Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 14

The Good Wound

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Sarah lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Kyle Reese's voice can be heard. He tells Sarah that John gave him a photo of her once, but he doesn't know why he had to tell her this now. Sarah wakes up in confusion, and her memory flashes to the bloody three dots. Kyle continues by saying that she is young like she is now. He has always wondered what she was thinking at that moment. Sarah's memory flashes to Eileen revealing her true identity for the first time. Kyle says that Sarah looks sad, like she was remembering something long ago. He tells her that he traveled across time for her. He reveals that he had loved her, and always had.

Sarah finally wakes up, and notices patients walking outside the corridor. Among them is a cop asking question to a nurse outside. A voice suddenly calls out to Sarah, addressing her in a military tone to be on her feet. She looks around but doesn't see anyone. She checks her leg, covered in bandages, and looks at her medical report. It states that she was brought in as a "Jane Doe", unconscious with a gunshot wound. The cop and nurse finish their conversation, and then the nurse goes and checks on Sarah, who pretends to be asleep.

After the nurse closes the door, the mysterious voice sternly calls out to Sarah to stand up. She unplugs the IV drip from her arm and tries to stand, but she is weakened from her leg wound and the excruciating pain. "Pain can be controlled," the voice says. As Sarah breathes hard, a hand reaches out to her. It is Kyle Reese. "Come with me if you want to live," he says. Unable to understand his presence here, Sarah takes his hand and gets up. As the cop waits outside Sarah's ward, he hears a glass-shattering noise inside. He barges in and finds the window broken. Sarah throws the IV drip tube over his neck, strangling him until he goes unconscious. Kyle goes past the cop's body and tells Sarah to take his gun, which she does. He tells her that the hall is clear and urges her to go.

While walking through the corridor, Kyle tells Sarah that they need backup, but they also need to get the bullet out of her leg. He advises her to call "him" as "he" can help. Doctors notice Sarah limping across the corridor, but Kyle cannot be seen. After moving past the doctors, Sarah tells Kyle that she can't call John as it's too dangerous. Kyle says not John but pleads her to call "him".

Derek is about to leave Jesse's apartment. Jesse tells him that he just got here, and Derek tells her that it's an emergency. He reveals that John's girlfriend Riley had just committed suicide in the bathroom and he's taking her to a hospital. Jesse remarks that it's awful, and Derek responds that he will need to back John up as hospitals can be tricky and a lot of questions will be asked. He tells Jesse that he will keep her posted, but she asks about Riley's status. Derek answers that she's alive.

At the hospital, Derek inquires John about Riley's current status. John tells him that paramedics got there in time before she lost a lot of blood. Derek questions John's decision to bring Riley to a hospital as there are cops and social workers around. John replies that he made the call, so Derek has to live with it. The doctor tending to Riley arrives and John asks if she will be all right. The doctor says it depends, and asks who he is. Before John can answer, Cameron tells the doctor that he's Riley's boyfriend. The doctor asks John if he notified her parents. John answers that Riley is placed under foster care, but doesn't think it's a good time to call them now as something bad happened between Riley and them. The doctor tells him that by law, Child Protective Services workers will be here to evaluate her home situation and make the appropriate judgment. He tells John to stay put until CPS arrives. Derek stares at John as if admonishing him for his decision, while John remains silent.

As Sarah leaves the hospital, she calls Derek and puts him up-to-date with the current situation. She tells him to go to the warehouse in the desert where Alan Park/Eileen told her that the people inside are building something there. Derek asks her what she saw, but Sarah tells him that it doesn't matter and Alan's dead now. Derek asks Sarah about her leg, and she replies there's evidence all over the jeep that she drove to the warehouse, and everything else. She tells him to burn it all.

Derek goes back to John and tells him that Sarah found something related to the three dots. John asks if it's for real this time. Derek tells him that the bullet in his mother's leg sounds real. John immediately gets up to find Sarah, but Derek tells him to stay put and he will go. John made the decision to bring Riley here so he has to live with it. Derek assures his nephew that Riley will be fine, and leaves.

