Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

A soldier named Foster heads into a relay station in order to fix some equipment, and he's torn apart by a nycoraptor. It appears like an unfortunate accident at first, but Jim notices claw marks on the inside of the door, so he and Taylor start to look at the death in depth. Meanwhile, Josh learns that Boylan has run into some problems in trying to get Josh's girlfriend on the next Pilgrimage to the colony. They have to talk with Mira.

Elisabeth is performing an autopsy on Foster's body in the clinic, while Malcolm is beyond thrilled to have recovered an ankylosaurus egg. The egg was abandoned when it did not hatch, but Malcolm thinks they could learn more about the dinos by studying the egg. Elisabeth notes the presence of multiple types of dinosaur blood on Foster's body. Not just of the dino that killed him but of a dino called a gallusaur, which is the nycoraptor's main source of food. Jim wonders whether this was a murder, made to look like a dino attack.

Taylor assigns Jim and Washington to investigate the case. If someone wanted Foster dead, Taylor wants to know who. The pair first head over to Boylan's bar to talk to Foster's fellow soldiers. None of them know of any grudges against him, and he was a decent soldier. However, he did have feelings for a colonist, whose picture he kept in his electronic dogtags.

Back at the clinic, Malcolm and Elisabeth discover that the dino inside the egg isn't dead after all. Jim and Washington arrive, asking for Foster's personal effects, but they don't find his tags among the rest of his things. The tags must still be in the stomach of the dino that killed him. Washington, Jim, and Taylor find the dino by tracking the signal that's still coming from Foster's tags. After performing field surgery on raptor, Washington pulls out Foster's tags, and the picture of the mystery woman Foster loved.

Washington recognizes the woman, who happens to be married. Rebecca vehemently denies that she had a relationship with Foster, whom she says mistook her kindness for romantic interest. When Foster realized that she wasn't reciprocating his feelings, he backed off. However, her husband Howard confesses to the crime, saying that he knew about the relationship and killed Foster out of jealousy.

At the clinic, Elisabeth discovers that the baby ankylosaurus has a birth defect which prevented it from hatching properly. Zoe becomes attached to the egg and wants her mother to save the dino baby. Elisabeth performs in vitro surgery on the egg.

Josh tells Skye about the roadblock for getting Kira to Terra Nova. He needs to state his case to the Sixers, and to Mira. Skye doesn't think it's a good idea to try to meet the Sixers, and when Josh doesn't back down, Skye decides to accompany him to the Sixers' camp. Boylan gives Josh a map to where the Sixers are located.

After Foster's funeral, Taylor announces the punishment for the man who killed him. Howard is to be banished outside the colony. Elisabeth wonders whether this kind of justice is actually just. Doesn't Howard have a right to a fair trial? Jim points out that Howard confessed, but he thinks that Elisabeth may be right.

Jim finds Howard outside the colony gates and confronts him about Foster's real killer. Did Rebecca kill Foster and did Howard take the fall for the wife he loves? Jim brings Howard back into Terra Nova, where Rebecca and her husband are reunited. Rebecca says she didn't kill Foster, but they did have a relationship, which she broke off because he was more interested in gambling and drinking at Boylan's bar than anything else.

Taylor finds out about Jim's insubordination, but since there is another lead regarding the case, he'll allow Jim to investigate the gambling angle. Jim and Washington find out that Foster was making a nice wad of cash through the card games, and that someone had owed him a lot of money.

Taylor brings a team in to raid Boylan's bar and to take Boylan in for harboring illegal gambling. Jim is shocked to find Josh working at a bar without his permission. Josh counters that he's an adult and can make his own decisions. Boylan says that he didn't kill Foster either, but he admits to the card games and to taking a small percentage of the winnings for himself.

No one can find the second ledger Boylan used to keep track of the gambling money. Washington radios that Boylan has escaped, but in reality he's sitting in a vehicle right next to her. Boylan's arrest was faked to flush out the real culprit behind the murder, a soldier named Curran. Taylor confronts Curran and finds that he stole the missing ledger. Curran is banished from the colony, weaponless.

Later, Jim makes an apology to Josh for blowing up at him earlier. He's allowing Josh to continue working at the bar, as long as they don't keep any more secrets from each other. Josh and Skye head outside the gates to meet with the Sixers. Mira says that she can contact 2149 and get Kira on the next Pilgrimage, but then Josh will owe her a favor. No matter what it is, he must do whatever she asks. Josh agrees.

Back at the clinic, Zoe has arrived just in time to watch the ankylosaurus egg hatch. She becomes smitten with the baby dino immediately and asks if they can keep it around as a pet. Jim and Elisabeth say yes.