Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 3

The Turk

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2008 on FOX

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  • Sarah begins her quest to find the creators of Skynet, John and Cameron go to highschool, and Cromartie gets a human body. The 3rd episode was strong in exposition but low on action, which surprised many of its core viewers.

    Altogether, I believe the 3rd episode was one of the stronger episodes of the series. The beginning dream sequence revisited Sarah's fear of technology from T2 and set up the ages old question of if we can, should we?

    The third episode separates the plot into three subplots: Sarah's quest to find the creators of Skynet, John and Cameron going to highschool in an attempt to act like normal kids while seemingly being unable to avoid trouble, and Cromartie's unstoppable drive to get his human form back.

    Sarah's thread does a great job of setting up the impossibility of her moral situation. She knows billions of people will die if Skynet is born. However, does that justify her killing possibly innocent and otherwise good people to prevent that? If it does, can she even go through with it? The writers also did a great job presenting the Turk as an innocuous machine at first. Absolutely great scene with John displaying his knowledge of computers and opening Sarah's eyes to the danger a "chess computer" could become. The Singularity? Awesome stuff and pretty frightening to think about. The threat the Turk represents grows as the episode waxes. Eventually leading Cameron to proclaim, "Andy Goode must die." The actor for Andy Goode was charming enough, though his asking Sarah on a date at their first encounter was simply a matter of convenience. In the end, Sarah spares Andy's life and saves her humanity for another episode.

    In a lighter until the end subplot, John and Cameron embark for their first day of highschool. The predictable comedy in watching a machine try to fit in with highschoolers is here in spades. Cameron continues her bequiling behavior by applying make-up and asking a shocked John if he likes it. The trauma and death of the highschool girl was as brief and ambiguous as it needed to be. Its only purpose was to show John's heroic nature, the fact that Cameron obeys "future John" not necessarily "this John" though she does obey him plenty later on in the series, and most importantly to drive an early wedge between John and Cameron. In a great piece of dialogue, I agree with John's rant that if he is to hide his heroic nature, then they are wasting their time.

    The Cromartie subplot was equally done well, being both frightening and impacting. The scientist's intense curiousity to see if the T-800's growth formula will work is excellently and realistically portrayed. The machine's emergence from the bathtub is reminiscent of the births of many famous monsters, and Sarah's last line was epic. I know when I first watched the episode, I also was concerned by the lack of action; this just wasn't what we were expecting from the Terminator franchise. But now, I think this was a great episode once you get over your expectation of a fast pace.
  • Sarah finds an old intern at Cyberdyne who might be the key to Skynet.

    The opening is fascinating and provocative – if you knew that someone would one day do something so evil as to change the fate of the world, would you be able to kill them to prevent it? Short, sweet and to the point, very powerful scene.

    Having examined the documents the future soldiers had assembled, Sarah realises they were doing what she and John are doing: looking for Skynet. They also targeted a very specific line of enquiry: people who worked for Cyberdyne Systems, people who could have been exposed to the knowledge, the chip and who could be responsible for continuing the work: a logical thought since destroying Cyberdyne changed nothing except push forward the date of Judgement Day.

    Fascinating to watch John with his bodyguard. Cameron, delightfully clueless, is constantly doing or saying something completely inappropriate and John seems to enjoy provoking such responses. It's a little worrying actually, he's drawn to her and the question is: is it harmless interest in a cyborg or actual attraction, despite what she is? Today's a big day: high school. "Don't you kiss me." Naturally, Cameron poses as John's sister and they immediately run into a problem: the high school has a metal detector. John comes up with the story of the metal plate in her head – he's lucky they didn't scan the rest of her! What's going to happen when the metal detectors go off every time she walks into a store?

    Going to school has an unexpected side-effect. Cameron accidentally gets involved with a troubled girl who commits suicide. Cameron even stops John from interfering – not wanting attention drawn to him, but also from a bigger point of view, they're trying to change one event – Skynet – and changing anything else could cause any number of unpredictable ripples in time. Though logical, John is horrified by her interference. His instinctive attempt to help shows the hero side of him, the attitude of someone who won't just stand on the sidelines, but actually will take action – perfectly in sync with what we know of the future John.

