Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 3

The Mousetrap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on FOX
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After Cromartie kidnaps Charley's wife, Sarah must weigh the consequences of rescuing her against the risk to John. When it turns out Cromartie has expertly baited a trap, though, survival may not be possible. Meanwhile, John baits Cameron by spending time with Riley, but the strategy backfires when he needs her assistance.


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  • A very bad episode. Bad script, bad character development, bad ending.

    I always make jokes about Claire Bennet, the HEROES cheerleader. Her character is really silly. She always makes the wrong decision. But this episode's John Connor is the silliest one ever. Everything he did was stupid!!! It was really painful to watch, sometimes I was like WHAT DA HELL??? Even worse, Sarah Connor was also super stupid in this chapter, and so did Cameron, Riley, Charlie, Reese, Shirley Manson's T-1001 and the detective. They all had bad scenes, bad lines, bad decisions. I think this director should never have another Sarah Connor episode to work on. Sorry, but this episode was a very important one and it broke the flow. Hope next week they improve. Cross fingers!!!moreless
  • Cromartie plays a little cat and mouse with the Connor clan.

    This is a tightly written hour that starts immediately with an excellent scene where Charley's wife, Michelle, is kidnapped by Cromartie and ends with Michelle's death and the emotional aftermath. This is a taut thriller with several twists that I have to admit I didn't see coming myself. The dialogue and acting are great, as usual. The problem with all this is that in order for this all to work, and the entire trap to be set up, the characters have to all be really stupid. ALL of them, except for Cameron, who is merely doing what her idiot handlers are telling her to do. Does Charley call, I don't know, the police? Hell no. He calls John. Does Sarah then tell him to call the police? No. Even knowing full well it is a trap and believing Michelle is dead anyway, she decides to walk right into it. Derek briefly argues before capitulating, some kind of soldier he is, though at least he might have the ulterior motive of wanting to destroy Cromartie. Still, not only is walking into the trap beyond foolish considering the stakes, but then no one thinks to bring along the one weapon that could actually be of some use against Cromartie- Cameron.

    Instead she is left to tag after John, who in good continuation from last week, is acting the most idiotic out of the gang. I'm not sure why he cut his hair at the end of the season premier. I think he should have grown it out and put it in a ponytail. Why does he need to dodge Cameron? So that he can have moronic discussions about magazines with Riley? He should have been killed, frankly. It was only by the miracle of the screenplay that he spotted Cromartie before Cromartie spotted him. Keep in mind. He wasn't looking for Cromartie while Cromartie was definitely looking for him. So, thanks to their combined idiocy, the future of mankind escaped by a whisker and Michelle still died anyway. Why was Michelle walking through the desert anyway? Couldn't they have merely split up? I am not a doctor, but wouldn't walking with internal bleeding increase the likelihood of one bleeding to death? As a paramedic, Charley, of course, would know this. Really, Michelle's death was senseless, except that later we find out that Michelle being removed freed Charley up to be used later in the series. Sarah also could have easily stopped the van, had Charley and Michelle get out, and kept driving. I don't know, just saying.

    Other than showing the helplessness of Sarah's situation, I'm not sure what this episode accomplished. It did move Ellison's story arc forward, slightly, in snail-like fashion. For the rest of us, we are still waiting for John to put his pants on. Unfortunately, it is going to be awhile yet.moreless
  • Good episode...

    I can't really speak for anyone else on here but I personally liked this episode. It had alot of action and more mystery. Charlie's wife is taken by Cromartie and he calls sarah for help. So she along with Derek go and get her back. Once again the writer's decide to give John nothing to do except go around whining all the time. I mean, they should put John into some of the action. It would have made sense for Sarah to take Cameron with her instead of Derek because you have to fight fire with fire. I really liked the secene at the end when Charlie throws the bible onto the coffin and walks away.moreless
  • Bad logic brings down an otherwise strong episode

    In the previous episode, Charlie and his wife set off for the open road, intent on getting away from Cromartie and surviving for as long as possible. As it turns out, surviving for as long as possible amounts to "two or three days", because Charlie's wife becomes the victim in Cromartie's latest gambit to locate and kill John Connor.

    In the interests of keeping the setting of the series confined to budget-friendly areas, the action all takes place within hours of Los Angeles. What is the flimsy logic of staying in the same city once the enemy recognizes that you're there and knows your secret code? It's never addressed in the series, as far as I can recall, but at least John's smart enough to know going to school is an easy way to be targeted.

    It also occurred to me that this version of Sarah is finding it difficult to maintain the cruel triage of war in the face of personal investment. All things being equal, helping Charlie was a bad idea, for precisely the reason shown in this episode. Charlie and his wife may not have asked for this trouble, but neither did Sarah or anyone else in the middle of this shadow war. Sarah's job isn't saving anyone affected by her choices; her sole duty is protecting John from his enemies as long as possible.