Meanwhile, Kyle tells Sarah that he knows her look, which makes him push her, doubt her and make her want to kill him. He says that John's out of his time and he always got lost, and that includes Sarah. She replies that they are all out of their time and are lost, and John is all anyone of them has. A woman pulls her car up to the hospital parking lot. As she looks into her car trunk, Sarah pushes a gun behind her back and asks if she's a doctor. When the woman confirms it, Sarah tells her that she's a patient.

Sarah pushes the woman up close all the way to a nearby motel. The woman asks for her name. Sarah tells her to get inside the motel room. Kyle the apparition is already sitting inside, and looks outside the window. He tells Sarah to ease up and reassure the woman. At gunpoint, Sarah requests the doctor to help her remove the bullet from her leg, and gives her the medical report. The woman tells Sarah that she needs to be in a hospital for this. Sarah refuses, and the woman asks her if she hurt someone. Sarah replies not now, not today, not yet. Kyle reminds Sarah again and she tells the woman that she didn't hurt anyone.

The doctor removes the bandages from Sarah's leg and examines it. She asks who hurt her, and notices earlier scars, but Sarah ignores this and tells her that it's not her problem. Kyle tells Sarah to let the doctor help her; she wants to help her as she's a doctor for a reason. Sarah lies to the doctor and tells her that a man hurt her in order to get to her son. Kyle is shocked to see the scars covering her body. The doctor expresses sympathy for her, while Kyle sheds tears. Sarah tells the doctor that her fight with the man went bad and she ran. She doesn't want to go to a hospital. The doctor asks if that man is a doctor or working in law enforcement. Sarah tells her that he will always find her. The doctor takes her hand and asks Sarah for her name. Looking at Kyle for reassurance, Sarah tells the woman her name.

Meanwhile, Deputy Harrison reports to his superior, Sheriff Alvin McKinley, that Sarah's gun serial number has been filed of from her weapon, as they examine her vehicle, where the driver seat is covered in blood. McKinley thinks the gun's not necessary hers, but Harrison believes that Sarah sure had shot the gun as she had powder burns. McKinley also finds the audio recorder Sarah has on the therapy between Dr. Barbara Morris and Eileen/Alan, but he hasn't listened to it yet. Harrison receives a call on Sarah's escape from the hospital. At the scene, McKinley thinks that most people won't be able to break out an IV needle, break the window and choke out a deputy with the gunshot wound that Sarah has. He believes that she is accustomed to her circumstance. The deputy who was choked earlier, Simmons, reports that a doctor, Felicia Burnett, didn't turn up for work earlier today. The sheriff orders an APB for either Sarah or Felicia within a five-mile radius.

As Sarah lies in bed, the woman, Felicia, warns her that the removal operation is going to hurt. She asks about her son, but Sarah refuses to tell her. Felicia remarks that women have a higher tolerance to pain, assuming they have been through childbirth. This lightens Sarah up a bit, who tells Felicia her son's name. She tells the doctor that John looks like his father. Kyle listens to this silently, and replies that he died for John Connor. At this, Sarah tells Felicia that she will die for her son. Felicia advises her to breathe as there will be contraptions, as she cuts into her wound using the scalpel.

In the hospital, John watches over Riley, who wakes up. He asks how she feels, and she tells him that she feels like an idiot. Cameron comes in and Riley is surprised to see her here. Cameron says that she is worried about her, but her expression shows otherwise. Riley tells her not to be sorry, and replies that she's really tired, indicating for the two to leave.

Sarah wakes up in bed after the operation and sees Kyle standing in front of her. He tells her that she must be stronger than she can imagine that she ever can be. She must survive so that he will exist. Sarah asks him what the phrase is, as she had heard it before. Kyle says it is John's message to her. He had Kyle memorize it before he came back. Sarah thinks she's not strong enough, and will die. Kyle replies it won't be the first time. Sarah wakes up from this conversation, and calls out to Reese as she grabs her gun. Felicia asks who Reese is but Sarah ignores her question and asks if the bullet is removed. Felicia tells her that she can't remove it, not here. Sarah thinks she's lying, but Felicia tells her that she's been out for half an hour, so that means if she could, she would have Sarah brought back to hospital and handcuffed with guards outside her room.