    Mrs Dyson identifies one of the employees, Andy, and is surprisingly calm about Sarah potentially killing him, even making a crack about it not being in vain – an obvious reference to the death of Miles, whose death changed very little. Andy, a sweet but brilliant boy, is easily seduced by the beautiful Sarah who is alarmed to find that Andy has built a thinking machine and the more she learns of his work, the more terrifying it becomes as it is all too easy to see how his work could eventually lead to Skynet. John displays a remarkable knowledge of technology, it's easy to see the future John when he talks like this, and is equally disorienting to see Sarah floundering under her son's logic. Though it made more sense to kill Andy – why take the chance? – Sarah opts to destroy his work instead, which is an act of mercy that may come back to destroy them all. What did come out of her investigation is that she is being watched by the survivor of the future soldiers. Why he/she is still holding back from the mother of John is unclear? Potential ally or threat?

    The fed, Ellison, who investigated Sarah before has returned and even manages to convince the cop investigating the soldiers' killings he's onto something. The fascinating part of the investigation is the discovery that one of the fingerprints of the dead 'terrorist' belongs – now, anyway – to a four year old boy! Who is going to grow up to be a resistance fighter!

    The Terminator needs to regenerate the flesh he lost and even finds a scientist to do it. Despite the bizarre and terrifying nature of his 'guest', the scientist – blinded by curiosity – helps and is rewarded with quick death.

    Sarah's test results come back with no sign of cancer. So the cancer that will kill her developed incredibly rapidly over two years, with absolutely no sign of it before that. There are many causes of cancer and it doesn't look like it is caused naturally – does that mean that something she came across while hunting Skynet will result in the cancer?

    A fascinating episode.
  • Chess? And a really dark view towards all technology.

    Maybe it's just me, but Sarah has a terrible view towards all technology. When she dreams of shooting the Manhattan Project team, she's throwing the baby out with the bath water. The boogie man of Skynet clouds her judgment and drive her to kill. Any scientist is a possible Skynet architect in disguise. Maybe that's what the dreams are all about. Maybe Sarah Connor doesn't want to murder lots of people with the outside chance that it might stop SkyNet from launching the missles. But one thing is clear, Sarah Connor can't kill people that she gets to know. Once names are attached to a face, pulling the trigger gets difficult.

    The Kramnik vs Deep Fritz poster is a good reflection of Chess, and the moment when Sarah tries to figure out the cell phones after jumping forward over 7 years of technology was really realistic.

    The worst scene was when John gets all familiar with the latest technology and apparently knows all about modern capabilities of computers in his talk about the Turk. John also has a real dark view towards scientists. Is Einstein suppose to be some awful demon that haunts the world?

    Again Cameron is really awkward despite that brilliant display of emotions in the pilot. It's awful. You'd think that Cameron would try harder to be a high school student. I'm going to write it off as a terrible terrible error made in the pilot. Pretend that never happened and the series is nice and consistent.

    But it's nice to watch Cameron start to pick up new slang. The girl committing suicide was just weird and distracting. I don't know why John was so choked up about the death. And you get a feeling that Cameron's definition of friend is more like being acquaintances. She tells John that someone who she has only had one short conversation with is now her friend. I think we can say that Cameron has no true understanding of what it means to be a friend.
  • an IDEA

    i dont understand how this episode didnt get an enough credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what else the viewer is looking for???is Terminator fans are action fans???
    Terminator's storyline cant give that much of action as it could with the ideas and inner materials.
    this episode showed me that the Terminator series isnt running in the same tracks and yes it has more hidden things to give...more IDEAS.
    im a member of TV.com since 3 years and fan of american shows for like 8 years and and a movie Critic in Iraq...so i know what a good episode look like...atleast U cant predict the end..i cudnt predict this
  • great story developments

    I liked two storylines what were going on parallel - first John and Cameron on school.. she was just so weird trying to be weird.. and I think that storyline did give some change to sympathize with those char..

    But mostly I adored the storyline going on with Sarah and that man.. and about the computer he builds. Maybe it was the way it all looked so innocent at first - just a computer that plays chest.. but then the mood talk.. and the whole concept and that really made even her, who did not wanted to kill him, do what she did.
  • The show is getting inspired.

    There are some really chilling moments in this episode. The opening scene is one of those photographic classics. The plot is beginning to take shape. A lot of stuff is fit into this episode. There's no filler here at all, the writing and music are getting stronger. I'm getting excited about this show.

    Everything's heading in the right direction at this point. I really hope they keep the momentum going. Some great ideas are coming out. Yes, they are limited by the way Terminator 3 plays out, but I'm beginning to see the creativity of the writers in finding stories to tell about how these years influence what will begin to be told, or told in full with Terminator 4.

    Great stuff.
  • A good episode...

