Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on FOX

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  • Writers making it easy for the "haters..."


    For weeks and weeks now, people who criticise the show have been called "haters." But those who call the critics that don't get it... no one sets out to watch TN to hate it. It's just that each and every week the writers do something so mind-numbingly inane that they open themselves to criticism.

    Let's take "Bylaw", for example. Again, we had an interesting premise (TN's first murder), but executed in the dumbest way you can ever imagine. For example:

    1. A persongoes through the trouble of baiting a dinosaur to kill his victim, when all this person had to do was kill thevictim with a weapon, drag the carcass out and let dinovultures pick the bones clean. Or, hell-- why not-- just dumpthe body in a bog, maybe?

    2. Jim Shannon in two seconds flat realizes that a person was "murdered by dinosaur"

    3. A man falsely confesses to a murder in order to protect his wife, who he thought killed the victim. So he risks "banishment" and disgraceto save a woman who not only married him under false pretenses, but cheated on him almost immediately. Keep in mind, too, that he is almost certain that his wife killed the victim-- in other words, meticulously researched what kinds of prey dinos eat; hacked into TN's security systems;tracked the victim's whereabouts; lied in wait in a dangerous setting to trap one dinosaur; used it as bait to trap another dinosaur; then successfully trapped carnivorous dinosaur in a small structure. Well of course she did that, what woman wouldn't? What?!

    4. "Banishment" is portrayed as practically adeath sentence, even though the Sixers are literally right around the corner ready to rescue the punished.

    5. "Banishment" is seen as a logical solution to the problem of crime, even though banishing someone almost always means adding one more recruit to the Sixer enemy camp

    I mean, my God... And then the writers for good measure throw in a worthless plot about a dino egg that needs to be saving?

    Given all that, is it any wonder that every damned week, Terra Nova gets picked apart by viewers? The writers couldn't have made it easier if they had tried. All in all, a poor episode that could've been much better had the writers taken the time to think this story through carefully.

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