Before Sarah can do anything, Kyle pushes her gun down gently as he tells her that Felicia could have given up on her any time, but she didn't. Felicia tells Sarah that the bullet is dug under her femoral artery, which means that if she accidentally nicks it, Sarah will bleed out and die in less than four minutes. She tells Sarah to trust her, as she needs to have a greater picture of what's inside her leg. She needs real instruments to work on her. Sarah thinks over this, as Felicia tells her that she knows what it means to be afraid. Sarah gets up and Felicia helps her over to the door.

At Zeira Corp, Ellison watches John Henry putting together toy robots. He tells Ellison that Matt Murch brought these for him as he thinks it will help the AI develop motor control, while the latter shows a slight hint of disapproval. John Henry gives names to his toys and seems to develop the behavior of a young child. He also explains to Ellison that there are differences in the joints holding up his toys and the ones inside his body. Ellison tells the AI that the body was meant to look like a person and made in humans' image. The AI expresses surprise and asks whose image was humans made in. Ellison replies that it's God's. John Henry tells Ellison that his body first appeared in 1999, but had a different appearance then. He goes on to describe Cromartie's act of terror in 2007, which leads to Ellison telling him to stop talking. He asks the AI how he knew all this. John Henry replies that he wanted to know about this body's history, so he accessed the internet and put in a search on a name. Ellison asks whose name it was and the AI replies it's Ellison's. John Henry gives a slight smile at Ellison but the latter has enough of their conversation and turns to leave. The AI has a question to tell Ellison, but it's not for him, but for God. He wishes to know why God never added more balls and socket joints when He made Ellison. He turns one of the toy's limbs to empathize his point, as Ellison watches silently.

Later, Ellison tells Catherine Weaver that she gave John Henry access to the internet. Catherine says that the AI has many questions, and Murch thought it will be a good idea for John Henry to give him the capacity to look for answers himself. Ellison remarks that the AI has gotten very good at it, but thinks it's an unwise decision. He cannot fathom to think what the AI might find. Catherine thinks that Ellison is worried on outside influence on John Henry, but Ellison says that he's worried about what the AI will become. He asks who's God, and Catherine replies that he is the one.

Meanwhile, Sheriff McKinley checks over Felicia's abandoned car outside the motel. Deputy Simmons found a lot of blood and discarded medical equipment inside the room, and thinks that someone tried to operate. Whoever's in there was long gone. Unknown to them, Felicia has driven Sarah in another car back to the hospital. She asks Sarah what's her next plans are. Sarah says that she has never snuck into one before. Felicia thinks Sarah's crazy, but she indicates Felicia to go get the gurney in the ambulance.

At another hospital, Cameron walks to where John is and sits down beside him. John knows that Cameron knew him in the future, ad asks her what the future him would do about Riley. Cameron responds that the future him has more important things to do. Riley is in her room text-messaging someone on the phone, when Jesse arrives and tells her to pack her things as she's checking out.

Felicia smuggles Sarah into the hospital morgue by disguising her as a dead body. As she prepares her operating equipment, Felicia asks about Reese and asks if he did this to her. Sarah replies no, but Kyle appears and tells her that isn't completely true. He believes it was because of him that Sarah ended up in this state, but she says no and tells Felicia that Reese is John's father and he's dead. Felicia apologizes and Sarah tells her to start the operation soon. Felicia tells her that she will come right back and leaves the room. Kyle tells Sarah that her leg is bleeding again, and she thinks it's the bullet moving around. Kyle reminds her that she's got four minutes before she dies from massive bleeding if the artery is cut. In response, Sarah takes out her cellphone and calls someone.

That "someone" is Derek, who receives the call. He asks where Sarah is, and she tells him that she's in the morgue. Derek asks her if she's joking, but she tells him she's not and she's about to undergo surgery. Sarah asks him if he's found the warehouse, and Derek tells her not yet, as there are other problems at hand. He reveals that John's girlfriend is becoming a problem. Sarah asks Derek what he will tell John, as she has a problem with her leg. He tells her not to worry about John.