    This the third episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was another good episode I begining to really like this episode the characters are great and the storyline but of course all Terminator fans would say this. I don't know why I didn't give this show a proper chance maybe it was because I didn't want it to spoil the franchise I watched the first episode months ago and gave up on it but now I'm watching it and I'm addicted. this does not spoil a thing about the Terminator franchise it makes it even better. The episode was not as good as the last one but it was still good.
  • Genuinely scary.

    I really liked the pilot episode but thought the second episode was weak, still I decided to persist with the series and I'm so glad I did. There was actually some genuinely scary and disturbing scenes in this episode most of which involved the CGI terminators which have been every well visualised for this series.
    Sarah's narration gives the viewer real context because she quotes actual events in human history regarding the building of atom bombs and so on and her internal monologues also served to book end this episode (as they do in every episode.
    The machine which orders the scientist to help him make the synthetic blood mixture is ridiculously menacing, every bit as scary as the films.
    Cameron's character is also beginning to grow when she starts high school with John. It was brilliant when John fabricated a metal plate in Cameron's head story in order to get her through the metal detectors.
    The costume design in this episode is wonderful: Sarah's pseudo military gaub consisting of a fitted black leather jacket and calf high buckled black leather boots shows that she is ready for action yet still retains every but of her femininity. The Jeep that she drives is practical and appropriate without drawing any attention to herself.
    Cameron's costume design appears to be nothing deviating from what a girl of her (supposeded) age might wear. Yet the fact that she applies her make up in a robotic fashion, and is constantly observing the other girls, then takes some left make up like some kind of magpie, which she uses to over feminise herself, is self evidently to compensate for the fact that she has to conceal her true nature.
  • All in all a nice episode kept together by the sparkling performance of Summer Glau, who remains the (robot) heart of this show.

    I liked what I saw this time, and that's - as always - due to everything Cameron does. Yes, there is that inconcistency that she could behave normal in a school environment in the pilot episode and now it seems she can't, but I don't mind. I find her confusion towards everything humans do very comical. Summer Glau excels in her role yet again.

    As for the rest of the episode: Not much happened. The Terminator is now in possession of synthetic skin and eyes and will continue to hunt down Sarah, John and Cameron. Most of the episode felt like filler but nonetheless I enjoyed all the scenes were John and Cameron tried to fit in at their new high school. Nice stuff!

    I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • Brilliant episode.

    Very good episode overall, so far this show is doing very good in my books, it just fits exactly what Im looking for a tv show, plenty of action and just an amazing storyline.

    Its good to see new characters being put into the show aswell, Andy is a potential threat to the world if his computer system is taken to the military. The episode gets 10 out of 10, has to be equal quality to the past 2 episodes which also got tens from me. I will definately be tuned in for more terminator episodes, this show is just brilliant.
  • great episode

    Sarah Conner goes to Miles' widower to figure out the identities of a certain engineer. Sarah tracks the engineer to a certain cellphone store and IDs him. She goes on a date with him and figures out what he does that leads him to the creation of skynet. It's a really interesting episode, it makes the terminator universe much more wider and richer. The writers did a really good job with this episode. I really enjoyed this episode. Cameron is always a scene stealer. Her portrayal is just astounding. I'm excited with the next episode. This show is just awesome, I writers came up with a cool storyline.
  • the turk?

    sarah finds the creator of skynet, but knows that she must kill him. she gets to like him, knowing it'll be harder to kill him. she doesn't have cancer. like she would have. the robot steals blood and goes to a scientist. the scientist then creates a skin for the robot. omg! that was an awesome moment. what else? oh yeah, cameron and john are now at school. also, there was a girl upset that her life was now over. she commits suicide. cameron stops john from trying to save the girls life. sarah burnt the creators house, destroying the turk.
  • Not the best episode

