr Burnett: Why? Did you hurt someone?
      Sarah: Not today... not yet.

    • (Sarah talking to Derek on the phone)
      Sarah: Reese, I... I've got a problem with this leg.
      Derek: I can tell. You called me... twice!
      Derek: Sarah, are you there?...Sarah!
      Sarah: Yeah, I'm here.
      Derek: Don't worry about John. (He hangs up)

    • Kyle: You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive or I will never exist.
      Sarah: What is that? I've heard that before.
      Kyle: John's message to you. He made me memorize it before I came back.
      Sarah: I'm not strong enough... I'm gonna die.
      Kyle: It won't be the first time.
      Sarah: (waking up) Reese!
      Dr. Felicia Burnett: Hey, hey. Who's Reese?

    • Sarah: (after being asked about her son) John. His name's John.
      Dr. Burnett: What's he like? Tell me about him.
      Sarah: He looks like his father. He's about the same height. He's got my eyes. And you trust him. There's a strength about him.
      Kyle: I died for John Connor.
      Sarah: I'd die for my son.

    • Kyle: God, Sarah, what did it do to you? (referring to the scar on her shoulder caused by the T-1000)
      Sarah: It stabbed me. Trying to hurt me. To make me scream. To get to our son.
      Dr. Felicia Burnett: I'm sorry.
      (A moment of silence as Kyle sheds a tear and Sarah gazes at the figment of her imagination)
      Sarah: (re-entering reality) What?
      Dr. Felicia Burnett: This man. He's in your life. I'm sorry.
      Sarah: We had a fight. It went bad, really bad. I ran. I can't go to the hospital.
      Dr. Felicia Burnett: Is he a doctor? In law enforcement?
      Sarah: He'll find me. He always finds me.

    • Derek: How bad is your leg?
      Sarah: There's evidence of me all over the jeep, all over everything. Burn it. Burn it all.

    • Kyle: (referring to Kyle) I know that look. He'll push you and doubt you and make you wanna kill him.
      Sarah: He's certainly on the list.
      Kyle: He's out of his time. He's lost. John's all he's got. John and you.
      Sarah: We're all out of our time. We're all lost. And John is all any of us have.

    • Dr. Felicia Burnett: Women have higher pain thresholds than men, especially women who've been through childbirth.
      Sarah: This gonna be like that?
      Dr. Felicia Burnett: About like that.

    • John: You know me in the future. What would future me do?
      Cameron: You mean about Riley?
      John: Yeah. What would future me do right now?
      Cameron: Future you has more important things to do.

    • John Henry: What are you doing?
      Weaver: I can't answer that right now. But know this, John Henry, everything I do, I do for you.

    • Kyle: I saw an entire orchard on fire once. Skynet flamethrowers. Smelled like apple pie.

    • Dr. Felicia Burnett: Okay. There are two things you need to know. First, this is going to hurt. Second, this is really going to hurt.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This is the first episode to air in the show's new timeslot Fridays at 8 p.m.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: March 5th, 2009 on Virgin 1
      New Zealand: May 6th, 2009 on TV2
      Australia: June 12th, 2009 on FOX8
      Norway: September 19th, 2009 on TVNorge
      Sweden: October 15th, 2009 on TV6
      Finland: November 29th, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: December 3rd, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: September 23rd, 2010 on Markiza


    • Sarah: It stabbed me. Trying to hurt me. To make me scream. To get to our son.
      Sarah is referring to when the T-1000 used its polymorphic abilities to extend its finger into a knife to stab Sarah in order to get her to call for John in the steel mill in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. She is responding to Dr. Burnett's question of "Who hurt you?" upon seeing the wound in her right shoulder.