John Henry greets Catherine as she comes to visit him. She understands that Murch said the AI asked for her. John Henry proceeds to tell her about his toys, then suddenly changes subject and says she isn't human. Catherine doesn't get it the first time so the AI repeats what he just said. He tells her that she isn't human as she's made of metal, but a different kind of metal from his. Catherine asks the AI how he could tell. John Henry states that when he looked into her eyes, there's nothing there. Catherine asks him if he's shared this information with anyone, like Murch or Ellison. The AI answers no but asks if he should. In response, Catherine says no, that he should not. John Henry proceeds to tell her that his body is made up primarily of coltan, and the ones used to make up his body came from the mines in the Eastern Republic of Congo. Catherine thinks it's likely but she wouldn't know for certain. Through the internet, the AI has found that in the last 26 months, Zeira Corp has amassed 7% of the world's coltan reserves. Catherine isn't surprised, while John Henry says he has been looking for keywords regarding coltan, and he detected an audio transmission, which he plays for her. In the audio, a man is calling for others to shut the place down due to breach, and they have 16 tons of coltan. The AI waits for her response, and Catherine asks if he detected that on an unsecured line, and he confirms it. She tells John Henry that was a mistake, and gets up to leave. John Henry asks Catherine what she's doing, and she tells him that she can't answer that right now, but everything she did was for him.

Back at the morgue, Felicia explains to Sarah that she needs to insert an endoscope into her leg as she operates. She tells Sarah that she has to put her under anaesthetic and to put away her gun. As Sarah mulls over this, Kyle appears and tells her to listen to Felicia as the bullet in her leg isn't a joke. If she thinks she can toughen her way through, the pain would kill her. Sarah refuses to put her gun away, and Felicia shouts that she understands how Sarah feels, but if she doesn't put her weapon away right now, she swears she will let her die. Sarah finally gives the gun to her reluctantly, and Kyle tells Sarah not to worry, as he will be here, watching. Sarah lied down and is prepared to be prepped for surgery.

Meanwhile, John and Cameron find the doctor tending to Riley talking with two security guards. He asks the doctor what's happening, and he tells John that Riley is missing, and a lock-down will be enforced in the entire hospital. They will be searching room by room. John elects to check at the cargo elevator while he tells Cameron to check the parking lots and exits, but Cameron stops him and says that they don't need to find her.

Returning to Jesse's apartment, Riley tries to talk to her but Jesse tells her to shut up. She reminds Riley that she got her out of hell and into paradise, and this is what she has to do. As Jesse checks Riley's wounds, Riley tells her that there was a girl at school who killed herself, and John tried to save her but the "machine" stopped him. Jesse thinks that Riley committing suicide was all for John's benefit. Riley asks her if she could stay with her. Jesse says that people will be looking for her, but Riley requests to stay with for a little while, even an hour. Jesse takes out her bandages, and finally complies with Riley's request. Riley smiles.

Meanwhile at the warehouse with no windows, a supervisor is ordering his subordinates to pack up their stuff and make it seem like they were never there. Later he goes to the restroom and relieves himself. When he emerges out of the restroom, he is immediately slit in the throat by a passing Catherine Weaver, and dies. Catherine continues walking through the corridor, killing two more workers and a woman who screams at the carnage. The screams and shouts get louder as Catherine moves around the warehouse, killing every single staff she can find. Afterwards, she accesses the warehouse records on the computer. Two security guards enter the office and tell her to turn around slowly. Instead, Catherine says they might want to tell her about where the demolition materials are, and guesses they might be in the sub-basement. When the guards do not reply, she says she will find them on her own, as she stares ahead. Later, Catherine walks out of the warehouse, as it explodes in a huge explosion and engulfs her. But she emerges unscathed, turning into liquid metal form before reverting back to her Weaver disguise.