    While Cameron and John arrive for their first day in their new high school, they encounter a metal detector. After the third beep for Cameron each time she enters, John explains she has a large metal plate on her head so she's now let through without incident. Meanwhile, Sarah visits Mrs. Dyson as she visits her late husband, Miles', grave. Miles was responsible for creating Skynet that made the machines that destroyed the world in the future. He had also destroyed it in T2. Sarah shows the widow some pictures. She recognizes one of them as an Andy who was an intern there. He now works in a cell phone store. When Sarah buys something there, he asks her out for dinner. After some hesitation, she accepts. At his house, among the items is a poster with the familiar robot hand playing chess. Andy explains that this robot is so advanced it has yet to be defeated by any human! Elsewhere, the FBI agent has a female partner to contend with. Back at school, Cameron encounters some mean girls and after they leave overhears another girl crying about being insulted by some nasty things supposedly written about her on various doors and walls. After she leaves, Cameron tells John just before they find a crowd outside waiting for someone to jump off the school roof. It's the crying girl! Unfortunately, it's too late to save her. Oh, and the terminator left for dead in the pilot episode manages, in heavily covered clothing, to write a math solution on a board of a scientist who agrees to help him try to solve it. That terminator already has the blood that's needed...Okay, while I've provided many of the plot points, I don't want to reveal too much if you want to be surprised by how it's going to end. I do like many of the humor that concerns the cyborg Cameron like her appearance in underwear at the beginning and Sarah's telling her not to kiss her "or anyone else". Her encounters with the mean girls was also funny. There's also some grossly cool images at the end and I loved Sarah's final line in narration, "Now we are all sons of **** in quoting one of the atomic scientists from the '40s. Nice exposition episode. Should be even more exciting two weeks from now! Until next time... P.S. The agent's partner is played by Catherine Dent, a native of the city I live in, Baton Rouge, La., who I first saw as the Texas waitress in Steven Spielberg's mini-series, "Taken".
  • Interesting, but I wonder if everyone got...

    That the reason the girl killed herself was because someone had found out she had (or was having) a sexual relationship with the guidance counselor. I doubt it was the counselor who started the painting of the door because he's be the one in the most trouble.

    The clues to this were the silhouette of people kissing, the bra on the doorknob and the letters that started in the middle to slowly spell out guidance. Remember it started with an A, then DAN then IDAN .If the janitor hadn't started to paint it over (or if the girl hadn't killed herself) it would have gone on the say GUIDANCE.

    Also I like how it shows that Cameron is going to protect JOhn no matter what.A human protector might have been swayed to let him go, or if not might have consoled him afterwards by telling himthat there was no way they could get up there in time.
  • School Daze!

    the episode opens with John and Cameron going back to school and the first day of school experiences is the major highlight of this week's episode. Meanwhile, the Terminator who chased the three though time from 1999 to 2007, is getting stronger again and went after the people who supplied the weapons to Sarah. I think that I'm hooked on the show, but it will be back in two weeks because of the President Bush's State of the Union speech. I won't watch, I had to watch something else. Maybe PBS has something good. But I'm looking forward to the next episode of "the Terminator."
  • Not the best episode but.......

    Not the best episode but it was pretty good. I really like alot of parts in this episode. I enjoyed watching those parts like when Cameron walks past with nothing but a bikini on. Then you see here next with clothes on and Sarah says " Much better with clothes on, much better" . Then John kisses his mom goodbye and Sarah says "Don't you dare kiss me.....or any boys." Those aren't the exact quotes but it sure gave me a chuckle. I really didn't like when the girl jumped of the building. I had visions of that and the terminator having all that skin on and he look mutated. Blagh. Good episode over all and better than average.
  • Oh well we'll see....

    Okay nothing much happened but as a previous reviewer wrote if every week things keep blowing up and lot's of people get killed it would get rather repetitive and probably expensive to make! This episode started off with yet another dream sequence(a previous reviewer mentioned that they are getting bored with Sarah Connors talkover,I'd just like to say have a look at the show's title!)which was a bit cliche'I wouldn't of thought anybody watching didn't see that coming! The first day at school for John and Cameron was strange Cameron acting like a novice when in the pilot episode she seemed to know the do's and don'ts of being a student! Will it be explained in later episodes why that girl was upset and jumped? Had she been outed in some way? what was behind that door? As far as the acting go's in the school sequences didn't the students seem a bit stunted and wooden? Won't Andy build another Turk? Did they screw up the last two sequences showing us the professor dead with blood over the walls to hide the formula and the police doing what they do and then after we see the fire and Sarah walking away they then show the terminator raising out of the bath to have his eyes opened by the professor's scalpel! To end.. Why oh why did the terminator kill the professor surely if he invented the skin process he won't be around to do it in what ever year this series decides will be judgement day! Mind you he was recording it so maybe that recording will be stolen from police evidence sometime in the future? Who knows maybe the terminator took it with him? I think if I ignore the 3 films (so far)and treat the series as something new and different I will enjoy it better,the only trouble with that is they've already contradicted themselves between the pilot and the last two episodes as noted above!
    Oh well we'll see...
  • Could be great, but it feels off somehow...

