Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on FOX

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  • After a soldier gets killed by a small dinosaur everyone thinks it was an accident. But Jim suspects foul play... contains spoilers.


    At yet another small outpost a lonely soldier opens the door to a small station and gets killed by a small raptor-like dinosaur that has been waiting inside.

    The first think that comes to my mind is the question of what the hell he was doing far out all alone. I mean this is supposed to be dangerous territory and there is no one to back him up!?

    When the Terra Nova team investigates the scene everyone believes the guy had forgoten to close the door behind him and the dinosaur dropped in on him, but Jim, the ex-cop finds evidence that the dinosaur had been in the station before and suspects murder.

    After some CGI-dinosaur hunting and some CSI-style investigation that looks cool with 22nd century gadgets but feels very set-up more clues come up that the dinosaur had been planted there intentionally and after some short "asking questions" a scapegoat is found fast and banned from the colony.

    Of course that guy later turns out to be innocent and another soldier who owed money to the victim had been the murderer. Taylor beats the guy up and bans him from the colony.

    Then there are those other secondary stories. Josh once again does foolish stuff trying to bring his girl friend from the 22nd century in and ends up making a deal with the supposed bad guys, the sixers.

    Zoe once again finds something to keep that any sane adult would probably deem to dangerous for a small child.

    Overall this episode was very predictable and fits in perfectly with the rest of this show's mediocrity. In the condition the show is in and remains in for now it is watchable as one of the few sci-fi-shows around but I'm pretty sure that the show wouldn't be missed if it got axed or even remembered for very long.

    Actually this is very sad since the original trailers and announcements looked so good. The whole set up has so much potential but it fails to live up to that in every single episode so far. Even the dinosaur-interactions are kept to a minimum - the british show Primeval did that much better altough their creatures looked a bit more like CGI then the ones on Terra Nova. I hope they do get things going soon - most sci-fi shows need about 2 seasons to really get good.

    But right now, even I as a die-hard sci-fi-fan wouldn't miss this show if it went away. I would only be sad about all the wasted potential of a really great idea.

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