In his office, Sheriff McKinley plays the audio recording of Eileen/Alan's therapy to Harrison. At the end, they hear sub-machinegun fire. McKinley recognizes the sound to be from a 9mm, semi-auto weapon, all from the same point of origin, and thinks it's an execution. Harrison says the gun found on Sarah's vehicle was a different gun. McKinley doesn't know who the two people in the recording were, but someone knows, which is Sarah. He tells his deputy to put out a notice to FBI and other related agencies for her. He leaves and tells Harrison that he will be checking out the warehouse at the end of the dirt road, according to the audio recording. As Harrison collects the reports, there is a huge explosion. As he and McKinley run outside to the parking lot, they see Sarah's vehicle on fire, now useless as evidence. In the office, Derek burns all related files to Sarah and leaves. Harrison thinks that Sarah may have some back here to destroy evidence but McKinley isn't convinced. Harrison thinks that may be another shooter and the sheriff aggress with that thought. Whoever it was, knows Sarah's condition and where she may be, and the McKinley bets the saboteur is looking for this, as he holds up the audio recorder. He orders his deputy to send men to check out the hospital, and he will be joining them shortly.

Meanwhile, Felicia manages to find the bullet in Sarah's leg using the endoscope. In a dream, Sarah stands beside Kyle in the dark, staring up at a tree with weird branches. She asks him what it is, and he answers apple fig. Sarah says it isn't, while Kyle guesses he climbed to get fruit from it when he was a child. Again, Sarah replies it's not true as he was never here. Kyle tells her that he saw an entire orchard on fire once, committed by Skynet flamethrower units. The burning air smelt like apple pie. Sarah thinks it's just a story, as Kyle walks forward and checks the soil under the tree. Sarah asks him what he's doing. He replies that he and Derek used to bury notes under the tree. He digs out an ammo box, and tells Sarah that he never lied to her about being here before. He takes something out and gives it to Sarah. It's the picture of her taken back in Mexico. Kyle tells her never, then holds out his hand to touch her cheek and kisses her. Sarah looks warmly at him as her head rests comfortably on his hand.

Sarah wakes up calling out to Reese. Felicia tells her that she will be ok. Derek barges into the morgue and Felicia grabs Sarah's gun and points at him. Derek tells her to relax as he's here for Sarah, but Felicia thinks that he's the one who's been tormenting Sarah and tells him to stay away or he will regret it. Derek tells Felicia that she won't want to do that and indicates that she left the safety on in her gun. As she fumbles to check for the safety, Derek draws and points his gun at her. He asks Felicia if she's wearing body armor, because he's wearing one. McKinley bursts in and points his weapon on Derek. Felicia tells McKinley to go away, but he tells her to put the gun down. She pleads for him to go as she will handle this, but McKinley refuses and addresses her in a way couples do, revealing that he is Felicia's husband. He sternly tells her to put the gun away and begins to get frustrated, but Felicia ends up accidentally shooting him. McKinley collapses to the ground and Felicia runs up to him. Derek calls out to Sarah, who's still incoherent and calls out the name Reese. Felicia hears the name and thinks Derek is Reese, which is partly true. Derek confirms this, and Felicia is shocked to see him not dead. She asks Derek if he's John's father. Sarah looks at Derek, but sees Kyle smiling down at her, and she smiles back. But then she tells Felicia that Derek's not the father. Felicia is confused by these revelations.

Later, Derek searches McKinley's dead body and finds the audio recorder. He tells Sarah that the hospital is in lockdown and the deputies will be all over them. Sarah tells Felicia that the authorities will think that she did this and the only thing to do is let them think that. Felicia disagrees as it's not right. She's going to tell the authorities that her husband put a gun to her head and tried to kill her, which wouldn't be the first time. She tells the two to leave. Before Sarah leaves, Felicia calls her back and asks her if anything she said earlier was true. In response, Sarah tells her that she got shot.

As they drive back, Sarah tells Derek she wants to explain it, about John, about Kyle. Derek says that he doesn't need an explanation. He notices smoke billowing in the distance and asks her what that is. Sarah answers that it's coming from the direction of the warehouse, as both of them realize that someone has already gotten to it and destroyed the evidence.

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