    For me, the highlight of the episode is John and Cameron's first day in school. As usual, comic situation erupts from both of them - well, mostly from Cam. As for Sarah, I think her interaction with Andy (the guy who invents 'The Turk') is interesting as well. Andy turns out to be a nice guy, and you (well, at the very least, I) cannot help wishing he doesn't have to be dead 'coz of his passion.

    Almost the whole scenes involving Cromartie gives me the chill, especially the ending.

    On another note, I also noticed that John has his eyes on this girl in his class, and I have a feeling she will play a bigger role than 'the background chick'.

    My favorite part in the episode is the metal detector problem for Cam (boy, such idea hasn't got old) and John's speech of becoming (or not becoming) a hero. The latter part, well, I have to admit that I didn't see it coming. I like that they decide to address the issue, however.
  • Another good continuation in the storyline of the series the only one that matters. Even though the films are important I prefer to judge the show on the direction it's taking and not against the films. Cameron is continuing to entertain

    Another good continuation in the storyline of the series the only one that matters. Even though the films are important I prefer to judge the show on the direction it's taking and not against the films. Cameron is continuing to entertain and possibly become more of what she was in the pilot. A running theory is that she needs time to adapt to a new social scene. I liked seeing a bad terminator get his human shell but why would he kill a scientist who was capable of making it is beyond me. Sarah keeping tabs on one of the future builders of skynet was a good little game of cat and mouse. Another surprise was she letting him live which i'm glad it shows the story can go in an unexpected direction.
  • A strong episode undermined by a bad writing choice

    So far, this series has managed to hold its own, despite the lower television budget and the restraints of network standards. There are moments in this episode that wouldn't happen in most other series, and situations that could only work within the "Terminator" framework. That bodes well for the series, even if it has dropped somewhat in the ratings.

    The three main characters all get time to shine in this episode, and for the most part, it works. Sarah continues to be the driving force within the narrative, as one would hope, and her complicated morality gives each new moment additional tension. It's great to watch the rest of the world act as if nothing's wrong or unusual, while Sarah's expression is constantly haunted by the specter of possibility. It's impossible to predict what will and will not lead to the creation of SkyNet now, so the most innocent hobby could be the harbinger of apocalypse.

    Sarah's not alone, since John and Cameron both possess the same information and struggle with the same terrible knowledge. John is certainly not the leader that the future insists he will become, but his heart is mostly in the right place. It's a matter of directing that energy in less self-defeating ways. John wanted to save the girl, but in doing so, he would have exposed himself. So the girl, regrettably, becomes a casualty in the ultimate cold war.

    Cameron does a capable job of sticking to her intentions, and she seems to take a bit of pleasure in the idea of defying the Connors' expectations. While she's clearly a machine, there are hidden depths to be explored. Oddly, however, the writers chose to take Cameron in a direction that doesn't quite make sense. In the pilot, Cameron was capable of playing the high school student rather well, blending in effortlessly. Now she stumbles around in confusion over the most basic concepts.

    That doesn't quite add up. More than that, it limits the ability to explore Cameron's nature and capability. How would Sarah and John react if Cameron were to go from hardcore machine protector to cheery high school girl on the drop of a dime? It would make the innate deception of the terminator more effective and, over time, more chilling. Imagine Cameron acting like a teenager for a couple episodes and then switching to machine mode in an instant; lines like "Fooled you again" would hit home far more effectively.

    The subplot with the terminator was simply chilling, especially in juxtaposition with the commentary on the nuclear scientists, and Agent Ellison continues to grow on me. Close your eyes when Ellison speaks; doesn't the actor sound remarkably like Denzel Washington, right down to the phrasing of the line delivery? I can't wait to see what he brings to the table when Ellison's plot thread takes center stage.

    In the end, this is an episode with plenty of strong elements but one disappointing and weak character decision that threatens to undermine some of the better aspects of the show. The writers could quickly rebound with the next installment, but for now, I remain guardedly optimistic.
  • Review

    I liked the new character introductions in this episode and the scenes with John having to bring his protector to school made the episode both comical and provided the change of pace I needed to sit back and enjoy. Sarah Connor, to be honest, kind of bores me. I love watching John and his protector the most. The protector talking with the girl that eventually commited suicide was fun to watch. Not for the result, but because it was interesting to see the way she was interacting with the person and it just showed that she doesnt have a soft spot for anyone really. Sarahs part of the episode with Andy was much better then her actions in the second episode of the series, which wasn't so good. Overall, solid bounce back episode that is keeping me into the series.
  • Is the series stretching thin?

