Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 Episode 19

Today is the Day (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2009 on FOX

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  • The two most solid entries in the series

    "Today is the Day" parts 1 and 2 are such a great insight into what could have become of TTSCC could have become had it not been given the classic "Fox Treatment", cancelled in it's prime before it can hit its apex.

    No, this episode isn't jam packed with action, it's more story and character, a glimpse into Jessie's past and how it intertwines with both Derrek and Cameron.

    The writers did a great job with exploring the idea of time travels effects on the past and the individuals storyline. Derek concludes that Jessie, well, isn't his Jessie, not from his future. She's not the girl he loved, for she would never be so cold and ruthless.

    Very interesting and I highly recommend.
  • How d heck can I watch the episodes?????!!!!!

    How am I gonna know I can't watch
  • The arrival of John Connor

    This episode is not only full of resolution, but also marks the arrival of John Connor as a fully realized character. Previous to this point, it was easy to dismiss John Connor; he simply wasn't yet convincing as the leader of the future human crusade. Much of this episode could be seen as a retcon, but given how careful the writers have been since the pilot, it's entirely possible that this was the intention all along.

    In fact, John's confrontation with Jesse nearly overshadowed every other aspect of the episode. I was so amazed by his demonstration of resolve, how well he had been keeping his cards so close to vest, that I was practically ready to download the entire second season and rewatch everything right then and there. John was so specific about his reasons for recognizing who Riley had to be that it should be easy enough to find those moments from those earlier episodes.

    The writers have been taking their time with John, and while that has been frustrating at times, this is the right kind of payoff. It also serves to highlight the problem with all of this time travel and timeline manipulation. We simply don't know which "version" of the future everyone is from, and that means assumptions could be very, very wrong.

    What we now know (after many hints) is that Jesse doesn't come from the same version of the future as John's father. John's father came from a future where John was winning the war. In Jesse's future, John is too close to the "metal", and this is leading to a slow but steady defeat. And to that the loss of an unborn child, and it's no surprise that Jesse would want to drive a wedge between John and Cameron.

    It's not entirely clear which version of the future Derek comes from: a hopeful future in which John is winning, or a desperate future where John is out of his depth. And it's quite possible that there is a decision point that leads to one or the other, something that has yet to be revealed. All things being equal, one would expect that it has something to do with someone we already know: Sarah, Derek, or Cameron. It may be that this will come into play before the end of the season.

    The titular last voyage of the Jimmy Carter does more than just provide a basis for Jesse's motivations. It might also prove out a theory that I've had since the beginning of the season. Could the T-1000 seen in the Jimmy Carter, the one that John was trying to forge an alliance with, the same one that has become Catherine Weaver? If so, then it lends much credence to the theory that Weaver represents a splinter group within SkyNet. It would explain why Weaver wants to incorporate human ethics into the aborning John Henry, despite her bloodthirsty ways.

    Right down to John's final emotional outlet in his mother's lap at the end of the episode, this was easily one of the best of the season. It gives me great hope that the season will end on a high note. Even if the series comes to a premature end in a few short weeks, the writers have outdone themselves.
  • Good stuff, showing promise for the season (and possibly the show)'s final run.

    While the 'cliffhanger' at the end of 'Today Is The Day' was perhaps the most depressingly rubbish since Doctor Who's 'Dragonfire' (Jesse sits in her apartment and THINKS! Yeah! That'll bring viewers back next week!), the second part of this 'mini-movie' holds up against its predecessor and maintains the satisfying levels of tension and suspense that Miller and Stentz managed to deliver last week. Granted, once again, it's mostly in the 2027 scenes, but given that these make up a significant proportion of the episode, that'll do me. I'm not entirely sure that I buy John's awareness of Riley's deception; it smacks far too greatly of a retcon, given that we have had absolutely no hint of any suspicion in the previous instalments, but given that it leads to Dekker's best scene in the show's two years, I'll let it slide. Brian Austen Green is pretty damn good too as he gives his treacherous love interest the 'bon voyage' she truly deserves. Good stuff, showing promise for the season (and possibly the show)'s final run.
  • I could feel John's desperation at the end of the episode. All that weight on his arms, finally being the leader and letting himself to break and cry just shows the kind of leader he's becoming.

