Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 3

The Turk

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2008 on FOX

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  • Sarah begins her quest to find the creators of Skynet, John and Cameron go to highschool, and Cromartie gets a human body. The 3rd episode was strong in exposition but low on action, which surprised many of its core viewers.

    Altogether, I believe the 3rd episode was one of the stronger episodes of the series. The beginning dream sequence revisited Sarah's fear of technology from T2 and set up the ages old question of if we can, should we?

    The third episode separates the plot into three subplots: Sarah's quest to find the creators of Skynet, John and Cameron going to highschool in an attempt to act like normal kids while seemingly being unable to avoid trouble, and Cromartie's unstoppable drive to get his human form back.

    Sarah's thread does a great job of setting up the impossibility of her moral situation. She knows billions of people will die if Skynet is born. However, does that justify her killing possibly innocent and otherwise good people to prevent that? If it does, can she even go through with it? The writers also did a great job presenting the Turk as an innocuous machine at first. Absolutely great scene with John displaying his knowledge of computers and opening Sarah's eyes to the danger a "chess computer" could become. The Singularity? Awesome stuff and pretty frightening to think about. The threat the Turk represents grows as the episode waxes. Eventually leading Cameron to proclaim, "Andy Goode must die." The actor for Andy Goode was charming enough, though his asking Sarah on a date at their first encounter was simply a matter of convenience. In the end, Sarah spares Andy's life and saves her humanity for another episode.

    In a lighter until the end subplot, John and Cameron embark for their first day of highschool. The predictable comedy in watching a machine try to fit in with highschoolers is here in spades. Cameron continues her bequiling behavior by applying make-up and asking a shocked John if he likes it. The trauma and death of the highschool girl was as brief and ambiguous as it needed to be. Its only purpose was to show John's heroic nature, the fact that Cameron obeys "future John" not necessarily "this John" though she does obey him plenty later on in the series, and most importantly to drive an early wedge between John and Cameron. In a great piece of dialogue, I agree with John's rant that if he is to hide his heroic nature, then they are wasting their time.

    The Cromartie subplot was equally done well, being both frightening and impacting. The scientist's intense curiousity to see if the T-800's growth formula will work is excellently and realistically portrayed. The machine's emergence from the bathtub is reminiscent of the births of many famous monsters, and Sarah's last line was epic. I know when I first watched the episode, I also was concerned by the lack of action; this just wasn't what we were expecting from the Terminator franchise. But now, I think this was a great episode once you get over your expectation of a fast pace.