    This episode started on an interesting note with Sarah seeing the scientists of the US Manhattan project developing the A bomb, shooting them, and then seeing them morph into Terminators with weapons that they aim at her.

    Sarah wakes up and sends John and Cameron off to school, while she begins sussing out other people who could've carried on Dyson's work after he died.

    The main stories in this episode were: Sarah investigating a former intern of Dyson's, Andy Goode, for signs of whether his homemade AI, The Turk, had the capacity to become sentient, John and Cameron finding their niches in their unnamed high school, Cromartie coopting a molecular biologist into growing synthetic skin on his metal exoskeleton, and Agent Ellison bringing up the rear as he investigates the murders of the unknown Resistance team.

    I felt that Sarah's time with Andy was filled with lots of good moral angst as she decided whether to kill Andy or not in order to stop Skynet's development. Along the way, she was being trailed by an unknown survivor of the Resistance cell, who is waiting for some unknown reason to make contact. It was a good twist resolution to see Sarah set Andy's home on fire, hopefully destroying the Turk, in place of putting a bullet in Andy's forehead.

    It was puzzling to see Cameron lose the human touch she had in the pilot and channel a semi-lobotomized River Tam from Serenity instead. It would've been interesting to see what classmate relationships Cameron and John could've developed, but it didn't happen. Instead things focused on a girl whom River--er, Cameron talked to in a bathroom, who was upset over a hallway painting of a door with the letters "IDAN." The girl was so upset she jumped off the roof of the school gym. Without knowing her or the context, getting involved with her death was a bit tough. John tried to climb up the building to talk her down, but Cameron kept him rooted to help keep their low profile. It was nice seeing John begin to want to take action to help others, but I wondered what the first day of school established? I expect John and Cameron will be too busy with Cromartie and the other Terminators to get caught up in on-school dramas, though.

    Cromartie steals several units of plasma from a hospital, goes to the apartment of a molecular biologist, and writes up a complex biochemical equation on the scientist's wall. It's apparently for skin generation. At the end, Cromartie sits up in the scientist's bathtub, which is full of blood, and he's swathed with new skin. The scientist cuts open the eye socket linings, letting Cromartie show us his bright red eyes. Thing is, we were shown an earlier scene in which Ellison and the police arrive at the scientist's apartment to find a guy (the scientist?) with his eyes removed. Was the bathtub scene a flashback? Also, why should Cromartie care so much about maintaining cover as a human? I'd think that his overriding imperative would be to continue seeking out John--and inform Skynet that John has jumped to 2007 to bring more Terminators into the hunt.

    We see Agent Ellison playing catch up to Sarah and company. The police wonder why he's so interested in what they think is a drug bust gone bad. Ellison learns that one of the dead Resistance fighters has finger prints that match up with a 4-year-old boy living in Ohio. Interesting. It seems to me that Ellison is being set up into becoming a believer and ally. I wonder if it'll matter down the road?

    Charlie was completely absent this time around. I wonder what role, if any he'll play in future episodes? I still don't see the purpose he played when John visited him in his apartment in "Gnothi Seauton."

    Lots of dangling threads in this episode which I'm beginning to suspect aren't getting woven into a smooth tapestry.

  • I'm glad they're back at school. Summer Glau is turning the terminator into River from Firefly. Which I don't mind.

    I'm glad they're back at school. Summer Glau is turning the terminator into River from Firefly. Which I don't mind. Never was enough Firefly.In the end though, I think they need more characters. Three main and the two cops doesn't give them enough to play with. big casts are where it's at these days. Look at Lost, Heroes, Firefly, ER, etc... Maybe with the addition of the last Time-Guerrilla they'll have enough conflict. Nobody hates but has to work with anyone yet. That's maybe the only reason I watched the last season of Lost. Ah, Sawyer. He's my role model in life.
  • The mythology culled from the movies is starting to wear thin in series form...

    I loved the first two episodes, but the third one left me kind of puzzled and deflated. I liked the dreams sequence at the beginning, and John actually doing something for once. And I didn't really mind the lack of action in this episode (having a complex action sequence every week could get tedious and cost-prohibitive). But Sarah's monologues are getting repetitive, and all this stuff with Chrome Artie taking a bath to regenerate his skin is just a little too weird for me. But the biggest problem is Cameron, who was so good at acting human in the pilot (she even notes that she fooled John then), but now inexplicably can't play the part AT ALL. Continuity, guys! Come on!
  • John and Cameron are back at school and trying to adjust to their new surroundings, while the plot continues with the recently reassembled terminator after them.