    How accurate can machines be, how limitless (if that word exists... if not you guys know what I mean) can they become. How can a kid become the leader of humanity... how can learning to become that leader teach us to become humans. That's exactly what this episode is about... this episode and the whole concept of Terminator. How can our lifes be so terrifying weak (Symbolized in the metal's so called "daughter")?? This shows two parts of a coin... or we lead or we get played with. Sacrifice is also touched in this episode... losing the beloved for a greater good is just far away of my feelings and I know that I'm not the only one. After more than 20 episodes I can finally say... this show is awesome!!!
  • NOOOOOO Jessee. I hope she made it. She is hot and has the cutest accent eva and me and John we forgave her, why can't you DEREK!!! This episode had everything + tremendous acting.

    Where can I begin. This was one of the best episodes of this season. The future story with Jessee and the sub was nerve wrecking. We got an inside to John trying to make some sort of arrangement with the Metal, which felt through. Here we have also at home drama of John revealing the truth to his mother, and getting closure with Jessee. Plus the standoff with Derek and Jessee. Learn from this guys, whenever you mad at someone let them say their piece. Boy imagine he kills her without knowing she was pregnant. Then John shows he is human after all, and break down. Great Episode, thank you.
  • Oh, my G-d, this might be the best episode yet, my jaw just dropped, this is the main reason I watch this show, to see John turn into the leader who represents humanity's last hope and makes the decisions to keep the human race from being exterminated.

    Oh, my G-d, this might be the best episode yet, especially on top of all the other ones where John finds out from Derek about his future self, what it means to be that leader (and what his soldiers are willing to do for him and what they think of him). When John confronted Jesse in her room, just sitting in the chair with the gun, my jaw just dropped, the dialogue was great, this is the main reason I watch this show, to see John turn into the leader who represents humanity's last best hope and is smart enough, and tough enough, to make the decisions to keep the human race from being exterminated. I was also glad to see him figure out, so flawlessly, who really killed Riley and not just fall for it like everyone else did. His attempt at either a treaty with the machines, or an alliance with a faction group (at least I'm assuming that's what the T-1000 was an envoy for) was an incredible bit of info. And it makes sense to try, but the episode also showed all the mistrust that could so easily topple such an effort [sound like BSG to anyone? and yes, I'm sorry, but as good as this show is, that one is better] (of course the envoy said no after what she saw: the crew turning on each other, Jesse siding with and being protected by the T-888 and then shooting him in the head and trying to leave the T-1000 on the sinking sub). In the interactions between Jesse and the "captain" we could see the inherent problems, even without that prejudice, us Humans are inherently irrational, something the machines can't understand. To make matters worse no Machine makes an effort to explain itself, and we keep secrets from them, and they're human enough to do the same (as in any failed relationship the problem involves a failure or actual lack of communication). As Miss Weaver said, "Humans will disappoint you" (that statement totally sabotages all the effort Ellison is putting in [it would've been great to hear more after John Henry (like the first name they chose, I sure do) asked him if they were friends; some dialogue of Ellison asking what a friend meant to him and why he wanted one]). It also made it so much clearer to see why Jesse could decide to do all the things she did (life makes us all act in ways that seem black and white to us, but seem the reverse (white and black, good or evil) or shades of grey, to others). And yes, the scene between her and Derek is amazing (I hope we get to find out for certain if he shot her or not). Whatever the outcome, it was all incredibly perfect for the development and overall concept of each character (especially Derek's).

    The one thing I didn't like was how manipulative Sarah was being towards Cameron (even after Sarah knows that she didn't kill Riley).

    Finally to connect back to the top (of this absurdly long winded review, sorry people) the end scene of John breaking down and crying in his mother's arms was incredibly humanizing, and indeed the perfect answer to Derek's statement that they're watching to see if he's human.

