Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 3

The Turk

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2008 on FOX

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  • Sarah finds an old intern at Cyberdyne who might be the key to Skynet.

    The opening is fascinating and provocative – if you knew that someone would one day do something so evil as to change the fate of the world, would you be able to kill them to prevent it? Short, sweet and to the point, very powerful scene.

    Having examined the documents the future soldiers had assembled, Sarah realises they were doing what she and John are doing: looking for Skynet. They also targeted a very specific line of enquiry: people who worked for Cyberdyne Systems, people who could have been exposed to the knowledge, the chip and who could be responsible for continuing the work: a logical thought since destroying Cyberdyne changed nothing except push forward the date of Judgement Day.

    Fascinating to watch John with his bodyguard. Cameron, delightfully clueless, is constantly doing or saying something completely inappropriate and John seems to enjoy provoking such responses. It's a little worrying actually, he's drawn to her and the question is: is it harmless interest in a cyborg or actual attraction, despite what she is? Today's a big day: high school. "Don't you kiss me." Naturally, Cameron poses as John's sister and they immediately run into a problem: the high school has a metal detector. John comes up with the story of the metal plate in her head – he's lucky they didn't scan the rest of her! What's going to happen when the metal detectors go off every time she walks into a store?

    Going to school has an unexpected side-effect. Cameron accidentally gets involved with a troubled girl who commits suicide. Cameron even stops John from interfering – not wanting attention drawn to him, but also from a bigger point of view, they're trying to change one event – Skynet – and changing anything else could cause any number of unpredictable ripples in time. Though logical, John is horrified by her interference. His instinctive attempt to help shows the hero side of him, the attitude of someone who won't just stand on the sidelines, but actually will take action – perfectly in sync with what we know of the future John.

    Mrs Dyson identifies one of the employees, Andy, and is surprisingly calm about Sarah potentially killing him, even making a crack about it not being in vain – an obvious reference to the death of Miles, whose death changed very little. Andy, a sweet but brilliant boy, is easily seduced by the beautiful Sarah who is alarmed to find that Andy has built a thinking machine and the more she learns of his work, the more terrifying it becomes as it is all too easy to see how his work could eventually lead to Skynet. John displays a remarkable knowledge of technology, it's easy to see the future John when he talks like this, and is equally disorienting to see Sarah floundering under her son's logic. Though it made more sense to kill Andy – why take the chance? – Sarah opts to destroy his work instead, which is an act of mercy that may come back to destroy them all. What did come out of her investigation is that she is being watched by the survivor of the future soldiers. Why he/she is still holding back from the mother of John is unclear? Potential ally or threat?

    The fed, Ellison, who investigated Sarah before has returned and even manages to convince the cop investigating the soldiers' killings he's onto something. The fascinating part of the investigation is the discovery that one of the fingerprints of the dead 'terrorist' belongs – now, anyway – to a four year old boy! Who is going to grow up to be a resistance fighter!

    The Terminator needs to regenerate the flesh he lost and even finds a scientist to do it. Despite the bizarre and terrifying nature of his 'guest', the scientist – blinded by curiosity – helps and is rewarded with quick death.

    Sarah's test results come back with no sign of cancer. So the cancer that will kill her developed incredibly rapidly over two years, with absolutely no sign of it before that. There are many causes of cancer and it doesn't look like it is caused naturally – does that mean that something she came across while hunting Skynet will result in the cancer?

    A fascinating episode.
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