    The series has been reviting in my opinion... up until this episode. I'm not sure what it was about this episode, but it seemed almost out of place and pace from the rest of the series thus far. It's interesting to see them back at school and trying to continue living a normal life, while constantly being under serveilance from the terminator and the cops, but parts within the storyline seemed to have gaps that aren't filled yet. The entire scenes while John and Cameron are at school, seemed pushed and out of place. I didn't see the correspondence between was was going on with school and the rest of the story line up to this point. Hopefully in the fourth episode, they'll fill in some of these much needed gaps within the storyline.
  • So good but It need more action.

    warning! not for kids! IT cause lanugage and naked and some sci-fi violence. John and Carmen go to high school. Carmen go to bathroom and when girl talk and said "you are (bleep) (bleep) I hate that girl. and cry girl in bathroom. While Sarah Connor meet Andy. At ending when blood guy up bath and it was robot. girl who cry at bathroom fall down. I gave this B-. It need more action please. If not then I will not happy. next week more action please. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .
  • John and Cameron are back at school and make it through a day without being attacked. Sarah meets an interesting man who may play a part in Skynet's creation. This episode lacks action scenes, but there's a good plot and character development to enjoy.

    With a TV show based on the Terminator, most are expecting an action-packed extravaganza, and rightfully so. While I was slightly disappointed with the lack of action in "The Turk", I also appreciate time being taken for some good storytelling and character development. If Sarah, John, and Cameron were always on the run from a terminator and/or other bad guys, then that would soon become repetitive.

    John is back in school, and Cameron joins him (pretending to be his sister) so she can act as his secret protector. John tells Cameron to not act like a freak and Cameron tries her best at adapting as a high school teenager. There are a few funny scenes with Cameron as she meets some "drama queens" in the bathroom and just doesn't blend in as well as she hoped. We also meet a depressed girl who is being picked on and "called-out" in school, and also comes to the point where she wants to take her own life. When John wants try to save her, Cameron pulls him back, commenting, "Don't be a freak." John's heroic actions would have attracted attention, which wouldn't be a good thing obviously.

    Sarah also learns of a man, Andy, who currently is a cell phone salesman. However, he also was an intern for Cyberdyne Systems. It's possible he plays a role in the creation of Skynet. Sarah works her charm, gets a date with the guy, and tries to figure out if he has the ability to help create Skynet. The smart thing to do (in regards to ensuring the prevention of Skynet) would be to kill the guy, but can Sarah go through with that?

    The no-longer-headless Terminator runs into a doctor who has the knowledge to create something you might not expect. The doctor, shocked and completely blown away by the robot before his eyes, goes ahead with this "something." The results are quite interesting.

    The sideline stories in "The Turk" were interesting, but it's a no-brainer that it wasn't meant to be an action-oriented episode. Even so, the series is still progressing nicely and I hope the balance between action and story/character development stays consistent for the rest of the season!
  • The episode was OK but this series needs more action.

    I loved the first episode of the series, but now I'm afraid that the show is starting to drag a little. I understood that the second episode was kind of a filler to stablish the show's bases, but I hoped that we get to see some action in this one.

    I think that it's ok that they have a little time to settle in their new identities and try to live a normal life, that makes sense since they are under the impression that nobody knows where (or when) they actually are. They seem to have been killed in 1999 and any Terminator sent to finish them in between 1999 and 2007 won't find anybody to kill. Also, they plan to stop Skynet, so they may try to live a normal life at least for a moment.

    What doesn't make much sense to me is why Cameron now behaves as she has now clue about social interactions, when she behaved perfectly as a human in the pilot. Also the skin regeneration part is a little hard to believe, even if the Terminator had the knowledge to do so, it happened way to soon and easily. Other Terminators in the movies would go directly to finish of their victim no matther what, and they were also the same model as this one. The part with Sarah and Andy was OK, I think that's where the show is going, trying to track and stop Skynet. And of course the timing will be much slower as the one in the movies, is not the same to fill two hours than 20 or so each season.

    I really liked also John's reaction to "The Turk", he looked in charge there, and that's something that we need to see more often if we need to believe that he can lead the revolution in 4 years. The only catch with that is that he really didn't had that much time to learn about 2007 technology.