    Because she and Derek went after Charlie's wife, she was forced to rely on Cameron to keep John safe. Considering that she's supposedly worried about Cameron's true intentions, how justified is that choice? Despite Cameron's best efforts, it still came down to John fending off Cromartie, and John got very, very lucky. Yet, when time was of the essence, Sarah takes a little break so Charlie's wife can die more comfortably. (And oddly enough, Derek doesn't bat an eye!)

    Meanwhile, there's an interesting little subplot between Agent Ellison and Catherine Weaver. We know Weaver is an advanced terminator, and the season premiere seemed to indicate that she was working towards the establishment of SkyNet. That being the case, one would assume that her interest in Ellison would translate into an interest in locating and terminating John Connor. Yet that's not quite how the conversation went. In fact, it occurred to me that Weaver might not be what she appears. She certainly doesn't act like any other terminator encountered in the franchise.

    It might sound as if I hated this episode. That's not quite the case. For the most part, I found it enjoyable, and I thought it was daring to kill off Charlie's wife so soon in the season. Keeping a relatively high body count is the only way to keep the appearances of an ongoing lethal struggle, after all. I just wish the logic behind the main plot had been a bit more consistent. So far, the second season is struggling to live up to the first.moreless
  • Charlie's wife gets kidnapped by Cromartie and asks Sarah for help. Meanwhile, John is trying to live a normal teenage life with his new friend Riley, but Cameron still follows him around.moreless

    I know John is a teenager and all, but his running away from Cameron is becoming really annoying. Although I can understand feeling trapped, doesn't ensuring your safety more important? It feels like he's running from something more than his destiny... I may sound like a fangirl but I think he's running more from his feelings for Cameron.

    Also, the thing with Catherine Weaver and Agent Ellison looks mighty suspicious to me. It seems that Ellison might play a role in creating Judgment Day and that's why Cromartie didn't kill him. Wouldn't that be ironic, though, since Sarah saved him from imminent death last season (remember, the fire?)?

    I do hope John stops being such whiny teenager and wasting his time with Riley. I guess I do understand being whiny. Maybe it's Riley that's getting to me.moreless
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Lisa Canning

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: In the scene where Agent Ellison is talking to Catherine Weaver we see him cross his legs but in the next wider shot his legs aren't crossed. In the following shot they are again.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • John: I'm not a child anymore. I could go to the store, see a friend, or do whatever the hell else people like me do.
      Cameron: There are no other people like you.

    • Sarah: I hope you didn't steal cable for her.
      John: Nobody that pregnant should be forced to watch network television. It's bad for the baby.

    • Michelle: What are you doing here? I know he brought you. You didn't have to come.
      Sarah: I did.
      Michelle: For Charley?
      Sarah: I just did. Frankly, I thought it'd be easier. I thought you'd be dead.

    • Riley: That was your weird sister, right?
      John: No, that was my weird mother.

    • Cameron: (looking up the chimney) There's something alive up there.
      Sarah: Is it something that can hurt us?
      Cameron: It's a bird. I'll kill it before it flies away.
      Sarah: No.
      Cameron: Maybe later?
      Sarah: Maybe never.

    • Kacy: I've only been wanting a TV in here for a hundred years. Maybe two hundred.
      John: That long, huh?
      Kacy: Well, a while. Ex-baby daddy wouldn't have one in the bedroom. (rubbing her belly) Look where that got me - well, that, six beers and the rhythm method.
      (John whacks his head on the shelf in surprise)
      Kacy: Too much information?
      John: Yeah, a bit.

    • (Cameron is standing in the middle of the living room as John walks in)
      John: What are you doing?
      Cameron: This is the absolute center of the house.
      John: Excellent. Good work.
      Cameron: The house is moving.
      John: What?
      Cameron: Moving. The east by southeast section of the house is moving.
      John: Really, where's it going?
      Cameron: Down. At a rate of 0.93 millimeters a year.
      John: And what, does that effect the security system, or sight lines for the night scope? How does the safety of one John Connor?
      Cameron: It doesn't. But next summer we're going to have to repaint.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      New Zealand: October 22nd, 2008 on TV2
      United Kingdom: November 6th, 2008 on Virgin 1
      Denmark: November 7th, 2008 on TV3
      Sweden: February 12th, 2009 on TV6
      Australia: March 27th, 2009 on FOX8
      Norway: July 4th, 2009 on TVNorge
      Finland: September 13th, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: September 17th, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: August 12th, 2010 on Markiza


    • Conan the Barbarian:
      When the news program shows the movie the human version of Cromartie had starred in, it bears a strange resemblance to the popular movie Conan the Barbarian. Cromartie plays a terminator in this series and portrayed the Conan-esque character in the series, while Arnold Schwarzenegger played a terminator in the movie series and played the real Conan the Barbarian in the movie Conan the Barbarian.