    I love this show and beg that it not be canceled
  • Great

    Finally, Terminator is back with a great episode. We tied up some loose ends this episode and learn that John is not as clueless as it may sometimes seem. Though Sarah seems a bit clueless this episode. The episode was well written and brought up some interesting question about what makes someone the person you know. Is it just being them or is it the memories you share? Maybe with Jesse gone the story can continue on with more of a focus on the main plot. Overall, this was a very well written episode and hopefully indicates that the show will keep going strong.
  • This one was just amazing

    I really loved the episode.. I loved the dark theme, developments and emotions. It was maybe not the kind of episode you expect but I liked it - John took matters on his own hands and decided it's his turn to make moves. And what kind of moves he made - I am so glad we get some kind of culmination for Jesse storyline. The flashbacks back to last mission of Jimmy Carter.. that was great.. The tensions back on future and maybe that is to explain why Jesse did what she did. Even if we are not sure if Derrik killed her, in so many ways this episode looked like culmination, end for her - we learned her reason, we had her standoff with John. I wonder how was John able to let her go knowing she killed Riley. And the end.. Those three and how they all reacted.. the emotion.. John finally breaking down..
  • Well... ain't that something

    I honestly have to say, I didn't see the Jesse plot being resolved anytime soon. After all, the only person who knew about Jesse's existance was Derek, and quite frankly he couldn't seem to put anything together. It was actually quite a surprise to see John in her room. At first, I wondered why Riley didn't say anything when she heard John's real name, but once we found out that she was from the future, I just put it aside thinking that would be the end of it. Its great to see that this series can still connect previous episodes together; we haven't seen it in a while. Nice to see the Derek was willing to kill Jesse, though I can see why they didn't show it, just in case there is a season three. I'm glad that we got to know a little bit more about Jesse's motivations in this episode. We knew she wanted to get Cameron away from John, but it didn't seem like a strong enough reason, (up until Riley's death scene, I honestly thought she might be a terminator).

    My only complaints from this episode come from my usual quips. Ellison, Weaver, and John Henry still have nothing to do with what is happening. As much as I loved the idea at first, and still get laughs from it, I want to know when the Connor's will learn about them. Based on the next episode preview it might become closer to reality. The other main complaint is that Sarah and Cameron have had nothing to do lately. In addition, why are they moving somewhere else when up until now they have been following and protecting people whose names have been written on the basement wall? Did they already cover the names of everyone on the list? Still, the episode was as gripping as it ever was and easily one of the best they have ever done.
  • Engaging, emotional and basically just fine, quality storytelling all around.

    I think Stephanie Jacobsen as Jesse is one of the most smokin' hot chicks I've ever seen on TV. But I understand if some people have been a little turned off by her steely cold demeanor, and expressionless performances thus far. In the submarine flashbacks she shows a bit more range, but the reveal about her encounter with Cameron in the future, and the events on the ship causing her to loose a child she didn't know she was carrying (Derrek's), illuminates her entire motivation here in present day. And it makes her final scene with Derrek ("I'm not John Connor") Phe. Nom. E. Nal. Did he kill her for what she did? Maybe, maybe not, but I'm hoping so, because it makes the episode that much stronger.

    Dekker as John Connor continues to be my favorite interpretation of the character so far. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and it (plus the death of Riley) finally breaks him down. Fantastic job. The last few episodes have been a bit slow, but this one rises as one of the series' best.
  • Jesse and the crew of the Jimmy Carter learn what is in the box. This increases tension aboard the ship and about the plans of cyborg captain Queeg. Jesse confronts the cyborg and makes a desperate decision. John faces off against Jesse.

    Perfect. absolute perfection. The scenes aboard the Jimmy Carter were so wrought with tension. I LOVED it. We learn why Jesse does what she does, and it makes perfect sense. Decker in his scene with Jesse is the best I have seen him and the most I have liked young John Connor. It was done flawlessly. and then we have Dereck and Jesse. Wow - now that was an emotional scene. and then the icing on the cake was John breaking down at the end and Sarah and John acting like what they actually are - mother and son. So touching. It was actually a reversal of when John comforted her when she lost after destroying Cromartie's chip in Mexico. This episode should be provided as evidence of the brilliance of this show and why it should be allowed to live on. Why are more people not watching this show? They do not know what they are missing.
  • John Connor finally steps up to the plate and begins to look like the leader of the future. Derek finally shows some depth but.... And seems like although John has mended things with Cameron...just about everyone else on the cast is after her.

    Well written episode. The good:
    -- Showed us why Jessie was the way she was.
    -- Continued to show John Henry developing in a different way. It will be interesting to see where that storyline goes.
    -- Most of all, writing that John had Riley scoped early on was great. It really makes you think back to the scene a couple of weeks ago when he asked her, "Is there anything you want to tell me?"

    The not so good:
    -- Not much but I was disappointed with Derek's decision to kill Jessie (although they leave it a little foggy whether he did it). In the end, his rationalization for doing so can't be that different from Jessie's to kill Riley.