    Overall I think is a good show, with a lot of potential to become a really great Sci-fi hit, but it needs more action and some care in the scripts to avoid this silly errors.
  • what i feared would happen, cant really have a terminator series without action or some kind of quick tempo every episode, just doesnt seem to fit

    As i got halfway through this episode of the sarah connor chronicles i realised i was watching john connor in high school with his terminator acting as his sister, and them going to classes. After that i finally realised there wasnt going to be any action in this episode at all (apart from a girl jumping off a building which was a little shocking i guess). So all we got was Sarah Connor (remember complete badass in T2 and in the previous two episodes of the show) going on a date with some person who may or may not be linked to skynet.....and then burning his house down. All in all nothing really happened in this episode apart from cool effects with the bad terminator getting new skin (if the bad terminator does the "turn-the-head-to-the-side look im a robot" gesture again i think i may just cry) Hopefully the series will get better, of course im not expecting crazy action every episode but please just something to keep the tempo up would be nice.
  • ....Now If we could put some ACTION on this.....

    In the morning driving to work I heard the radio spots for tonights episodes, it's funny how they calim that critics praise the series, and if we dig a little bit, we see that critics may like it, but alas, viewers?...not so much...that's got to be a first...

    On to the main event!!!

    There will be spoilers...proceed with caution...

    Ok, in a recap;

    Ex-decapitaded ciborg gets some skin, Sarah finally gets a date, Cameron get the joys of high School Drama and John gets a revelation: "You'll be a Savior just not yet..."

    I really want to like this series, but I can't cheer when the series feels like it' not even trying... John and Cameron go to the first day of school, and she keeps acting clueless, which still makes no sense, since in the previous high school she acted like a regular girl and obviously blended in perfectly in order to get to John. Sarah finds Andy, a former employee of Cyberdine who might be a key player on the rising of Skynet, after acepting to have a date with him, discovers that he's building an A.I. called "The Turk" which seems to be developing a mood besides a new way of reason, which leaves Sarah wondering about what to do with the young genius in order to stop Skynet for ever being created, on the plus side she get the tests result proving her free of any cancer (for now). Cyborg the bum raids an hospital in search for blood... Literally, and not because the writers have put a new twist on the series by making him a vampire, but because the Cyborg bum have traced a man who can develop a new sintetic skin, provided he gets the formula for certain cyborg from the future-past.... The surprising part is that the man it's so fascinated on the idea of the artificial skin, that he doesn't seems to mind the menacing metallic exo-skeleton at all..

    As for life in high school,John sorts of meets a silent girl Ali Larter-esque, misterious and kinda sad, which made me wonder if Cameron was the only Cy-girl sent to high School. Hmmm.Too soon to tell. Another girl get into some gossip (Hard candy type)and while Cameron tries to help her, she ends up on the ledge....Literally... But we can't blame the Cy-girl for trying, after all she's a girl who fel hard and hence got a metal plate of her head...or so is the security guard on the high school entrance told, when Cameron sets off the metal detector alarms...

    When the student body gets the news of some sad girl on a ledge on the verge of suicide, John tries to get to her in order to save her, but Cameron stops him and no matter how many times john orders her to let him go, she refuses, at the end she only replies "Don't Be a Freak" repeating the same words John gave her on their first day at school, and mere second after the Sad Girl makes good on her treath and jumps off, sorta destrying my assumptions that this girl was goning to be the human conection for Cameron on the series...Oh Well, my mistake.

    John is shaken by the fact that Cameron let the girl die, and Sarah makes clear that although it wasn't the perfect choice, it was the wise one, since saving the girl would have atracted the attention of the terminators... Which brought to the table the bussiness of killing or not Andy, at the end we see that Sarah decides not to kill the guy, but didn't hesitate on leaving him homeless, by destroying the Turk torching Andy's house...

    Before ending the chapter we see that the Bum Cyborg and the man he tracked succeded in creating the syntetic flesh, I only kinda found hard to believe that the Cyborg gets out of the bath tub not only with the new skin but with a appearance, like a NOSE, which in no time the Exoskeletons seems the have, but if I believe that Cyborgs came from the future and actually get ELECTED for governors, I should let this nose detail slide.... but I still think that the cyborg could erase any evidence of what happened in the scientific's house by burning the property instead of covering the skin's formula he wrote on the wall with blood... although avoids being repetitive...I guess.

    All in all, the episode was ok, rich in lore and development...I guess, but adding action on the plot couldn't hurt, remember what happened long ago with the Young Indiana Jones series... And remember that the WGA' Strike COULD end someday, rendering a weak series prone to TERMINATION!!!