Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 18

Today is the Day (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2009 on FOX

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  • And then there were five...

    I really hope I am wrong and Terminator will have a third season. I hope anyway. Since we won't know for a little while longer I've been treating every episode like this will be the last season, and that the series is moving towards an end. I still have no idea where that end is, but thats part of what makes this show so great. I can't say Im disappointed about seeing Riley go. Actually I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier, but as always the show adds some sort of twist to events. Cameron is believed to be the one to have killed her. The bigger question is what is John going to do about it? The two had some really akward momements in this episode, including a very weird phone call. Cameron is clearly broken and how well this will play into the remainin episodes it is hard to say. I have no idea why Jesse's story of the future is important. Granted the submarine was pretty cool and all, but I still have no idea what Jesse is up to and that puzzles me. I thought her plan was brilliant to use Riley like that, but if John won't destroy Cameron, then what is her next move? Fortunately the episode is a two part affair, so we might find out more about the sub next week. The moment that I liked the most in this episode was when Cameron told Sarah that everyone is a threat to John. To this point, everyone has made at least one mistake that has put John in danger. Future John appearently can't put his trust into anyone and remains alone. This trait was greatly expressed by John visiting the morgue to see Riley's body at the end of the episode. Im still wondering about how it will make him change though as he still doesn't know about Jesse and Derek's involvement with her.

    Cromartie/John Henry little game was very amusing, but Im starting to lose my patience with Weaver and Ellison too for that matter. Why isn't any of this sounding alarm bells in Ellison's head? He already know enough about robots from the future so the fact that he continues to be involved in this bugs me. Weaver also is starting to bug me as well. I've been asking questions about her motives for a long while. I really hope we get an answer to some of these questions very soon. The season is almost over.
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