    The open questions:
    -- How will the John Henry storyline play out?
    -- Is the T-1000 from the future the same T-1000 we know in the show? Or even the one from the second Terminator movie?
    -- Just what model is Cameron and what is causing her twitch? Looks like the pigeon made it away this episode.

    Looking forward to Friday,
  • Jesse's manipulation of Riley, leading to her death, is discovered by the only one who would let her live. John Henry/AI reveals what he has learned about Weaver's secret plans for ZeiraCorp employees.

    TSCC is simply enthralling. On the edge of our seats, we listen intently to every word of dialog, every scene worth studying and enjoying again. "The Last Voyage" is among the best of the season, a bit of a surprise given that we expected the Jesse character to be eliminated by now. Instead, her story is expanded both in the future and in the present, giving her more depth and sympathy.

    This was possibly Thomas Dekker's best performance, and the writers get much credit too, for giving him some of the best dialog yet. His confrontation with Jesse was a shock, as we had no idea the producers would develop a backstory about his tailing Jesse and learning about her. John begins to show some of the maturity and acceptance of his unchosen career path required by the events around him. The tension level was high as we wondered if he would do away with Jesse. But she was a Resistance member, and John has the insight to understand her scheming, even if it cost him dearly. We underestimated his character, still wondering if he would even detect that Riley had not been killed by a T, namely Cameron. He was far beyond that.

    Franchise fans were surely delighted by the followup scenes in the sub, when the special delivery case introduced last week is opened by a rebellious crewmember. "And hell came out of it." It's a familiar scene for those who have been following this epic for, hmmm, 25 years, but still great to watch the metal-morphing, hear that sinister music score, and see the sword-stabbing of the nearest crewmember. And when the crew tries to abandon ship, Jesse's turn back to suddenly see the T only a few feet away was a shocking Terminator-quality scene.

    Then as Jesse leaves John in the apartment, in the present, she encounters Derek outside. Again, we're spellbound, wondering if he will be the one to end her present and future. Ms. Chavez-Jacobsen demonstrated terrific acting and emotional range in this scene, just perfect. We still wonder, as we recall Derek's finger on the trigger...did he or didn't he? They know how to keep us hanging in suspense.

    Nearly as impressive was the exchange between Derek and John about leadership and love. That was a powerful dialog, written from a higher plane than any other current television drama I have seen.

    Brief scenes with Ellison and Weaver just show again the dreadful progress of John Henry/AI as it interlinks with computers all over the world, turning up Weaver's secret disposal of ZeiraCorp employees, and a contingency plan to terminate Ellison when necessary. While Ms. Manson sometimes smiles as if pleased with John Henry, an emotional response not in character for a T, it still seems appropriate if we see her as a mother pleased with her son. And that is the developing relationship, as bizarre as it sounds. Jesse meets Cameron in 2027! Another surprise, thanks to intriguing screenwriting. We assume this encounter triggered Jesse's plan to time-shift to the present to thwart what she saw from Cameron as a danger to John. That idea is supported by a repeat of the scene showing the first meeting between Riley and Jesse, from several episodes back. Assuming Jesse is now gone from the cast, we may never know for sure.

    "The Last Voyage" is better than anything else available on any network this week. Already watched it twice. Re-run rating B+.
  • did they had a good episode or what??

    Really, wish the pace of the storytelling was more like this. Finally,an episode where something that actually matters happens.

    It wasn't great or anything but it was something, considering to previous 10 episodes maybe.at last, the jesse storyline is over. why the hell it took so long, i dont know, and it was silly cos they waited too long to tell it but the conclusion was kindof a redemption for it.

    Still, sarah connor talks talks talks. Still, all the great scenes that make our hearts faster are builded on our love for the original movies. still, t1000 is a really really scary thing to face.

    i hate the way they make everything common, but i guess thats what you have to do to make it into a tvshow. i mean, in the movies t1000 was something that "even skynet couldnt fully understand" and now it is carried in boxes? in movies time travel was a very big deal and now almost anyone can go to anywhere? brings up too many questions, kills our chance to take the show seriously.

    that is why it is low on ratings and gonna get cancelled. because on a totally "fan fiction" base, they tried to be too serious.

    but this one was not bad at all and made me wonder for the next week, after a very long time. too bad there are only 4 episodes left.